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  1. Dear legolash2o, Thank you for your reply (i though i wasn't going to get any) i seeyour point, yet if i was to do this how can i be certain that nlite takes out all the associated files? (if you can grasp where i'm coming from). I may try this tecnique for larger programs - media player,ie,outlook express etc. But i think i have the above list of files figured i just need to be certain. Thank you for your help and ideas,
  2. I thought i could start easy. Windows Games (excluding pinball): cards.dll.......Entertainment Pack Cardplaying Helper DLL freecell.exe....Entertainment Pack FreeCell Game mshearts.exe....The Microsoft Hearts Network sol.exe.........Solitaire spider.exe......Spider winmine.exe.....Entertainment Pack Minesweeper Game ------- Windows Calculator: CALC.EXE........(Calculator). A GUI calculator that can act as a standard or scientific calculator. ------- Windows Briefcase: msrclr40.dll....Microsoft Jet Briefcase Reconciler Library msrecr40.dll....Microsoft Jet Briefcase Reconciler Resource Library SYNCAPP.EXE.....(Synchronize Application). A tool used by the Briefcase to synchronize contained files. synceng.dll.....Windows Briefcase Engine syncui.dll......Windows Briefcase ------- OpenGL: glmf32.dll.....OpenGL Metafiling DLL glu32.dll.......OpenGL Utility Library DLL mcd32.dll......OpenGL MCD Client DLL opengl32.dll....OpenGL Client DLL ------- Peer-to-Peer: p2p.dll.........Peer-to-Peer Grouping p2pgasvc.dll....Peer-to-Peer Group Authentication Service p2pgraph.dll....Peer-to-Peer Graphing p2pnetsh.dll....Peer-to-Peer NetSh Helper p2psvc.dll......Peer-to-Peer Services pnrpnsp.dll.....(PNRP Name Space Provider). Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP). spnpinst.exe....Peer-to-Peer Custom Setup ------- Disk Quota: dskquota.dll....Windows Shell Disk Quota Support DLL dskquoui.dll....Windows Shell Disk Quota UI DLL ------- Character Map: bopomofo.uce.... CHARMAP.EXE.....Character Map gb2312.uce...... getuname.dll....Unicode name Dll for UCE ideograf.uce.... kanji_1.uce..... kanji_2.uce..... korean.uce...... shiftjis.uce.... subrange.uce.... ------- AOL ART FILES: jgaw400.dll.....JG Audio Interface DLL (AOL File) jgdw400.dll.....JG ART DLL (AOL File) jgmd400.dll.....JG MIDI Player DLL (AOL File) jgpl400.dll.....JG ART Player DLL (AOL File) jgsd400.dll.....JG ART DLL (AOL File) jgsh400.dll.....JG Slide Show Player DLL (AOL File) ------- Windows Disk Defragmenter: DEFRAG.EXE......(Disk Defragmenter). A command-line utility that consolidates files so that they are saved in contiguous locations on the hard disk. dfrg.msc........Disk Defragmenter Microsoft Management Console DFRGFAT.EXE.....(FAT Defragmentation Tool). Used to defragment FAT partitions. DFRGNTFS.EXE....(NTFS Defragmentation Tool). Used to defragment NTFS partitions. dfrgres.dll.....Disk Defragmenter Resource Module dfrgsnap.dll....Disk Defragmenter Snap-in Module dfrgui.dll......Disk Defragmenter UI Module ------- Windows Screen Savers: logon.scr.......Logon Screen Saver scrnsave.scr....Default Screen Saver ss3dfo.scr......Direct3D Flying Objects Screen Saver ssbezier.scr....Bezier Curves Screen Saver ssflwbox.scr....Direct3D Flowerbox Screen Saver ssmarque.scr....Marquee Screen Saver ssmypics.scr....My Pictures Slideshow Screensaver ssmyst.scr......Mystify Screen Saver sspipes.scr.....Direct3D Pipes Screen Saver ssstars.scr.....Starfield Screen Saver sstext3d.scr....Direct3D 3D Text Screen Saver ------- Windows Script Host: CSCRIPT.EXE.....(Command Based Script Host). A command-line version of the Windows Script Host that enables you to run previously created VBScript and JScript from the command line. msscript.ocx....Microsoft ® Script Control scrobj.dll......Windows ® Script Component Runtime scrrun.dll......Microsoft ® Script Runtime WSCRIPT.EXE.....(Script Host). The Windows-based script host. wshcon.dll......Microsoft ® Windows Script Controller wshext.dll......Microsoft ® Shell Extension for Windows Script Host wshom.ocx.......Windows Script Host Runtime Library ------- Is there any files that are associated with the above that i have missed? All/Any help is gratefully appreciated. PS.I know my app is long term and is taking ages, but please if you can help then i would appreciate it if you did. Remember everyone will benifit from this part of my app
  3. Dear users, My app will have an option which will let you reinstall removed apps if my prog is an after fresh install for example. What i would like to know is every file that is associated with as many different "widows default programs etc" as possible. I do know of bold fortunes site: yet i'm not sure if he list all the files for the "assorted features etc" or only some of them (eg the ones he deals with). I was wondering if ppl could like start with internet explorer for example and list all the files asociated with it. Also if anyone knows of any websites to help me with this i would be most gratefull Cheers in advance,
  4. Dear nuhi, Yes i have tried just keeping iecore and yes it has to be said i can then of course use the html classes which in turn enables me to use oobe-activation wizard. But i like you am trying to create a program (yours however is currently out stripping mine - alougth mine is very much long term (2-3 years)). So what i was trying to acomplish is a "fix" for xphome users - which would allow them to remove iecore and still be able to activate. I have worked tirelessly an have yet to find a way. I have tried: Intergrating certain files (wpa,etc) to the disk. Editing setup files -txtsetup,layout etc. Even just stripping it (oobe + iecore) striaght off the disk. - after 30 days i think it would just ask for activation etc. Now i am thinking maybe i could just reassociate the html files etc and run oobe's html using maxthon. So i would really benifit from finding a "fix" so i can move on. Thanks nuhi <---- my inspiration. PS.Nuhi i sent you an email a few days back (please don't worry about the problems i wrote about in the attachment i have figured them out). Also i have made a file with all file names etc and beside them a reference as to what they are for. I would be most gratefull if i would be able to view some of your notes for the creation of my prog. Oh and if i acomplish a "fix" i will let you know.
  5. Wow. Dear footballking3420, iam seriously impressed. My next question then is how, i mean (no offence) there isn't anyone (i have come accross) has been able to achive this. There must be a way that you are doing this that is maybe like a workaround. I assume you are using the activation wizard still (oobe) just without iecore. I am unable to see how as iecore is needed for oobe because of the html etc. Cheers, PS.I would be extremelly gratefull if you could explain/find out how you are still able to do this.
  6. No this isn't about "nlite" (phew-lol). It's funny there's (so it seems) no way to activate without iecore. I say i haven't gave up. But for he time being i have another idea. Does anyone know how to associate everything with firefox/etc instead of ie. So when i type into the address bar instead of opening up in ie it would open up in firefox/etc. I also thought that maybe its possible to run oobe with .html files etc associated with maxthon. Thanks
  7. Alright M8, Glad you've joined. PS. Don't you normally go by the nickname "Thecrow" and aren't you like a top image creator/editor.
  8. I don't think this is exactly what you requested but there is a really slimmed down version of adobe photoshop here. URL REMOVED I am only saying this to prevent questions asked later on - there is no activation required. I say the above in no "means to advertise this or support it" if this is not allowed on msfn - i am extremly sorry and please just remove my post not me. Thanks.
  9. I know this isn't really much but i know there is a program thatcan do this for you - its somewhere here at msfn or at bold fortunes forums and its in a different language but there are instructions. Good Luck.
  10. ok i have came accross soloutions to both of these questions b4 but i am unsure where. However i do know that in your system32 folder there shoould be a file called homepage.ini(perhaps.inf) and i believe that file contains info on your current homepage etc. If this is correct you could put/copy this file into your %oem% folder so that it is copied into your system 32 folder on fist run/logon. that way it would be done for you. Also there are many .reg tweaks floating on (here at msfn?) the internet and you could use the run once in the unatended part of nlite to apply these registry tweaks on first run/logon. Hope tis helps. PS.If your unsure about the %oem% folder etc. then you should browse this forum for help/answers.
  11. madbull

    Extra Tweaks

    Look on "kellys korner" (type into google) this site on the tweaks section has loads of .reg .vbs and other files available for download then just use the first run options in the unattednded part of nlite to get them to run on there own/unatended/first run. Hope this helps. PS. If you are using firefox when you click on the link to download a .reg file it will display as tex in the browser so right click on any of the needed files/links and select save target as - and you will be able to download/save them this way. Also there are many alternative ways to do this, i just find this easier. Just remembered that there is a utility to combine all your .reg files into one file - is definitly on msfn.
  12. I would take a guess at "ms mail and mapi" i know if this is removed you will be unable to use windows live messenger and windows desktop search. Oh are you tring to install "WLM Desktop" from the new Windows messenger install. the one where you vcan add components to the install if so then i suggest you look for the MSI package for WLM desktop. Hope this helps.
  13. you could always use a driver finding program "mydrivers" is one i believe (just type backup my drivers into google) and then it will scan your system for all of the installed drivers and you will have the option of backing them up. I suggest you back them up on a usb then install your nlited disk. then use the found new hardware wizard/device manager and update any driver that has a yellow icon next to it (a triangle) browse to the usb and install them that way. Hope this helps. PS. you will need to extract the files for the inf's.
  14. i believe this has been solved somewhere here on msfn.
  15. Open Sound control panel and select ‘No Sounds’ under Schemes. Click on NO in the resulting dialog box. Close the sound control panel with Apply and/or OK. Hope this helps. PS. if you are looking to do this as part of the unatteded setup, i believe there is a registry tweak to do this i am however having trouble locating it.
  16. madbull

    nlite problem

    Why dont you try "NOT" slipstreaming this driver and doing it after install using the found new hardware wizard etc. Hope this helps. PS.There are many other ways/progs/methods to do this i am just giving the easiest one for me. As you may want yours completly unatended.
  17. madbull

    Yor presets. =D

    The problem here is that everyone's pc needs are different. So unless you are just trying to get a really small xp edition i would advice that you give at the very least the things that your pc will 100% need. Like if its not a corporate version of xp then you are going to need oobe for activation (<-- just an example). If you tell me (PM) what you will be using your pc for and what you will need to be able to do (basically what i said above) then i will create one for you. Hope this helps. PS. When i say i will create one for you i mean i will make a nlite disk based on your needs and then send the preset to you (pm).
  18. I would suggest using the compatibility options for most of these things. Like tick DHCP,Printers and if for example you dont have corporate edition then activation etc. Also make sure that you dont remove jet database because if you do you will remove the ability to install office. Oh and if its office 2003 i believe that input method (?) needs to be kept. I also suggest that you look at a thread/topic called "what not to remove for som programs" (its here at msfn) and search/browse the forums on each item you will be needing specifically as everyones pc needs are different. Hope this helps.
  19. This can be acomplished by the use of the oem folder, the first run options in the unatended part of nlite and probarly several other ways i would suggest that you browse the forums on the oem folder. I am not really sure but i hope this has at the very least pointed you in the right direction. Oh and you could try intergrating it.
  20. If you just want to complete install (i assume you have) then just press the escape key on each file request. If you are unable to complete the install then these files are most probarly corrupted and/or are important. I would suggest redoing your nlited disk and see the results. Hope this helps. Oh and the one that ends in . chm is a help file so if you removed help and support then this should not be shown. Are the files thats keep being requested on the disk. If they are then there is a problem with one of the files that direct the copy procedure of the install - eg dosnet Also have you tried replacing/putting the files on the disk but remeber they have to be compressed in the right way.
  21. This is most unusal as the files that tell the install procss which files to copy/put on to the hard drive are edited by nlite - depending on which components you removed depends on how the files will be edited. there are multiple files that would need editing - if you werre to do it manually like dosnet txtsetup(?) etc. Do a search for the files if you want to know all of them (there are many threads/topics etc here at msfn on this very subject) . If it is only a few files that are being asked for by setup maybe it will be worth editing the files manually. I would suggest just trying to redo a nlited idisk or start from fresh. Hop this helps.
  22. I beleive that nlite is capable of intergrating "any" addon pack. there is i believe more information on this on both ryans (rvm) and nuhi's (nlite) site/forums.
  23. Yes. If you mean remove all the default "display" drivers using nlite. Then install and use the found new hardware wizard to install them. Please remember though that you will need to have these drivers "backed up" somewhere. I do this, i remove all drivers (ALL) using nlite i run any kind of program that will find and back up my drivers, i then put these on a usb , install, open device manager (system properties - hardware - device manager) and then i select any drivers that are yellow - right click - update and then browse to my usb. Also nlite does not remove all drivers even if you select them to be removed, that is i mean to say nlite doesn't remove drivers that are needed to install the os. like cd/dvd drivers - basically anything that is loaded during install. (Else how would you be able to use the mouse/key board to select some of the options like users etc - unless you used an unatended install) Hope this helps.
  24. if you have not already gone nuts, reinstalled or solved this problem. Then most people will say this is impossible (as you may have guessed from "0" replies) but there is a small app that if used with another program called service installer (i think - its found on bold fortunes site) then it is possible - as far as my knowledge permits.

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