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  1. Hey all. For the last couple of nights my internet has been randomly dropping out. When it does I cannot ping, log into my router, or renew my IP. The first way I got around this was to restart my computer(which sometimes worked). Then I found out if I disable the port and enable it again it will work most of the time. While it is down on my computer I can access the internet on other devices like my PS3 or my laptop. I do not think it is the router, but just in case it is a D-Link DIR-625, because it has worked well for the passed 8 months. I am currently using the on board NIC of my P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe motherboard. And since I have had this motherboard it has had a quark with it. It has occasionally failed to initialize the NIC and requires a restart to initialize. (This is rare, but an obvious fault of the board) I have tried to update the drivers but they are all from 2006 and I have those versions. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. A co-worker was trying to update the video drivers for the video card on one of our work computers. However when he downloaded the video driver he did not make sure it was the one designed for that card/OS. He says he picked the one that was newer then the version of his current driver. After he tried installing the video driver the result was worse then he previous driver so he installed something (and said he switched to VGA mode). Now when he attempts to enter windows he receives a BSOD and the computer restarts. I have attempted safe mode and even attempted a repair (Windows 2000 Pro SP4 disk) without any luck. When it goes to restart the setup after it has copied files it still gets the same BSOD and restart. I assumed that he just messed with some of the windows files and a repair would at least fix that issue with him having to update the system (well most likely me...). I have no experience with these kind of issues and help on this would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice to have a simple fix to this that did not require a reinstall. (If I have to he will just get an upgrade to XP Pro and copy data from old drive) Currently there are some important files on the drive as well that will need to be recovered... I hope my repair didn't make things worse lol... Thanks for any advice on this matter.
  3. I am trying to test a MHV2080AH (ATA 80GB Fujitsu Notebook Hard drive) on my PC to determine if it is still good. However when I try to use the Fujitsu ATA Hard Drive Diagnostics Tool v6.80 to scan the drive it will return an error stating that the hard drive is currently in "Security locked mode". How do I disable this so that I can run the scan of this hard drive? Also this drive shows up twice in the diagnostics tool (Always a good sign ._.). Besides the jumpers for Master/Slave/CS I don't see any for this security mode. I think it may be a software thing... Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  4. Kind of funny looking back at how SP2 was looked at when it was first released... Wonder how we will look back on XP SP3 and Vista SP1...
  5. I am not sure Ultimate has "downgrade rights" or not. However you can downgrade Vista Business to XP Pro. I am not sure if Ultimate can, but I am fairly sure Home Premium and Basic cannot.
  6. Haha... never mind found the problem... Apparently it was a conflict with our DNS... Oddly enough... every computer had a different DNS server. Once everything adventure... was set back to Automatic it started working again... That was an interesting problem.
  7. Hopefully this is the proper place for this... I am not sure what is happening... Came to work today and there are several computers (boss and other employees) that cannot access some sites. They have tried updating to IE7 and also Mozilla. At the moment all the computers that I use are working fine... Glad they take such good care of theirs... And now I need to find out why they cannot access some sites. When they try to goto sites, like Google or any Microsoft site, they get errors about not being able to find the search engine. After disabling the Phishing filter they can get to some other sites now. But there are others that are blocked. The computers all come off of the same switch and all have access to our network. Thanks for any help.
  8. The cloning tools provided by M$ (Windows PE Tools) works fine... However you have to do alot more work for them. And work = time... Instead of running Ghost for 5-10min... I have to spend 20-30min with PE tools. And when you need to mass produce 5-10 computers that are the exact same... That extra 15-20 min adds up and reduces how fast I can make a system. Thanks for links vim, I will try those. Gotta love M$ making people jump through hoops to do simple tasks like making a Ghost.
  9. Yea I figured it would not work. Just thoguht that maybe the battery would have some protection on it to prevent over voltage to the rest of the components. Thanks for the replies... finally convinced my boss to buy a good adapter that will regulate the voltages rather than just tun at 19v...
  10. Well I got my PE tools stuff working decently now with a little Bat file... But I was wondering if when I use diskpart to make a small (10gb) partition then format and after it is formated I extend it. Could this cause any problems? And if not... what would stop me from making a small (like 1gb) partition then just extending it yet again? Havent had much time to really test the images after they are applied. Seems almost too easy to just extend it...
  11. I am not sure what category this software would fall under. I am looking for a program (free ware if possible) that will alow me to take old video files, .mkv or other files with multiple subs/languages, and just take certain parts and remake the file. Like if I had a video file that had English and French languages and subs. How could I take part of the video with just English language and none of the other parts? Is this even possible? Thanks
  12. Yea... Just don't understand why it is such a big deal... Is the fact that it is not working part of M$ master plan? Is it supposed to be some sort of anti piracy thing? I don't see how, or why, ghost should not work. Even if I ghost the image back onto the original hard drive it still wont go into Windows... so messed up. Talk about making thigns more difficult then they need to be!
  13. Aren't those the ones that are with PE tools? Last time I tried using PE tools it insisted it formated the hard drive... Are there any flags for a quick format with those? And if it has to do the slow format it takes longer then if I just did a clean install for larger hard drives. Guess I can re read those, just too bad cant use Ghost reliably.
  14. It has been awhile since I have tried to ghost a Vista system (Ghost 2003, Dos). Before when I ghosted the drive it would never boot because of errors in the partition. But since I was busy I kind of forgot about fixing the problem and now that I have some free time I have been searching for a clear answer to the question: How do you ghost a Vista image? I have heard that i can be as simple as reseting some variables in the partition tables... but unfortunately I have no experience in that and I am not sure where to start. However, even if this can be done with a simple bat file, will it have to be done to each disk individually after it has the image ghosted to it? Or is there a way to prepare the image prior to ghosting that will allow it to ghost to a new drive without crashing. I have also heard that once you have a Vista image it can work on any hardware setup, I am not sure how much it differs from XP but that would make it a lot easier once it is working. Any help would be appreciated. This question was probably answered a long time ago, however I could not find a clear answer.
  15. Thought so... Its not a very expensive adapter so it wont adjust the volts... If you DID use this... would it just eventually kill the battery? Or would it be a more immediate reaction?

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