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  1. Thanks that's exactly what i needed. Thanks again, My other question is: Is there any way to create it or run another command etc so that the details wouldn't show, only the files. So instead of 30/01/2008 04:16 735,145,984 28 Weeks Later.avi it would be 28 Weeks Later
  2. Wow haven't written/requested anything from the forum lately. Just a quick one. I used to be fammiliar with this but have forgotten it most likely. I need to use a batch file to create a text file containing the contentents of a folder. More basically put: Its a batch file/command that will tell me the contents of a folder and put it in a text file in a folder of my choosing. Thans in advance,
  3. Thanks, I know how to hide a folder as this is probarly the method that i use the most in these situations but thanks for your reply,
  4. I was wondering why sometimes the sample links keep being recreated and also i hide the startup folder on the start menu but it reappears sometimes. Why? and is there any way to stop this from happening? Thanks in advance,
  5. Basically i was wondering if the shared components are needed for adobe photoshop cs3 extended edition? Also is there a way to turn them off so that they don't get installed etc. Thanks in advance,
  6. OK thanks nuhi, its just that on mt laptop i am going to dual boot vista and xp. With the xp install i shall keep iecore and with the vista one i will not remove html engine, so if i ever need to use anything ie websites that require it i will still be able to access them.
  7. Thanks i was aware of the issue, yet didn't really think of that. Yes portable applications would be a good soloution and i know they are available but i find not in mass numbers. Thanks for your reply, PS.Still need to know how it would be done though.
  8. I was just wondering wether you remove it nuhi. I've read somewhere that you remove it on xp (i think i have anyway) but i'm curious to know wether you do on vista. Plus does it have the same consequences as on xp.
  9. Yo guys chill lol. Maybe the guy just wants to know; for information purposes. I'm just saying cause i have been scrutinised for asking questions regarding "slimming etc" for the creation of my application, that others find strange. But i must confess this is quite a "strange" question and if he does want to actually do this then i believe as everyone else here does (evidently) that it is impossible. Even if it was possible it would be seriously/extremelly slow etc. Thanks,
  10. Notepad.exe as it has no dependencies. I have seen a thread/topic asking for you to remove it from xp using nlite. Your reply was if enougth people ask for it then you would. My opinion, I do use it but i reckon that it would be nice if people still had the option to remove it. (no offence of course). Maybe if you do a new release of nlite you could do it as well. The other suggestions i have: More flexibility on grouped components. ie games wallpapers etc. Of course i wouldn't expect you to list each wallpaper as it would take ages etc but maybe break it up like eg widescreen, textures etc just like when you change the wallpaper in vista. Thanks nuhi another great job by you. PS.nuhi the first beta version of my program comes out in febuary i would like/be honoured you to test it - of course.
  11. When using vlite to remove Windows SAT (Performance Index) after install i reliased that there was no system rating; which is obvious of course as i removed Windows SAT (Performance Index) so it never got rated during the bit that Windows SAT (Performance Index) normally deals with. My qustion is: Is the system rating: windows experience index part of Windows SAT (Performance Index). Also is it possible to find it out with Windows SAT (Performance Index) removed. Also to the admins i am sure this is not breaking forum rules/conduct if it is;please delete this message or message part not my account thank you. I have seen how to hack the system index ratings; the link is below. http://www.tweakvista.com/article39183.aspx Will this be possible even though Windows SAT (Performance Index) is removed (as mine is always a three point four because of my graphics card and i know each of the scores)? I am really thankfull for any replies i might get, Wow i expected this to be an easy question!!
  12. Like the title says. I want to edit the unatended file in vista so that on install the programs folder will be f:\program files not c:\program files and the same for the users folder. Also now eve no this isnt vista it is part of the vista question. I want to do the same with xp so the final result will be this: 4 partions C:\Vista (20gb) D:\XP (10gb) E:\Other (10gb) F:\Storage (100gb) The vista and xp folder/partion will only contain the windows folders (of course the hidden ones also but not the programs and users one) If this makes sense. Basically i will be able to boot into xp or vista and both will use the same progs directory and hopefully in the future the docs & settind/users directory. I Have seen this done on a site that is now closed down. Thanks in advance,
  13. I have office 2007, I would like to delete the msocache folder(S) and still be able to use office and all related components without any hitches. First i would like to say this isn't a discussion i have read the microsoft articles relating to this. I also know that it is built in as part of the desighn so that the disk is not needed for repairs etc. But i also know that it HAS been done i just don't know how. Oh and when i say it has been done it was done on an office 2007 edition (enterprise) not a 2003 edition. Thats where i thought you might be able to help. I eagerly await your replies,
  14. Wow vlite just like nlite is well basically just superb; another great job by nuhi. Many of you may already know my project regarding "slimming XP" this is not what i want the informatrion for; This is for personal use. I would first of all like to know of any precompiled hotfix packs: I know of only one "Fox's Vista vLite Update Integration Pack 1.1.5 (x86) 32 Bit" but would like to know of any others that peopple may know of. Second and perhaps most important to my needs is again regarding the hotfix section of vlite but: I would like to know if there are any precompiled programs (basically addons) just as in nlite. I have heard that it is possible using the hotfixes section yet i am unable to find any (easy"ish") methods of making them or any precompiled ones. Thanks in advance,
  15. I know that the below command is one way of deleting multiple files: pushd %TEMP% del popd I was wondering if there was a (similar) way to EXPAND multiple files instead of having to use multiple lines etc and to save a little bit of time perhaps. Thanks in advance,
  16. Thanks to everyone for their replies, I am familiar with many of the suggested commands etc but have learnt alot of things that i didn't know and also advanced stuff about those that i did. Once again Thanks,
  17. Does anyone know where i can get advanced info on windows xp sevices; before you suggest sites such as blackviper as i need anther kind of info. For the intergrating part of my application i will need to give the users the option to re-intergrate services: I know how to create, delete, stop (etc) services. I will make use of the batch file commands that are available to xp as default (they will be embeded in the program etc). Everything is fine except that for the creation part of the "SC" command when the user selects a service for intergration i am unsure of what is required. I have the folowing (so far): sc create browser start= demand I need the following info for each service: The binpath+ (binary path) Type= Error= Group= Tag= Depend= Obj= Display Name= Password= I know what the depend, display name, etc are used for but not sure whatto put; basically saying i know the dependencies but am usure of whatto type. For example do you just type the services (that are dependend upon) names.
  18. Read the post, he says it is a genuine unchanged/edited copy of xp home edition, maybe he knows what he's talking about? What about double checking ? Different versions of XP have different files. Those files are on the XP Home cd and are about 7Meg together. Dear ponch, Thanks for your support you are right (for future reference) "genuine unchanged/edited copy of xp home edition" period. It is not oem just your average "Retail" cd. I know that the files are associated with performance (eg logs and alerts). Thanks,
  19. Thanks i will try this. Also just thought i used to have a program that would copy all the files: So say i removed calculator using nlite, the program would copy calc.exe to another location (i called changed) yet when i looked in the i386 folder calc.exe was gone so nlite still did its job and so did the program. I was wondering if anyone has ever had/heard/seen a program like that? Thanks again,
  20. Does anyone know of any software that will allow me to: See whats removed with nlite - so i can do compnent by component removal and see what gets removed (for notes <updating> etc) See if possible what entries get modified - like layout file etc. it doesn't have to be one program. Thanks in advance,
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