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  1. Yor presets. =D

    Hi! I've heard for a long time that some nlite users like me have awsome nlited versions of windows that go down to 100/200mb on the windows folder and a very low mem usage. I would love to try one of those versions, so if you ppl could share with me and others your nLite presets would be awsome. Remenber to REMOVE YOUR CD-KEY FROM THE PRESET. Thks. =D
  2. Problem with rename/move files or folders

    *sounds of geeks celebrating*
  3. Problem with rename/move files or folders

    Ok...wow you were quick! But yeah...i tried unisntalling the hotfix, but the bug remains...wich means... Format time..again. Now im going to use that Vista Hotfix Integrator since this Performance patch does wonders for me. Is it WAIK really necessary?Its almots 900mbs download...30m for me. So this Vista Hotfix Integrator its used before or after the vLiting process???
  4. Problem with rename/move files or folders

    Oh man...I just noticed this a minute ago...so I came to vlite.net and tcha ~ram!! "The KB-XXX is causing problems with naming folders bla.." Oh man..I just did a fresh instal of Vista..theres no workaround?
  5. BSoD using vLite final.......

    Any news on this matter?Or maybe a link to the RC version?
  6. BSoD using vLite final.......

    Everything is on defaults. Im on XP so i dont have UAC..lol! Defender: Yes
  7. BSoD using vLite final.......

    Im on WinXP SP2 using NOD32 and..lol...Zone Alarm Free! I guess i will have to use a VM too.. Shesh its a nasty prblem having to uninstal my firewall or AV to vlite Vista...
  8. BSoD using vLite final.......

    This is happening to me too..Wth? Im using NOD32 too, latest version.. After choosing the edition of Vista that i want, it BSOD...everytime! nuhi help!!
  9. WPA - A little help here....

    OMG this thread is still alive??LOL...Long way back..Vista now
  10. Just a thanks nuhi

    Second that.... BIG Thank you nuHi! Your work, seriously helped tons of Windows users and they are all thankfull to you, even if they remain in silence. Keep up that !!EXCELENT!! work!!!
  11. vLite for Vista shrinking is here!

    Holy mother, father and brother of God..... This is one of the best UI's i've ever seen in an app.... nuhi, if ur were a girl i would marry u!!! And we could program allllll day looooong..... j/k
  12. OMG! MS mocking FF! LOL

    So I know this is not nLite related, but Im sure lots of users here are fans of FF or IE... So... MS Firefox 2007 Oficial Lol...MS really enjoys this things...First MS sent a cake to FF, now this...lol
  13. Cannot get the Windows XP Recovery Console with nLite

    Here Iam...again...This should become, at least a TEMP Sticky.... See this -----> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry461619
  14. can't repair xp

    Mad_Evil: My bad... OuTman: Sorry but I cant help on this one...Maybe nuHi can aswer wayyy better to your question. Try to create a new topic and more ppl will look at it and probably help. Good Luck.
  15. can't repair xp

    aquari: Thks dude, I hope i can help in future nlite issues. Mad_Evil: Well...I wasnt asking for attention since I know how to use this method to keep the repair options....I guess who will need attention will be future nLiters who may need this for working enviroment, and has such Im thinking of them (general nLite comunity), not in me....I honestly hope that you understand that..otherwise you are the one who needs attention.