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  1. If you mean run the windows setup/install using a usb (memeory stick) with unatended settings through nlite for example then yes it should work. afaik. I have done it. Hope this helps,
  2. Yes i do somtimes use those options (force delete of read only files and the attribute option) Thanks once again you have been a major help,
  3. Dear Yzöwl, Do you mean to say this will do what i wanted and secondly how? What is that push part is that an option of the del command or another command? Thanks a mil, PS.I'm not sure if you've heard of the application i am creating but you will be featured (with your permission) along with all the others who have helped.
  4. Ok most of you probarly know of me and my project. Well the removal parts quite easy but as expected the re-intergrating is more difficult. Heres my problem, When the user chosses to reintergrate any component etc he/she will be give the option to download the neccesary files or have them intergrated using the disk (full/all files). If they choose to use the disk my app will make use of the expand command (even if the user doesn't have it on the system it will be embedded or available via download). So farso good but say they choose to re-intergrate the service "COM+ Event System & COM+ System Application" (as i call it) know that means my program intergrates the files using the ex[pand command into the system32 folder and will also use this: sc config start= demand sc start to start the service etc. But the service "COM+ Event System & COM+ System Application" also uses a folder named "Com" in %systemroot%\system32\Com so my app makes the folder using the "mk" command but what abut the files inside i know i can use the expand command but how will i: 1. know exactly what files belong here (i have an idea) Where will i: Get them from, (are they on the disk?) Cheers in advance, PS. also there is a file named emptyregdb.dat which is not on the disk so how do i get about this?
  5. Yes thats true, its just it says you can do it for multiple files i assumed that meant something similar to the above (my example). Thanks for the reply (has helped clear up this matter),
  6. Ok i know exactly which files arent present (arent copied). perf009.dat per_intr.swf per_nav.swf per_seg1.swf per_seg2.swf per_seg1.txt per_seg3.swf Cheers, PS.Another thing this is a genuine unchanged/edited copy of xp home edition. I was wondering also where i might aqquire these missing files as i can't copy them.
  7. kk thanks for your reply, PS.It isn't really any worry as i do not use that perticular line of code anyway (as i dont import anything to the registry) i was just curious as to what it might be.
  8. I have 2 files (1 & 2) on the desktop and want to copy them to system32: I am trying this - copy 1 + 2 %systemroot%\system32 but its not working. I would also like to do the same but removing 2 files: So del %systemroot%\system32\ 1 2. i know that this is wrong;can anyone show me where i'm going wrong and the correct way(s). Thanks, PS.It doesn't matter if the file has an extension or not;that is to say if you give me an example you can add an extension to the files if you want.
  9. Thanks for that one. Has come in usefull already.
  10. Sorry all, My mistake "per_seg.swf" Thanks for the replies,
  11. This command imports a file named "activate.reg" silently into your Registry. Dear arie, I knew that was what it would normally do but i never reliased that (synax) would work. So thanks for your reply, Ps. i was wondering wether you knew what reg file that would be. (or which part of the registry needs editing etc)
  12. I know why this is and it isn't the first time either. The disk is scratched. The cd (full version - all files) is 556mb the folder (xp) on my desktop where the copied files are is only 456mb. Now obviously i need to make a new (full) disk, but i cant because the files wont copy (well not all of them). I do however have a clue as to what files they are: 1. when i install from an nlited disk that had its files copied from the scratched disk it (during the copying files part) asks for something like "perf" and i know at least one of these "perf" files has an .swf extension. There is only about 4 files missing afaik but these perf ones are quite big. What i would like to know is; is there a way that i can compare the disk and the copied files to see which files are missing. Also is there a place i could get the missing files? eg internet.
  13. Thats true, I was wondering if you might be able to help me also;i wrote this batch script to copy the wpa files (backed up - activated state) to system32. (and rename the ones in system32). Here is the script: @echo off ren %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\wpa.dbl wpa.dbl.nonactivated xcopy a:\wpa.bak %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\wpa.bak /q xcopy a:\wpa.dbl %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\wpa.dbl /q %SYSTEMROOT%\REGEDIT.EXE /S activate.reg EXIT Then i saw the very same script (give or take a little) on another forum (might've been this one) but that one had an extra line of code: %SYSTEMROOT%\REGEDIT.EXE /S activate.reg the thing i can't undestand is what this does (exactly) i mean i know what the commands do;but not regarding the registry. Any help appreciated; Thanks again,
  14. Yes thanks m8. I must be slacking as now you mention it i reliase i knew it; /s (removes tree) /q (no prompt). Thanks again,
  15. NET STOP "ServiceName" If the file is in the same folder as the batch script, there is no need to specify the path to the file. If the file is not in the same folder as the batch script and the path to the file cannot change, you could simply launch it via START. For options, launch START /?. If the path can change, which is the case with most USB sticks as they're plug and play, you could alter the CD-ROM drive discovery script to always point at the correct USB drive. See the Unattended Guide here for the script. Wow thanks Arie, I completly forgot about the "net stop" command although i have never used this one anyway. But i will use this now, also i was wondering what the "net.exe" files main function is i have looked at tye help part using "cmd" it looks like it has multiple functions. Also i am aware of the "net1.exe" file and was wondering whether this has anything to do with the "net.exe" file. Thanks for all of the information you have supplied me, PS. I am under the impression you know your batch files and commands, i was wondering if you would be able to help: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=109578 - removing a non empty directory.
  16. I know that the following can remove empty directorys: RD RMDIR But i am uncertain on how to remove a direcory that is not empty; that is to say a directory containing files, other folders etc. Thanks, PS.I am a pretty good batch creator etc (well getting there).
  17. I was wondering if anyone new how to stop and disable a service using a batch script. I know you can delete, view etc usinc the "sc" command but i'm unsure if this can be used to disable a service. Thanks. Another thing regarding batch files and command line programs (shutdown, sc, user etc) say i want to use shutdown.exe but i do not have it in my "system32" folder but i do have a copy of it on my memeory stick (e:\) can i point to it using a batch file. eg: cd e: shutdown.exe (variables/options here). Thanks again,
  18. Dear jonathanc, OOBE is not required in order to use the "validate online" feature. If you are running/have a genuine version of xp pro (SP1 or Sp2) then you remove of oobe, but if you were (educational purposes) going to need to change the product key (if the copy of xp was pirated - and did not pass validation) then you would need oobe to run the activation wizard. Another thing; I'm not sure wether you were aware of this (AFAIK) but if you are running xp pro - and dont validate it, it wont lock you out after 30 days.
  19. Thanks for your reply, I have tried this method several time useing several different "mehods" etc, but the activation process/wizard still needs to be ran in order for online validation to work; without validation the pc will still be locked after 30 days and if the user removed oobe then there would be no way to activate thus rendering the pc useless.
  20. Thanks for the replies, Oh and yes as i already stated "for educational purposes". Thanks again,
  21. I am only asking for an educational purpose. If by using nlite i remove ie, iecore, oobe and any files associated with activation what would happen? After 30 days would it still shut me out? Just wondering,
  22. I,ve had a new idea, Yes i'm still trying to find a way to remove IECore (using nlite) whilst still being able to activate the pc. <--- Xp Home Edition. Sadly i still haven't been able to acomplish this tiresome task, even though i have tried numerous things. Iv'e tried intergrating the wpa key onto the disk, but then i can't validate online as it says i need to activate first. Tried to just remove IECore and leave oobe, but as i already knew - no success there. Tried using other browsers Tried associating the files to different programs, browsers etc Tried a few other ways aswell. I do believe this is possible, yet im just unable to find out how. My idea is, I know that once IECore is removed, after install there is no way (yet) to activate but what if there was a way to do it whilst installing or on first run maybe. I saw a post i think it was on this forum; to intergrate activation files on to the disk. Has anyone got any other ideas? I really really apreciate any help/ideas,
  23. I was just wondering if it would be possible o add certain files to the "keep" box in nlite so that i could remove msmail and mapi; whilst still being able to install wlm. Also i just thought, it would be kwl if ppl could list any others that they know. I'll start: ------ TCP/IP printing still works without SNMP, however I've found that these two files must be kept (or SNMP): Mgmtapi.dll Wsnmp32.dll ------
  24. i was replying to nuhi next time read quote. Darn, sincere apologies. I did read qoute (as always) i just made a mistake thats all. Cheers, PS.Even though you were replying to nuhi, you have given me an idea.
  25. mitsukai, Tanks for your reply but you have misunderstood me. I am making an application similar to nlite and i need/want to see if its possible to activate XP Home without iecore. Cheers,

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