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  1. You need to use rawread for that... rawread.exe
  2. The last option would be to create a floppy image... I did that with the "just released" trial of Disk Director 10 and it worked.
  3. Hello all, I've been looking to get into WinPE for quite a while now but I can't seem to find any kind of guide? I mean, I took a look at the sticky, searched the web, etc... I can't seem to find a great place to start. Something like the Unattended guide maybe. The reason I want to get into this is to be ready for Window Vista and because I have seen some nice GUI from computer manufacturer like HP and IBM providing a great way to install Windows or to diagnose it. So any help appreciated here!
  4. I wish they had support for the monitor as well... Just like http://www.kavoom.biz/
  5. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/desktopsearch/demo.html
  6. Read carefully on the first page. KB887472 is for MSN Messenger v4.7 or v5 so IF you have a higher version OR you have disabled the installation in your WINNT.SIF, you don't need this update KB890830 use only the /q switche (add manually to SVCPACK.INF, you cannot integrate) OR you can add a key to the registry to bypass this check (the key is changing on every release...)
  7. Hum... interesting. All I can say is that I used this method (without any .cat file) for over a year with Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows XP SP1. I never noticed anything going wrong with that but I'd like to get the feedback from other members as well...
  8. Yes, I removed the Catalog files because you don't get them unless you use the /integrate: function... so this is just like the old times before this switch existed!
  9. This is the time when we had trouble with Update Rollout 1... later, Microsoft released a "new" version of this rollout and some older hotfixes are required since then. *** EDIT *** No wait, this one is related to Windows Media Player 9 Serie... I don't remember why it was removed.
  10. I updated the Windows 2000 SP4 section as well... sorry for the delay
  11. Hello all, just a quick topic to tell that I was a bit annoyed to find a $winnt$.inf file in my System32 folder revealing some information about my unattended installation... So I'll delete this file at the end of my unattended installation:
  12. Yes, that program is Windows Update It doesn't mean that KB896424 replaces KB896727 and KB899588, maybe they were still showing up last month but now they don't
  13. First Year Celebration Folks! I just wanted to take a moment (a post) to take a look at this past year: - This topic started exactly 1 year ago (November 8, 2004) - This topic has almost 400,000 hits! (more than 1000 hits per day!) - This topic has more than 1000 reply! - This topic has more than 100 pages now! I think this topic is the most visited on the forum... Well, that's about it - Ok, ok, maybe I screwed up the list a few times but there is no official count for that!
  14. I did a clean install manually with a "genuine" I386 folder... so no doubt here. BTW, I end up saving 50Mb of space on my CD if I let go the /integrate: method. B) Why? Because the integration method is adding/replacing some files in the I386 folder. I saved about 35Mb starting over with a genuine I386 folder and only installing with svcpack.inf Also, because I am Multibooting, I keep a genuine (untouched original) I386 folder at the root of my CD-ROM so there is a 15Mb difference between this folder and the one I used to integrate the hotfixes... So, I did a test and everything went fine; No difference from my previous installations (except for the extra space on my CD!). If you want my advice, using the /integrate: method is not good since it is adding extra weight to the Installation and is a pain in the a$$ when you want to replace/retire a hotfixe... *** EDIT: HERE IS MY SVCPACK.INF ***
  15. Just a small idea: Would it be possible to edit txtsetup.sif to copy our files to the hard drive instead of using the $OEM$ folder method? I wonder because after all, I don't have a lot of file in there (mainly because my drivers are compressed in a main archive). So the benefits would be: 1- the ability to do F6 to load MassStorage drivers 2- An accurate Progress bar when copying file in the first stage? There could be drawback also: 1- cmdlines.txt won't get parsed (if OemPreinstall=no in Winnt.sif) 2- Not sure if OemPnPDriversPath= is valid when OemPreinstall=no So I'd like to get your input on this
  16. *** IMPORTANT UPDATE *** Yes, you are right, KB873339 and KB886185 are still required. In that case, I think I will never use the /integrate: option with the hotfixes... they put stuff in the I386 folder and even if you suppress them from the svcpack folder and the svcpack.inf file, they are still there *** THE FIRST PAGE HAS BEEN UPDATED ***
  17. I think I have to disagree with your findings. I followed your recommendations and removed 873339 and 886185 and rebuilt my CD. I did a full install and now both of those packages are showing up as new updates that need to be installed. So unless you know of something that specifically says they replaced those files, I think they are still needed. Maybe this has to do with the fact that these were integrated into the CD before and even tought I removed the svcpack.inf file from my installation (so I can build a clean install) they are still integrated... So I'll run a clean install from scratch (with a genuine i386 folder) and I'll get into simulation ... I'll keep you updated
  18. Well, I did a test under simulation after adding the new hotfixe and removing the other one and everything checks out
  19. Here is my svcpack.inf *** EDIT *** I added the missing KB873339 and KB886185
  20. Maybe KB873339 and KB886185 were replaced by another hotfixe last month but since they were showing up on Windows Update, I kept them on the list... until now
  21. no, he just found that is wife is a lesbian!
  22. Sorry about that, there was some issues with the Update Rollout 1 but now they are resolved so I will update the first page soon...
  23. Here you go: http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/diskdirector/ go nuts!
  24. Hello all, here are the result of a clean simulation with Windows Update for XP SP2: *** NEW *** KB896424 KB890830 I Removed KB873339, KB886185, KB896727 and KB899588 from the list since they no longer show up on Windows Update...

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