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  1. Hi, I want to call the ISOLINUX(i.e. isolinux.bin) of menu items(isolinux.cfg) from CDShell script. Any one can provide the steps/procedure Thanks & Regards, Ananda Babu
  2. Load grub4dos from CDShell

    It is working fine as expected after long time. Thanks & Regards, Anand
  3. Hi, I am having Partition Wizard Home Edition bootable iso. What is the script for cdshell? Regards, Anand
  4. Hi, I want to call the hiren's boot cd 12.0 from cdshell script. What is the code or process. I want to get entire menu of hirens boot cd(i.e. dos tools, minixp, bootmgr,etc) Please help me on this.
  5. Load grub4dos from CDShell

    Hi jaclaz, Very very thanks to given the solution. As per your information my assumption is mentioned in below. correct me if i did wrong assumption: 1. I will create XPBOOT.BIN file from XP CD. 2. In cdshell script, i will write to call for grub4dos menu. i.e. chain \XPBOOT.BIN 3. Open the XPBOOT.BIN with hexeditor and find the I386 and replace with G4D1(i think only one time we have to replace) 4. Create a folder called G4D1 in the root. 5. Copy the grldr file and place into G4D1 folder. 6. Now go to G4D1 folder and select the grldr file and rename to BOOTFIX.BIN 7. Finally we have to place the grldr.mbr and grldr into root. That's it. Please correct me my assumption
  6. Load grub4dos from CDShell

    In my cdshell script i have to call grldr. Because it is having the separate menu with grub4dos. please provide me process. Thanks in advance. sorry for my bad english
  7. How to create multiboot DVD with driverpacks

    Anybody can reply on this post
  8. Hi, I want to create my MultibootDvd with driverpacks and without driverpacks. For to create Multiboot DVD with driverpacks how to integrate driverpacks by using Method I. Because I already prepared with method II. It's working fine but while installing operating system at first restart, the driverpacks getting extraction much more time. I want to avoid this time taking process. That's why i am planning to use Method I. I think as per my knowledge if we use Method I the driverpacks are installing from our dvd.(i.e. $OEM$). Please give the steps for my multibootdvd with driverpacks by using Method I. Thanks & Regards, Ananda Babu
  9. Hi, I have different type of BartPE's. I want to add these different type of BartPE's into my multibootdvd. plz, Anybody can give help on these with clear steps. Thanks & Regards, Ananda Babu
  10. Vista and Server 08 on the same DVD

    Hi Saundie, Very very...thanks to share the information. I will try and let u know my work as per your posted information. Regards, Anand
  11. Boot Screen

    Hi, I modified ntoskrnl.exe,ntkrnlmp.exe,ntkrnlpa.exe and ntkrpamp.exe files with my custom image. And updated those files accordingly into I386, sp2.cab and drivers.cab. I created bootable iso and tested. Now also i am getting windows xp default boot screen not my custom image. What is the problem? Please let me know asap. Sorry for bad english. Regds, Anand
  12. Vista and Server 08 on the same DVD

    Hello..Boss..........! Why cant you people prepare a document. Otherwise prepare the steps for to do vista and server 2008 on same dvd Regards, Anand
  13. Vista and Server 08 on the same DVD

    Hi Jayme, Could you please give me the steps how to make a bootable dvd with vista and server 2008 Thanks & Regards, Anand
  14. Hi, How to integrate driverpacks for multiboot AIO-DVD. Anybody can help on this? Anand
  15. [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Anyone can provide the BTS driverpacks integration guide for this AIO-DVD tutorial. (i.e. Methods 2)