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  1. Blackwingcat implements Vista functions as well so don't make that assumption. Try it and see. If it doesn't work let him know.
  2. Depends on what tools they use. Original mingw and mingw-w64 compile working executables for 95+ and NT 3.50+ without any extra hoop jumping except for using dwarf and win32 threads. Visual Studio 2017 work for 98+ and NT4+ with some workarounds. For web stuff you shouldn't have javascript run anyway except when needed since other than Roytam1 browsers the browsers are not being patched. You'd think they would target as many systems as possible but in practice in most cases they are taking advantage of a specific vulnerability. If you were too write malware you would want it to hit as many boxes as possible so use the same APIs that exist in all versions of Windows but mostly they are lazy so usually they end up only working on the most popular operating systems. Security through obscurity shouldn't be used since there are exploit packages that can be bought or acquired with all the vulnerabilities that currently exist.
  3. You run the proxy on an XP or above host and then point your old machines to to it. The modified Firefox browsers I posted were intended for your Qemu test, not on host Windows 98. They can be found here: https://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/home.html For 2000 with BlackWingCat Extended Kernel Seamonkey 2.39 and 2.49.5 works
  4. Well nothing is impossible, It may be worth asking Roytam if he'd be interested and if so what amount of money he'd expect for the amount of effort. The last Seamonkey I tested with regular Windows 98 was SeaMonkey 95 and with Kernelex was SeaMonkey v2.8 but that was awhile back. Not sure if the KernelEx updates allowed newer versions to work or not. The newer builds that require SSE2 would likely just need to be recompiled. Have you tried WebOne proxy? https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=67165
  5. Not sure if you consider this "vanilla" or not but you can use the roytam1 builds of Firefox for systems without SSE or without SSE2. Thse are the ones I last tested on XP: firefox-45.9.19-20200104-ddcd778f4-win32-ia32 firefox-45.9.19-20200104-ddcd778f4-win32-sse
  6. IIRC, vmware and virtualbox use emulated video cards created specifically for those virtualization products. Any DOS VESA TSR you find it likely looking for a video card created during the time period it was created. Don't use vmware and virtualbox for DOS games except for edge cases like if your computer is a POS, the game doesn't have a windows or linux port, the game runs too slow in DOSBox or pcem.
  7. I last tested those Qemu versions before Kernelex was a thing so it's possible kernelex will work for those. Bochs It's possible for those versions I tested with Kernelex. If you don't want to use Kernelex you can try Bochs 2.3.7. Bochs 2.0 (Windows 95) Bochs 2.3.7 (Windows 95B) Bochs 2.6.6 (Windows 98+) Kernelex Bochs 2.6.9 (Windows 98+) Kernelex QEMU 14 1. Download Qemu v15 http://virtuallyfun.superglobalmegacorp.com/?p=1214 2. Extract contents of .zip. 3. Download Hexedit. 4. Open up all executables with hexedit 5. Replace all instances of "freeaddrinfo", "getaddrinfo", and "getnameinfo" with "gethostname". (Zero out any extra characters). 6. Done! Qemu Manager v7.0 (QEMU 0.11.1 (Accelerated) 1. Must have at least IE5 installed! 2. Install Qemu Manager. 2. Execute Qemu Manager. If you receive an error about wininet.dll then you do not have IE5+ installed. 3. Open Qemu.exe with the Hexedit program. 4. Replace "freeaddrinfo", "getaddrinfo", and "getnameinfo" with "gethostname". 5. Start Qemu Manager! 6. When you create a VM in the VM options change "Main Display" to "QEMU Windows", otherwise your VM will not load. Unknown if the above changes break network functionality so try kernelex first. Qemu 0.15.0 - Use Kernelex (No acceleration)
  8. For virtualization\emulation on 9x: DOSBox 0.74-3 Connectix Virtual PC 5.1 VMware-workstation-4.5.3-19414 Bochs 2.6.9 (SSE2) Bochs 2.6.6 (SSE) Qemu Manager v7.0 (QEMU 0.11.1) (Accelerated) Qemu 14 (Not Accelerated) I wouldn't recommend web browsing in a guest on a 9x host performance is horrible. Use a Linux dual-boot or livecd for a more modern browser and use retrozilla on 9x if you don't want to use kernelex.
  9. Because those are DOS protected mode and real mode games and the virtualbox dynamic recompilation as well as audio emulation are likely s*** for running those games. Use ports for those games, DOSBox or pcem in that order. Do not use virtualization programs for DOS games except for edge cases.
  10. When running 9x in Vmware or Virtualbox you don't have a GPU just a video card as such you don't need much RAM. Even 16mb is overkill unless you are using an extremly high resolution at 32bit color.
  11. As far as using DOSBox is concerned it's not a VM it's a PC emulator specifically for PC games and currently it's officially supported on 95/NT4 and above with DOSBox 0.74-3. If you are running 9x on a period correct box then I'd keep it around for those DOS games that still have issues. If you are running 9x on a i7 and want to play DOS games then you definetly need it. Now if you were referring to the command prompt in Windows 9x then yes that is a Virtual Machine and depending on the game it may work fine for you. If you want OPL3 you can try this: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=57951 If you want MT32 you can try the 9x ver of MUNT: https://sourceforge.net/projects/munt/files/munt/SNAPSHOTS/
  12. For a Core duo Vmware Workstation or Player v12.5.9 is the last release you can use. As of Vmware 14 VT-X is required and binary translation is no longer offered. With 4gb of ram you aren't going to be doing much with virtualization software so good think you're only trying to run 9x. Note that with 9x under Vmware there will be no 3D acceleration unless you use 3rd party tools like Swiftshader or Mesa3D which will be slow. For 3D acceleration in 9x you would use pcem but your processor is too slow and even for 2D it's too slow but you might be able to do something with 3.x or 95. https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/ You might need to run HLT software like RAIN on 9x to reduce cpu usage as well.
  13. Never had that error message. Vmware 6.5.5 is the last ver to run on Windows 2000 vanilla. Vmware 7.1.3 with Blackwingcat files VMWare Workstation v7.1.3 (This was from back in 2011 so not sure what the latest ver of Vmware is now with extended core) 1. Installers errors out on not being compatible with Windows 2000. 2. Use FCWIN2k from the KDW wrapper to fake Windows XP SP3 to begin the install. 3. When the install gets to a dialog window DO NOT CLICK THROUGH. 4. Go to the TEMP directory of your profile. 5. Make a copy of the vmware folder. 6. Close vmware setup and fcwin2k. 7. Make a backup copy of "vmware workstation.msi" 8. Modify vmware player.msi with Orca and remove the LaunchCondition. 9. Executing vnetlib.exe in installation folder you will receive the following error: "The procedure entry point GetInheritanceSourceW could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll" YOU MUST PERFORM STEP #10 OTHERWISE VMWARE WORKSTATION WILL NOT INSTALL!! 10. Install the KDW wrapper and install advapi32.dll 11. Install Vmware Workstation. 12. During install you may receive the following errors: --------------------------- vmnat.exe - Entry Point Not Found --------------------------- The procedure entry point CancelIPChangeNotify could not be located in the dynamic link library IPHLPAPI.DLL. --------------------------- vmware-authd.exe - Entry Point Not Found --------------------------- The procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL. Just press OK to contiune. (We will fix these errors later) 13. After install is done reboot. 14. Download vm313a.zip from Blackwingcat. 15. Modify the script to reflect changes for vmware workstation instead of player. 16. Run the script and then reboot. 17. Vmware Workstation should now work.
  14. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=68600&p=779629#p779629 This seems to work pretty well in a VM. There seems to be a mouse input error in Windows 2000 (left mouse click to fire keeps firing) in a VM not sure if a Vmware tools issue or an SDL2 issue with blackwingcat extended core and the usual issue with relative\absolute mouse control issues with VMs. Possibly mouse issue in 98. Mouse works in game menus but not in game. Need to verify not a vmware issue. Going to test the above on a physical machine eventually.
  15. For testing you can try masking the feature bit with Vmware. This was helpfully when troubleshooting mingw compiled programs that had issues running on certains cpus. I haven't tested with Windows updates yet. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=55706&start=20#p767756
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