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  1. This isn't new: https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist/issues/13 If it's been broken since Nov 2020 then it'll likely remain broken. BlackWingCat provides VC++ 2019 redist newer than that but obviously requires KernelEx. "Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Update 8 Redistributable Package (for Windows 2000 Ex Kernel x86/pc98) 14.28.29325.2"
  2. You can use the version of .NET 4 that Blackwingcat provides on his site. It will not work with vanilla 2000 though.
  3. You don't need steam: For Half-Life v4554 you can be revolutionary and use a steam emulator. I can't be anymore specific on this forum unfortunately. The following games can be combined into the same folder. Use these switches: Counter-Strike (-steam -game cstrike) v4554 Counter-Strike Condition Zero (-steam -game czero) v4554 Day of Defeat (-steam -game dod) v4554 Deathmatch Classic (-steam -game dmc) v4554 Half-Life (-steam -game valve) v4554 Half-Life Blue Shift (-steam -game bshift) v4554 Half-Life Opposing Force (-steam -game gearbox) v4554 Ricochet (-ste
  4. The last version of Paint.NET I ran on XP was v4.0.6
  5. Last time I tested VLC on various operating systems back in Feb 2019 95 VLC 0.8.4b 98-ME VLC 0.8.6d 98-ME KernelEX VLC 2.2.8 NT4 VLC 0.8.6e 2000 Vanilla VLC 1.1.11 2000 BWC SSE2 VLC 3.0.6 XP VLC 2.2.8 SSE2 VLC 3.0.8 Would be nice if someone had the time to unify VLC versions and provide SSE and SSE2 binaries.
  6. If there was an issue with the files in the package then likely everyone is going to have the same issues, removed since you know the software the best.
  7. You can use WinRM. Connection is encrypted even without https. Setup your firewall rule to only allow inbound to 5985 from wherever you are connecting from. You'll need to use Windows Management Framework 2.0.
  8. Why do you want to bother with Steam on 9x? What games on 9x actually need it? Steam is only needed for Half-Life 2 builds older than v5135, any build after and you can use the command line switches to run without Steam For the builds older than v5135 you have to use an old steam emulator that is revolutionary that I can't mention here For the Steam builds of Half-Life 1 builds >v4554 require SDL2 and can be used with two recent steam emulators that are smart and full of gold. For the Steam builds of Half-Life 1 builds <=v4554 you have to use an old steam emulator tha
  9. These are the last versions I tried back in 2008: j2re-1_4_2_15-windows-i586-p jre-1_5_0_05-windows-i586-p
  10. I'm not sure why you would bother with running MineCraft in Virtualbox in Windows 98 since if you are running it in a VM then your host likely can run it.... 1. Virtualbox is horrible for 9x. 2. No 3D acceleration in a VM for 9x except for qemu or pcem. You may have better luck with qemu than pcem for OGL. 3. 3D software acceleration is slow. Mesa3D for OGL 2.1, Swiftshader for D3D 4. Minecraft 1.13 requires OpenGL 4.4 according to the Internets so make sure you are using an old version of Minecraft.
  11. A couple of years ago I compiled Mesa 7.5.1 for Windows 95+ which supports OpenGL 2.1 I've attached it here until I upload it to vogonsdrivers: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=614916#p614916
  12. You should really try to get the program working on your host if at all possible, software acceleration is going to be slow. Go here for binaries: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/wrappers/files/OpenGL/GDI/Mesa/ v6.5 should work on 9x. When these files were tested KernelEx wasn't a thing so it's possible newer versions may work with that. try v7.8.2 or v10.0.02 these work with 2000 so try them with KernelEX Try v17.0.0 this works with XP so try with KernelEX v19.3.1 for Vista but doubtful that will work with KernelEX
  13. Don't know about latest but this should get you started: 7-zip 7z920.exe Adobe Acrobat 6.06 Alcohol Alcohol52_trial_1_9_5_3105 Alcohol120_trial_1_9_5_3105 Alcohol120_retail_1_9_5_3105 Audacity 1.2.6 Avast setupeng1368 Bochs 2.3.7 CCleaner ccsetup213720 Clamwin Legacy 0.97 Cool PDF Reader Conectix Virtual PC v5.2 Daemon Tools 3.47 DOSBox 0.74-3 DOSBox SVN (When compiled with MinGW) ffdshow ffdshow_rev3013_20090620_clsid Flash v7 install_flash_player_7 install_flash_player_7_ax FireFo
  14. If you are crashing with 7B when installing from USB then try installing from CD. I banged my head against this for hours with my iodd external drive. I would also verify that 2000 installs when using IDE as well. If good then install the AHCI drivers and switch to SATA in the BIOS or integrate the 7.6 drivers (with changes for your controller as needed) to an ISO and install.
  15. Blackwingcat implements Vista functions as well so don't make that assumption. Try it and see. If it doesn't work let him know.
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