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  1. DosFreak

    NT 4.0 in 2019: Back to the Future

    If you want to try something slightly newer with TLS 1.2 support here is Opera 10.70 Build 9071: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=12102&start=20#p730673 As roytam1 mentioned above his QtWeb 3.8.4 build works great as well.
  2. DosFreak

    Python 3.5 Runtime Redistributable backported to XP

    Don't know if this is helpful or not but according to this http://wp.xin.at/archives/4479 you can compile OpenSSL to not rely on Windows bcrypt or CryptAPI using the no-engine switch
  3. AES-GCM, 256 bit keys, TLS 1.2 Was the TLS 1.2 update ever released for 2003?
  4. If I use ProxHTTPSProxyMII with the SSL passthru it appears to work. Without the proxy I get the same error as you do. Tested on Windows 2000. When I enter this URL in IE: http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us The proxy shows: [10:54] 000 [D] SSL Pass-Thru: https://www.update.microsoft.com:443/ [10:54] 000 [D] SSL Pass-Thru: https://www.update.microsoft.com:443/
  5. DosFreak

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    I have no interest in that game at all but it was interesting how they decided people were using DX9 to get rid of shadows versus people using DX9 because that's all their video card was capable of....unless they are going to provide DX9 feature level support with DX11 so people with DX9 cards can still play the game. They probably aren't though since people with DX9 cards are poor and shouldn't be playing games on old hardware. (Usual Steam forum user answer). heh. Wonder if Linux users care about this since ProtonDB recommends disabling DX11.
  6. DosFreak

    New Opera Browser for Windows 2000

    I've done some more testing: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=12102 Windows 95 Vanilla: 10.10 KernelEx 10.70 Build 3488 with modifications to opera.exe and opera.dll Windows 98 Vanilla: 10.63 KernelEX v12.02 Build 1578 NT4 Vanilla: 10.63 10.70 Build 9071 with modifications to opera.exe For 2000 Vanilla: v12.02 Build 1578 BlackwingCat Extended Kernel v38.0.2190.0 v12.18 Build 1872
  7. DosFreak

    New Opera Browser for Windows 2000

    https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=12102&p=83132#p83132 OFFICIAL Use v12.02 Build 1578 UNOFFICIAL (Use Advanced Chrome 54 instead) Use v38.0.2190.0 Use BlackWingcat Windows 2000 Extended Kernel v2.9b Launch with --no-sandbox
  8. DosFreak

    Steam for XP in 2019?

    If you check the \bin and \packages folder you'll see a cef folder and files. These are different based on the version of Windows. So XP and 7 files are different. They are all loaded by Steam.exe so if for example MS compiles their files for Vista+ and/or remove the XP specific files and/or change their backend servers to TLS 1.3 then that will likely kill it. If you care about your games remove your reliance on the Steam client. It's not that difficult to get rid of and still play your games. Make sure you have the steam.cfg option set to prevent updates and/or block writes to the packages folder if you insist on using the Steam client.
  9. DosFreak

    Steam on Windows 2000

    I looked into this a bit the other day. Steam is looking for APIs that Windows 2000 (not even with Extended Kernel) does not have. It doesn't matter anyway since Steam XP support has been dropped and even though it still works it remains to be seen what the next Steam update will bring and Steam requires TLS 1.2 (at least SteamCMD does) which 2000 does not support. It's best not to use the Steam client anyways since there are working methods to run Steam games without Steam and those methods do work on Windows 2000.
  10. DosFreak

    Steam for XP in 2019?

    SteamCMD still works fine on XP. Check my vogons post. You'll need to install and enable the TLS 1.2 update. It's a PITA to use and you'll have to redownload all your games. I personally don't see any issues discussing and sharing old versions of the Steam client but it depends on how the forums are moderated. Really though best not to deal with the Steam client since it's unecessary anyway. The community has pretty much solved most of the issues as far as Windows Steam games are concerned.
  11. DosFreak

    Steam for XP in 2019?

    I had posted a topic previously on this but it was taken down. If you check the Deep Thought forums at vogons you'll see a guide created by myself for running your Steam games without Steam. The only thing you'd potentially need Steam or SteamCMD for is downloading your games and when those no longer work you can always download the games on another computer and copy them over. Currently Steam and SteamCMD (Requires TLS 1.2) but who knows what the next update will bring wether on the client or the backend.
  12. Did some testing with browsers and 2000 and XP over the weekend: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=12102
  13. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=12102 Probably K-Meleon or possibly Palemoon 26.5
  14. DosFreak

    Latest SVN of DosBox on NT3.5x,9x,NT4

    After banging my head on it for a week I finally gave up on Mingw. Latest ver I can compile DOSBox that works on Windows 95 is v4.9.3. Anything later and there's an illegal instruction error. The good news is that today I switched to Mingw64 w/ gcc 7.1.0 and as long as I use the msvcrt.dll from Windows 2000 then DOSBox works! I've attached a static binary of the mingw64 build. It's still a WIP Also I did some tests with hxrt in DOS (in vmware) in the thread for anyone that's interested. Next step is to drop kick the mingw guide and update the mingw-w64 guide and then verify that all dependencies are working.
  15. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=55706&p=616322#p616322 I'm working on a guide for compiling DOSBox. The above thread includes an attachment with builds for NT3.51 and NT4 of the DOSbox SVN from 9-18-2017 using SDL 1.2.15 Compiled using VS2008 with LegacyExtender. The MinGW builds are older, don't have working ddraw and only work on 95-NT4 with Active Desktop installed. Plan to update the MinGW builds soon.