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  1. The last version of Paint.NET I ran on XP was v4.0.6
  2. Last time I tested VLC on various operating systems back in Feb 2019 95 VLC 0.8.4b 98-ME VLC 0.8.6d 98-ME KernelEX VLC 2.2.8 NT4 VLC 0.8.6e 2000 Vanilla VLC 1.1.11 2000 BWC SSE2 VLC 3.0.6 XP VLC 2.2.8 SSE2 VLC 3.0.8 Would be nice if someone had the time to unify VLC versions and provide SSE and SSE2 binaries.
  3. If there was an issue with the files in the package then likely everyone is going to have the same issues, removed since you know the software the best.
  4. You can use WinRM. Connection is encrypted even without https. Setup your firewall rule to only allow inbound to 5985 from wherever you are connecting from. You'll need to use Windows Management Framework 2.0.
  5. Why do you want to bother with Steam on 9x? What games on 9x actually need it? Steam is only needed for Half-Life 2 builds older than v5135, any build after and you can use the command line switches to run without Steam For the builds older than v5135 you have to use an old steam emulator that is revolutionary that I can't mention here For the Steam builds of Half-Life 1 builds >v4554 require SDL2 and can be used with two recent steam emulators that are smart and full of gold. For the Steam builds of Half-Life 1 builds <=v4554 you have to use an old steam emulator that is revolutionary that I can't mention here. Builds of Half-Life >=v4554 require KernelEX on 9x but earlier builds should work fine without it but you're better off with Retail half-life with the unofficial patch on vanilla 9x.
  6. These are the last versions I tried back in 2008: j2re-1_4_2_15-windows-i586-p jre-1_5_0_05-windows-i586-p
  7. I'm not sure why you would bother with running MineCraft in Virtualbox in Windows 98 since if you are running it in a VM then your host likely can run it.... 1. Virtualbox is horrible for 9x. 2. No 3D acceleration in a VM for 9x except for qemu or pcem. You may have better luck with qemu than pcem for OGL. 3. 3D software acceleration is slow. Mesa3D for OGL 2.1, Swiftshader for D3D 4. Minecraft 1.13 requires OpenGL 4.4 according to the Internets so make sure you are using an old version of Minecraft.
  8. A couple of years ago I compiled Mesa 7.5.1 for Windows 95+ which supports OpenGL 2.1 I've attached it here until I upload it to vogonsdrivers: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=614916#p614916
  9. You should really try to get the program working on your host if at all possible, software acceleration is going to be slow. Go here for binaries: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/wrappers/files/OpenGL/GDI/Mesa/ v6.5 should work on 9x. When these files were tested KernelEx wasn't a thing so it's possible newer versions may work with that. try v7.8.2 or v10.0.02 these work with 2000 so try them with KernelEX Try v17.0.0 this works with XP so try with KernelEX v19.3.1 for Vista but doubtful that will work with KernelEX
  10. Don't know about latest but this should get you started: 7-zip 7z920.exe Adobe Acrobat 6.06 Alcohol Alcohol52_trial_1_9_5_3105 Alcohol120_trial_1_9_5_3105 Alcohol120_retail_1_9_5_3105 Audacity 1.2.6 Avast setupeng1368 Bochs 2.3.7 CCleaner ccsetup213720 Clamwin Legacy 0.97 Cool PDF Reader Conectix Virtual PC v5.2 Daemon Tools 3.47 DOSBox 0.74-3 DOSBox SVN (When compiled with MinGW) ffdshow ffdshow_rev3013_20090620_clsid Flash v7 install_flash_player_7 install_flash_player_7_ax FireFox v3.6.28 Roytam1 Foxit foxit13b1621 Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 6 SP1 GIMP gimp-2.2.17-i586-setup gtk+-2.6.10-20050823-setup imdisk imdiskinst_1.6.0 ImgBurn SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0 K-Meleon K-Meleon1.5.4en-US K-lite Codec Pack klmcodec170 Links Links-2.5-install MagicDisk setup_magicdisc105 Miranda v0.10.80 NetScape netscape71_sd701 OpenOffice 2.01 Opera v1063 v1070 Build 9071 (Modified) Supports TLS 1.2 PCem PCemV0.41a Qemu Manager v7.0 Qemu Manager v7.0 (QEMU 0.11.1) on 9x/NT4/2000 1. Must have at least IE5 installed! 2. Install Qemu Manager. 2. Execute Qemu Manager. If you receive an error about wininet.dll then you do not have IE5+ installed. 3. Open Qemu.exe with the Hexedit program. 4. Replace "freeaddrinfo", "getaddrinfo", and "getnameinfo" with "gethostname". 5. Start Qemu Manager! 6. When you create a VM in the VM options change "Main Display" to "QEMU Windows", otherwise your VM will not load. Qemu 14.0 1. Download Qemu v14 http://virtuallyfun.superglobalmegacorp.com/?p=1214 2. Extract contents of .zip. 3. Download Hexedit. 4. Open up all executables with hexedit 5. Replace all instances of "freeaddrinfo", "getaddrinfo", and "getnameinfo" with "gethostname". (Zero out any extra characters). 6. Done! QtWeb 3.4.8 Retrozilla ScummVM v2.1.0 SeaMonkey95 SoftPerfect Personal Firewall Thunderbird Thunderbird Setup VDMSound v2.1.0 VideoLan vlc-0.8.6e-win32 Virtual CloneDrive SetupVirtualCloneDrive5450 Vmware Workstation VMware-workstation-4.5.3-19414 Windows Media Player v6.4 v7 MP7195NT Windirstat windirstat1_1_2_setup Windows Remote Desktop v5 client MSRDPCLI WinSCP winscp419setup
  11. If you are crashing with 7B when installing from USB then try installing from CD. I banged my head against this for hours with my iodd external drive. I would also verify that 2000 installs when using IDE as well. If good then install the AHCI drivers and switch to SATA in the BIOS or integrate the 7.6 drivers (with changes for your controller as needed) to an ISO and install.
  12. Blackwingcat implements Vista functions as well so don't make that assumption. Try it and see. If it doesn't work let him know.
  13. Depends on what tools they use. Original mingw and mingw-w64 compile working executables for 95+ and NT 3.50+ without any extra hoop jumping except for using dwarf and win32 threads. Visual Studio 2017 work for 98+ and NT4+ with some workarounds. For web stuff you shouldn't have javascript run anyway except when needed since other than Roytam1 browsers the browsers are not being patched. You'd think they would target as many systems as possible but in practice in most cases they are taking advantage of a specific vulnerability. If you were too write malware you would want it to hit as many boxes as possible so use the same APIs that exist in all versions of Windows but mostly they are lazy so usually they end up only working on the most popular operating systems. Security through obscurity shouldn't be used since there are exploit packages that can be bought or acquired with all the vulnerabilities that currently exist.
  14. You run the proxy on an XP or above host and then point your old machines to to it. The modified Firefox browsers I posted were intended for your Qemu test, not on host Windows 98. They can be found here: https://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/home.html For 2000 with BlackWingCat Extended Kernel Seamonkey 2.39 and 2.49.5 works
  15. Well nothing is impossible, It may be worth asking Roytam if he'd be interested and if so what amount of money he'd expect for the amount of effort. The last Seamonkey I tested with regular Windows 98 was SeaMonkey 95 and with Kernelex was SeaMonkey v2.8 but that was awhile back. Not sure if the KernelEx updates allowed newer versions to work or not. The newer builds that require SSE2 would likely just need to be recompiled. Have you tried WebOne proxy? https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=67165
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