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  1. Well I seen this lot of boxes I've fix in years, I must say hardware still super fast, it the OS to blame. If ya got more than 1ghz cpu clock and 256mb of ram or more your fine for basic Windows. When I mean basic just what you need from that box, don't think when you add super nice MS sinks or install software you don't need going to make it any faster. Now if your OS install older than 2 years I say reinstall it, start clean. When installing your add on and software start with most important and key software, then work your way up, change diff programs to more faster ones and well updated ones. Now newest plug in doesn't mean it the fastest, could also slow your system down fact they do that make ya buy new computer. Use msconfig and turn off startup programs that are not need, there should be info about msconfig in this forum. Exp. I use Windvd play my DVD, now I did change from 2.0 to 6.0 few month ago and yes I do have very fast system, but newer 6.0 use more CPU clock over 40% more for decoding and encoding, which in older 2.0 it wasn't well built to handle more complex codec. Still ran fine with 2.0, but fact that I change it, I lost disc for 2.0 only had 6.0 so that why I took change Now if you are planing to use more complex media or gear on your system, I would say hardware upgrade your best bet, start with ram then cpu, if it gaming slowing ya down ram and video card key point.. hell if ya want build whole new system... I'm not going to get into building pc or laptop, but I think ya got idea.. Performance tweak or performance software, doesn't all way work.. Really come down to how much load you are putting on your hardware that make speed with in OS, like driving a Porsche 944s, it very fast as it is, but put more weight in the back you lose power. Clean and neat OS is always a fast one... Tweaking OS it self never seem work for me, I wouldn't recomend it.. Fox Laptop: Clevo D900k, built up by me - AMD FX53, 2gb DDR400, Two Seagate 120Gb 7200RPM HD, and Go 7950GTX 512mb video card Desktop: Foxruner Built by me - AMD FX55, 2gb DDR400, 6 Seagate 250gb Raid 5 HD, and Quad SLI 7950GTX GX2 video card 2gb ram 7 Sun Server 4 Sun Workstation 5 Sgi Workstation 8 12drive raid 5 array SCSI 160.. 9 AMD base server, SO 10
  2. FireFox is leaking

    That normal, FireFox cache lot to system resources, have to remember that not truely using 100mb of ram that page cache too, mine at 230mb of system resources. It lot less on other OS Hmm I would say just get more ram or faster box, I mean Sunfire V480 with 8gb of ram, dual sprac3 1ghz, two 72gb 10,000RPM HD run FF just fine Fox
  3. Only if it was SO10

    Well wanted to post my Solaris 10 wallpaper, but say windows screenshot so here my desktop... look it nice and clean. Fox
  4. Stop using IE and get FireFox, then be smart when on the web, unknown downloads, no click on ads banners, keygen website full of bugs, and if say it free, it not worst the pain lol Hardcore Security: Run stand alone Gateway Use Cisco Systems Firewall/VPN Switch OS Fox P.S> Windows Xp pro 86x SP2 install on 2002 and 2004 no update, system running Clevo D900k and Gamer Box clean and fast. Xp key hack
  5. Help, Bug Video Codec with in XP Pro 86x

    Video driver value changed, bah windows suck, UNIX rocks! ~get back on his Sgi Octane2~ Get great looking computer and very powerful OS Irix 6.22 ~winks~ make switch today. Fox
  6. Help, Bug Video Codec with in XP Pro 86x

    Hmm might be bug DivX, XviD, and Indeo codec seeing that already 5 years old vers.. Divx 3.0.12
  7. Help, Bug Video Codec with in XP Pro 86x

  8. Help, Bug Video Codec with in XP Pro 86x

    Well when I turn on my laptop today found out I must have bug video codec, for all file label "Video Clip" which should be part of WMEncoder 9 codec. So what happen that all video that are under this label plays, but show all green or as invert video with heavy bur, any idea what might have cause this.. grr ~get on his SunFire V480~ Fox