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  1. Hi, We have been using Small business server 2003 and love its Remote Web workplace feature. It lets you connect to desktop and servers in the domain (via tsweb in the background) and check email via web outlook (exchange). + lots of stuff in one central webpage. I was wondering if this can be configured to work on server 2003, or is it even available for server 2003. Thanks
  2. Small Business Server may be perfect for your situation. It's like an all in one server for small businesses. Comes with exchange, fax server, sharepoint, web oulook(my favorite), remote desktop gateway plus tons of other stuff, integrates superbly with office 2003(specially with outlook). All of that with a wizard kinda setup. Throw in ISA server and ur off. like curv ball said, lose the Home versions if ur going AD.
  3. XP MCE is only available to OEMs like Dell or HP and cant be purchased as a CD. You have to actually buy a compu with MCE installed, BUT, if you have the orignal XP disc 2 you maybe able to create your own MCE version. Try seraching it on google for the instructions how to do it. I dont know if its legal to do that but the files you are going to use are on the windows XP CD2 that u purchased already. As for the remote, It might work but not for all functions( not familiar with that remote). I believe the remote for XP MCE is around $32, made by philips.
  4. royco

    Hyperos 2003

    Actually you can do that cloning with VirtualPC or VMware in less than 60sec(may depend on how fast ur hard drive is). its just a matter of copying ang pasting the virtual OS as its only one file. Also with VMware you can actually have a whole domain of networked virtual OS in just one PC. Ive tried 5 Virtual machines in 1 pc with matching firewall and DC, but slowed down my host computer. need more RAM. But ive heard this HyperOS has some strong points. Will be waiting for your comments on the product. Thanks in advance.
  5. What gosh said may work for you, happend to me also and i fixed it by just deleting the virtual disk and creating a new one. Dont forget to create snapshots when you actually get into windows the first time. saves a lot of time reinstalling. Vmware is far better than VirtualPC(IMHO) specially when it comes to networking several VMs but that may change when Microsoft releases their own version of VirtualPC.
  6. maybe you forgot to change the Processor Scheduling to Programs instead of Background services Right click My Computer then properties, click on the advanced tab then, on Performance click settings then on the advanced tab My server 2003 to workstation compu is a lot better that XP, during online UT gaming I get more consistent frame rates than on XP. Will stick with it for now. Im also using a Dell 400sc with P4 2.4 HT, and Ti 4200. no problems so far.
  7. If your using server 2003 and are using remote desktop from the clients use the ff switch on the RDP logon. (replace servername with your servers IP or computer name). servername /console You have to install the RDP client that comes with Server 2003 (RDP 5.2) it wont work with the RDP client that XP has(RDP5.1). has tried it win win98, ME and 2K pro. Hope that helps.
  8. Happened to me also, I found out that i was trying to play an avi file compressed by DIVX. So i just downloaded and installed their codec(u can get it from download.com). I couldnt play DVDs either so I installed Power DVD( 3rd party dvd player) and it somehow installed the codec for media player to play DVDs. ..and there is also another compression codec XVID, u might want to go to their site and download the codec as well. Hope that helps
  9. royco

    Netshare in XP

    U are using windows XP right? Open My Computer, click on tools(top) then folder options, then click on the view tab. On the bottom part of the advanced settings window uncheck "Use Simple filesharing(recomended)". When you go back on the shared folder you can now specify users and permissions. I hope thats what you are talking about.
  10. Ive been using w2k3 for some few weeks now and I found out that unlike XP when you do a remote destop connection to your w2k3 computer you dont get the console to display. That means that if you left your w2k3 computer at work with outlook or some other programs running and tried to access it using RDP you'll get a new desktop screen. So if you want to access the console (or what your computer monitor displays when you left it) you have to put in the switch /console after the computer name before you login using rdp. <computer name> /console This doesnt work with RDP client that comes with XP, you have to install the RDP 5.2 client from the W2k3 CD, Let the CD autorun then click perform additional tasks, the install remote desktop connection. This info may be elementary for others but i hope it'll help those who are new to W2k3 like me.
  11. Yes Ive read the guide and turned on the required services already Just like vcant said the devices installs and runs fine it just doesnt appear in the my computer window, its actually something minor, i just want to know why it doesnt show up like in XP
  12. Yes I know its a server but it doesnt mean i cant connect a camera to it and try to view it from MY computer. Anybody else got ideas?
  13. On w2k3 the digital camera/device installed doesnt appear on the control panel as it would on windows XP. Any Ideas how to enable it? Thanks
  14. I have 2 machines running server 2003 (converted wrkstations) and all are great, not that i think they are faster but i just want to try them out(feels kinda faster tho). I havent run into anything major that would stop me from continuing to run it as a desktop OS, well i did but got around them. Its not the same for my Laptop tho, runs fine but drains the battery alot faster, even at laptop power settings. Anyways if u want to go ahead, try it. read the guide carefully, my first shot at it was kinda slow process. we'll see you here in the forums again im sure. Good luck.
  15. I think I got it, Im just missing the obvious. Turn on the guest account and add it in the permissions and security tabs for that particular shared folder.( what was i thinking??) Sorry to bother u guys, thanks for the replies.
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