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  1. Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THEM!! And happy birthday to you supergurl21!! ^___________^ *starts singing* ur all a year older!! Yay!!
  2. Blonde again

    Yeah I've heard that one!! And I love it!! Its so funny!!
  3. Bored to hell

    lol wouldnt you like to see that! Theres a nude beach somewhere...I just don't remember the name (or where it is for that matter). And my friend says that whenever she goes to Jericco(sp?) Beach she always sees this FAT guy in a pink thong...that thought has kinda scarred me.
  4. Bored to hell

    Go to Starbucks!! And then go to the beach (or the pool ^_^)!!
  5. New Account

    Create a new account for Windows? Like..when you go to "Start" theres a log off button (no duuuuh!!) and when you do how do you get a new account? Cuz it'll ask you to log in. I know this sounds confusing but I don't really know how to phrase it!! *conks head for being a stupid baby* Aaaaaaanyways *covers lump on head* I'd really appreciate it if you could help! ^_^
  6. Downloading Fonts

    ok thanks alot!! that helped ^_^
  7. Is there a diff between coke and pepsi?

    Yuck...I don't like Pepsi!! Coke is ok...but I prefer Sprite
  8. Do u wub MSN Messenger 6

    Oh yeah!! MSN 6 rocks!! Yay for MSN 6!! Hear hear!!
  9. Collections

    Pens!! Yay for pens!! I love pens and pencils! I've collected them for like...2 years. Yay for cute pens and pencils!! Hehe I am hyper tonight...
  10. Fatcat

    Whoa!! That cat has scary eyes!! And its licking itself...guess he/she isn't very photogenic!! Hehe
  11. Ok...I suck at computer downloading and stuff so can someone please tell me how to download fonts? I found some really cute ones at Fontalicious. Hehe Thanks!! ^_^
  12. Martha Stewart's Holiday To-Do List

    Is it possible to do that kinda stuff in a day?? LoL I like December 13. Those are pretty good ^_^ Thanks for sharing!
  13. Panda

    A panda was eating at a fine restaurant. When he had paid his bill, he got up and shot everyone there and left. One fortunate man was in the bathroom at the time and when he came out, he foudn everyone dead. He raced out of the restaurant and cought up with the panda. "Hey! Why'd you shoot everyone?" He demanded. The panda looked at him with eyes so round and responded, "Look up 'Panda' in the encyclopedia and check the 'Food' section. You will find the answer there" The man ran home and looked up "Panda" and it said, "The panda eats shoots and leaves." I found that very amusing ^_^ Hehehehehe I couldn't stop laughing
  14. hilarious joke...

    Hahahaha! That was so funny!! Yep it was
  15. Nicks, The Weird and the Wonderful

    Oh thats easy! ^_^ Just sound it out!! Well...if you can't then it sounds like "cutie" Hehe