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  1. Not that I know of... then again, how many would you need it to be?
  2. Those are simpler because there were less suggestions... but feel free to start as many polls as you feel like.
  3. I think all variations of a single base browser ought to use the same name (Like PM 27 vs PM 28 and Serpent 52 vs Serpent 55). You might start by opening just two polls, one for PM and one for Serpent. Those are the main RT browsers, and most suggestions refer to them only. And to help you some more, I withdraw all my suggestions, except Peach Moonshine and Snake Oil.
  4. If you have time for it, you may collect the suggestions and open a poll thread for voting... Then we can submit @roytam1 just the winner (and maybe the runner-up) for approval and adoption...
  5. Matze I don't know. Glock_94 is a member here, although he hasn't appeared around since the end of November, last year. See: https://msfn.org/board/profile/101319-glock_94/
  6. No, I regret to have to say it, but the issue remains.
  7. So 20200215 already had the issue... <1177760>. And on <1177415> you traced it to: which was incorporated on 20200208 for the 1st time! And the last working build, according to <1177422> was 20200131 (aka 20200202)! Well, you did a good job and reported timely. Please accept my apology at having missed your bug report. I guess all the off-topic posting going on at the time did distract me, after all... even if that's really no excuse for me not to have noticed your reports, @Dr. Drill. Thank, you!
  8. During this weekend I'll test the builds between 20200110 and 20200222 and report back. Wait for my report before acting, please.
  9. BUG REPORT: The previous build od Basilisk 52, namely 20200222 fails to load both (the correctly installed) Open H264 Video Codec and the Primetime Content Decription Module again. Reverting to 20200110 fixes it, so it's something incorporated after it. Since I saw no report about that issue, I presume the latest version (20200229) has it, too, but still had no time to test whether that's true or not..
  10. Nothing like having one's privacy violated just by Google, MS, Amazon and Facebook, isn't it?
  11. It's not! If it's a hobby, part of it includes spending zillion hours spelunking obscure places or reverse engineering modules to get things done, then maybe sharing the facts/solutions found (if complete), or inviting others to help make issues become solutions (if not complete). Now, if it's *not* a hobby, then one can require it to just work. While I still believed 9x/ME were the best (maybe 2nd best... hurm... maybe even 3rd best) option for @jaclaz's 70%, I spent numerous hours documenting things for everybody and even helping users in stoned-snail steps. Anyone who searched the forum minimally or maybe even followed those (mostly useless, alas!) links in my signature might perhaps have realized that much. Now, however, I'm convinced 9x/ME is solely for hobbyists or real ultrahyperüberhardcore users that enjoy using them as day-to-day OSes (most of those are actually members here), and even I have moved over, because I consider my ultrahyperüberhardcore stubborness is better employed keeping XP alive, and I firmly believe one has to limit how many minorities one belongs to, besides those one cannot forfeit regardless of one's volition (like old age, for instance). In the old days, when someone wanted something to just work, is was usual to suggest they get a fridge, but nowadays, thanks to the IoT, it may not be that easy anymore, and the fridge may even be actually eavesdropping on one, after being turned on (although real spelunking may still perhaps yield one a still working true dumb ammonia-based one). No offense meant at all, just my 2¢!
  12. Windows 7 SP1 / Android / TrueOS / Ubuntu caters for those ones... not 9x/ME, not 2k much less OS/2. Of course!
  13. Agreed! For those users there's the latest iPhone. For the other users who need video tutorials spoon-feeding them in baby steps, the latest iPhone is also a good bet. Now, for those who love to experiment and find out things for themselves, for those who are game for reinstalling a zillion times with minor variations, all the while taking accurate notes and making reliable, know-to-be-good, image backups, well... for those, a retro OS like 9x/ME or OS/2 or even DOS can be an enjoyable hobby or even a day-to-day (more difficult nowadays) general-use OS.
  14. Went or have gone??? Anyway, that must be something on your (or your ISP's) end, not at MSFN's. Maybe some additional whitelisting is needed? Every time ISPs add "smarter AI" to their systems, dumber things start happening, you know.
  15. Still it's not the same. The POSReady 2009 hack simply made WU/MU deliver the updates, which otherwise were also available (and remain so) from the MS Update Catalog. Those in ESU won't be available unless by explicit unabashed deceit.
  16. It's different. For the Windows Embedded POSReady 7 updates, one has to get them from the MS Update Catalog (they don't come through MU/WU) but they just work, as in the case of Server 2008 updates for Vista. The other involves actively faking a permit, which is against our rules.
  17. MSFN est um forum internacionel, où on post exclusivement en Anglais. Ça n'est pas optionel. Est-ce que vous deux avez lu les Règles?
  18. Peach Moonshine, for Pale Moon 28 (and 27), is a serious sugestion, it has the same initials as Pale Moon, and is less insipid than most sugestions put forward here, up to now. Moreover, I've provided both the about-background.png and a multiresolution icon for that as a start point.
  19. This is just a mockup... there's no about-wordmark.svg in New Moon... so where is it the brand name ought to go? And... how do I remove the whitened box that crosses the image? peach moonshine.zip
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