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  1. Sounds like you need to invest in some kesington (or similar) locks
  2. ...why on earth do they want to remove the default ownership? It seems rather... silly. If you must do so, there's a script called xcacls.vbs, it's available for download from MS somewhere; google it.
  3. I'm not quite 100% sure what you're talking about, but if you're asking about setting permissions on files and folders, then what you need to use is the security tab when you right-click on a folder or file and choose properties. Click advanced and there will be a tab for owner. That should work. Keep in mind that you don't have to change the owner in order to change the permissions - one user can be the owner while another can still have full control. If the security tab doesn't appear, you need to turn off simple file sharing if it's XP which I presume it isn't since this isn't the XP forum.
  4. It's OK to do that, however, replacing shell32.dll is a pain... more so than with most files. I believe it works to boot into safe mode to replace it, but if that doesn't work let me know and I'll tell you some other ways you could do it.
  5. Most of those, if I know what you're talking about, are AVI's stored inside shell32.dll. You'll need to use a resource editor to view them.
  6. Is it possible that they are actually posting, but there's something wrong with the display and you just can't see? Also, you said you removed the CMOS battery, but have you tried actually replacing it?
  7. Come on you guys, I'd rather not have my thread closed Whatever works for your network is what you should use. If you've got questions or want to discuss something like routers vs. not routers, then start a different topic about it. Thank you. So... here's a few pictures of my network. We now have an amazing home-made "server rack", which is basically one of those plastic paper organizer things, with the router and modem on the top "rack" and our USB HDD on the lower "rack". I call them the network rack and the data rack. See for yourself:
  8. There are things in TweakUI that cannot be accomplished by scripts (now I forgot which ones, but... It's handy to make quick checks). Are you sure about that? 99.99% of what TweakUI does is making registry changes. And all registry changes can be made from a script - either using a .reg, reg.exe or through vbs. I'd be interested to know what can't be automated... That said, it's a lot easier to check some boxes than research what changes you have to make, unless you're trying to do it unattendedly.
  9. Psssst.... poll center is for polls I'd recommend posting this sort of thing in the nLite or Windows XP areas. A mod can move it for you To attach an image, you have to be in a part of the forum where you can attach images. Then there will be an attachment link right below the window where you compose text. Welcome to MSFN! Hopefully your questions will get answered and you'll be able to help some others while you're here.
  10. For those who didn't already know, the sysinternals suite can now be accessed as a windows file share, over the internet. Just type \\live.sysinternals.com into the run box and after being slow for a minute, it will open up and you can run the tools directly from the MS server. Nifty! Of course, it also works to just keep them on a flash drive, but if you're ever without yours and need one of the tools, there you go.
  11. Sorry - I meant to say 1280x1024 ; Your method appears to be working, from an initial test, so thank you
  12. So then if I want to test for widescreen *or* 1280x1024, I can do this? strComputer = "." Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WSCript.shell") Set objWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set colItems = objWMI.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_VideoController") For each objItem in colItems intHorRes = objItem.CurrentHorizontalResolution intVerRes = objItem.CurrentVerticalResolution Next If intHorRes / intVerRes > 1.34 Then objShell.run "regedit /s cleartype.reg" End If If intHorRes=1280 And intVerRes=1024 Then objShell.run "regedit /s cleartype.reg" End If I'll try that out - thanks for the help. For something such as this, it's not a big enough deal that if one or two don't get cleartyped or a CRT gets cleartype by accident that it would be the end of the world, so this ought to work just fine.
  13. I'm wondering if there is any way for a batch file or vbs script to detect whether the currently used display is an LCD or a CRT. The reason is that I'd like my unattended script to detect whether it is an LCD or not, and if it is, add the registry entries for cleartype, and if it isn't, then not do so, since I don't want to add cleartype on non-LCD monitors. If this isn't possible, then is there a way to determine the resolution? All of our LCD's are 1280x1024 or widescreen, and none of our CRT's are widescreen and very few are 1280x1024, so if there were a way to detect what the aspect ratio is I could do it that way, too. Any ideas, anyone?
  14. Do you just want to save them to a data dvd or do you want to make a playable dvd? The process for each would be different... if the latter is the case, it would involve converting them to a video format and then making a DVD using some DVD-authoring tool.
  15. Look on your XP disk in \i386; there should either be a logonui.exe or logonui.ex_ if it's logonui.exe, just copy it into %windir%\system32, reboot, and there you are. If it's .ex_, then rename it to logonui.cab, extract it, then put the resulting logonui.exe into %windir%\system32.
  16. I use MS Virtual PC because that's what I used first, so all my disk images are in that format, it's free, and MS sometimes has disk images available for download, which are always Virtual PC format. I've used VirtualBox and in some ways it's better than VPC, but I avoid it generally due to some bad experiences in the past that have since been fixed, I've just never felt like I needed to use it. When I need linux VM's I use it since VPC fails at linux.
  17. Yeah, avoid so-called simple file sharing. With non-simple file sharing, you get to actually choose yourself what users can access shares and other things like that. Much better, really.
  18. YAY!!! Firefox 3 is almost here!! I'm actually going to host or attend a download party... yay for having nerdy friends who actually participate in this sort of thing.
  19. In general, whenever you upgrade rather than doing a full reinstall, you're asking for trouble. This is especially true when switching from the 9x line to the NT line. I would recommend trying a clean install of XP, as XP is much cheaper than Server 2003 (unless you can get it for free, e.g. Server 2003 Standard is free to students under the DreamSpark program). I would highly advise slipstreaming SP3 into an XP disk and installing from that, making sure you have good drivers, and giving XP another try - fresh - before you go for Server 2003.
  20. The photos were recorded in black and white... there IS no color data there. Sure you could add fake color but there's no way you're going to be able to turn black and white photos into color photos. It's just not possible.
  21. -massive sigh- This has been explained over and over and over and over and over again. That information is not being relayed back to the person who's signature that is. That information however is freely available to any website you visit and essentially every single website on the internet logs that information. It's really not much of a vulnerability.
  22. Glad to hear that it worked. For the help of those reading this thread in the future with similar problems, may I ask - what solution ended up working for you?
  23. Use the XP one!! Using the 2000 recovery console will just replace it with the 2000 NTLDR which is the one you're trying to evict! Your XP installation should be just fine - this won't affect any of your data and settings.
  24. Thanks for the tip jacalz. I'm pretty sure that Windows 2000 won't let you touch the NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM that it uses, even if they're on a different drive, because it's picky like that. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

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