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  1. I have come to the conclusion that Microsoft created File Sharing with the sole intent of driving everyone insane. It is absolutely diabolical. Over the years I have consumed endless hours trying to track down mysterious problems which suddenly, and for no apparent reason, emerge to either prevent access to another networked computers or sharing. My latest problem started when I upgraded one Computer. Current Setup: Two networked Computers linked with crossover cat5 cable running through a D-Link 704P router. Computer (call it "A") is a Pentium 4. Computer "B" is the new upgrade (duo core Pentium) Internet access is via Optus Cable Modem. Computers OS is Windows XP3 The two computers are for my personal use only. If anyone else uses either one, they do so with my knowledge and under my supervision. On this basis I set them up with Administrator access only. No Guest or other user. The only password used is to gain access the Computers on startup. Current situation: Internet access is no problem. Both computers work fine. Both Computer icons are shown on the desktop of each Computer monitor If operating from computer A, I can access the shared folders/files from Computer B and move them to Computer A as required. If I try to access the shared folders of Computer A ,from either Computer A or B I cannot. The popups gives me a whole variety of reasons why. The most common one is the following: "\\computername\filename is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the adminitrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Not enough server storage is available to process this command." I can confirm the following: My firewall Zone Alarm Pro is working as it should and is not impeding anything. Windows firewall is off. "File and Print sharing" shows up in the Network properties of Networked Connections and is ticked on both Computers. "Use Simple File Sharing" under Folder Options is on (ticked) on both Computers. Setup needed: As Security is not a concern, I want File Sharing to be as simple as possible. (Is that too much to ask says he sobbing?). What I want is direct access to Sharing to and fro both Computers by the Administrator (me in other words.) Now in previous versions of xp either as xp1 or xp2 I have had file sharing working successfully for periods of time, pretty much on this basis although I cannot remember if I had it working when using a password to access the Computers access. Conclusion: I have looked for the answer to my problem on the Internet and found an horrendous amount of similar problems and have tried a lot of the suggested solutions without success. (However, most of these "solutions" refer to the problems encountered when setting up for multiple users.) I have tried to give a clear a picture as possible of my frustrating situation, and unfortunately been a bit long winded but if anyone can pin point the problem,I would be eternally grateful.

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