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  1. Camp Taji Iraq US Comz

    Sorry, let me clarify. Its a belkin WGR614 v7. im basically using it as a switch now, ignoring the WAN port. Its my router. By saying "line in" i mean the line that's comes into the room, it gets fed from a switch in the next room over.
  2. I have 1 cat5 drop to our 2 man room. The ISP is US COMZ ran by AAFES. Heres my connection info when i connect 1 PC to the outlet. IP Subnet Gateway When I attach the "line in" to the switch port, and plug the laptops to the rest of the switch ports. I get nothing. Any ideas.. Its like soon as I connect the "line in" the switch ports on the router stops functioning.
  3. Updates that I cannot get to slipstream into my Install

    Whats the best way to use nlite with hfslip then? I see hfslip recommends using sourcess as the point but then I have to redo it everytime I run hfslip (when new updates come out).
  4. Updates that I cannot get to slipstream into my Install

    Windows XP slipstreamed with SP3, IE7, WMP11, with all updates up to December 2008.I pretty much just put these updates listed above in the HF folder and they don't seem to be making it through because when I run windows update after its all installed these are the updates that need to be downloaded yet. I am probably not putting them in the correct place. I haven't done much with slipstreaming as of yet.
  5. Updates that I cannot get to slipstream into my Install

    I think you're missing a file attachment. ?
  6. here is the short list: 890830 December Update 956391 905474 923789 940157 All of course referring to Microsoft KB articles. Any help with any of these would be appreciated.
  7. Application Error

    Well at least I know I don't have to order more hardware for it. This error happened after I changed out the power supply because it was not booting.
  8. Application Error

    Anyone of some help on this one? This also does this on a different hard drive just with a different application. This unit has 4x 512mb memory sticks in it. I have removed all but one, and swapped that one out, and they all do it.
  9. MDT Deployment Point

    I still dont know why the image doesnt work....
  10. The command completes successfully but anything after the first switch, /passwordreq:Yes does not work.
  11. I have this line in a batch file: net user USER PASSW /ADD /passwordchg:no I want to add the following switches. /passwordreq /usercomment /fullname /expires The problem I have is everytime I add more to the line: net user USER PASSW /ADD /passwordchg:no /expires:never They do not work. Do I have to do it on separate lines? Help please.
  12. MDT Deployment Point

    Any ideas?
  13. MDT Deployment Point

    I update the deployment point and go to run the LiteTouchPE_x86.iso and it just boots into WinPE and does not start the wizard to install the OS. What am I doing wrong.
  14. HFSLIP - Test releases

    I got the sp3 integrated in to work fine but IE7 or WMP11 install correctly. I followed all the instructions any help?
  15. I have 2 things I want to accomplish with a VB script. 1. I have pinned a shortcut to Microsoft Update to the start menu but it shows up as its .exe name "wupdmgr.exe" Is there a way to rename a pinned start menu item? 2. This one is far off, is there a way to script the "changing" of a local users profile icon picture? E.g. the default is usually a fish or something, I want our company logo. Any help is appreciated.