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  1. Heh. I only got a B+ (89%), and I'm taking two advanced science classes right now - IB biology and IB physics. Maybe not the most accurate test ever? Certainly not 8th grade material.
  2. Will you be using this on the same system for restoration, on systems with identical hardware (or at least the same chipset and similar processor and add-on cards), or on completely different spec'd systems? If you're using it on the same system, you can use an imaging utility (I like PING) to create a disk image, and then restore that when you need it and all will be back how it was. If you are going to be using it on different systems with the same specs, you can probably get away with doing the same thing, but make sure that you change the SID on the reimaged systems, because if you don't you could run into networking problems and security risks if two computers have the same SID. If you're going to be deploying to a wide variety of computers, then your best bet would be an unattended disk or SYSPREP. We can help you with all of the above methods if you'd like
  3. I've got to say, ever since i started using foxit reader for PDF's, I've been quite impressed. It's blazing fast compared to adobe reader. Also, they release it as an msi, which is good for corporate users wishing to deploy it widely. I highly recommend it. Edit: And, it's free!
  4. Holy batman... talk about a thread revival... As for your question: this is by design. If you switch users, it won't auto-login because you might be trying to log in to an account that doesn't log in automatically, etc. I'm not sure why it's rejecting the correct password... you could try resetting the password just to make sure that it's set to exactly what you think it is.
  5. Public beta is supposed to be coming out in a matter of weeks, if not days... I'm excited!!
  6. I've had the chance to try it out some on a friend's computer, and while my initial reaction to the new task bar was one of disgust, I found that after using it for a bit, I really, really like the new interface. All of it. It's smooth, fast, intuitive, easy to use and get around in.
  7. Virtual PC and VirtualBox are free. I've used both. VPC is better for windows stuff, but VirtualBox is better if you want to run any linux VM's. Microsoft distributes their VM's as VPC files, which is another advantage to it.
  8. While there is something to be said for focusing on the positive things in life, which I try to do as much as possible, I think it's important to also acknowledge that bad things do happen. Ignoring the hardships we face in life is not going to make them go away, and will only increase the hurt if we don't acknowledge it. In America (I know not all of you are American, but this is the predominant worldview elsewhere as well), grieving publicly is taboo. People are discouraged from crying around others, and we are trained to keep our feelings inside and grieve silently to ourselves. I don't think this is effective. Of course, if I were to walk around school bawling, I'd probably get some weird looks. People aren't used to public displays of sadness. But that doesn't mean that I would try to keep it in or only express grief to myself. While nobody close to me has died recently, there's a lot of stuff going on in my life right now which is not all that fun. When there's shit going down in my life, instead of keeping it in and trying to ignore it, I acknowledge what's happening, and I try my hardest to accept that for what it is. Finding the good side in the bad, but also being aware of the bad and recognizing it as well. Instead of hiding my emotions from my friends, I tell them what's going on. Not to everyone, but there are a few close people who I know I can go to for a hug, some consoling words, some empathy and understanding. I realize that not everyone is comfortable sharing these things, but I feel like it really helps, and would highly recommend trying to let things out rather than keep them in. Perhaps you might find that it doesn't help much, and if so I'm sorry, but give it a try. Let the tears flow, and when you're done, then refocus on the good things.
  9. Here's a decent looking 4-port one. It's USB though. There are probably similar PS/2 models out there, too. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...2-158-_-Product
  10. I'd recommend a KVM. I'm considering getting one myself. What I do right now is I have a dual display setup and I use remote desktop to access my other computer when i need to. In the rare occasion in which I need to actually be plugged into the other computer for some reason, such as needing 3d hardware acceleration or something, then I just switch over the keyboard and mouse manually.
  11. The comments about how technology change are interesting considering how many people (myself included) who, 7 years later, are still using Windows XP. Windows XP was released in October, 2001; now it's late 2008. I've started using Server 2008 a bit, as well as Vista, but I still predominantly use XP. Heck, my school district just started using a Windows XP image as the standard a year ago. They probably won't have vista by the time I come back for my 50 year reunion.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that, Nerwin. Death is an unfortunate, tragic thing. A friend of mine who is only 18 has a brain tumor, he has a 40% chance of living, and I am kind of stressed out about that as well. I am hoping he makes it through this. Yet despite the death in this world, think about the good things in life. That's what I try to do when I'm feeling down. There are so many things out there that are bad, yet there are many, many things which are good. Try to think of the good things your uncle did in his life. If nothing else, go get a hug from a close friend. It always helps.
  13. Omigosh, Crahak I just love your background!! Can you send me a full resolution copy of it? It's the perfect balance of nothingness! Thanks for clearing up the confusion, Geek.
  14. Um, nobody's violating that rule in this thread. And umm you don't look like a moderator to me, so just curious, why are you suddenly telling us about this for no reason?
  15. My record time for a 5K is 19:56, which translates to 6:15 mile. I'm not a sprinter, I'm a distance runner =D
  16. No problem, glad to provide some helpful information. Another feature they recently added: themes. I'm not really sure if I like the themes or not, but there's some interesting ones. It would be nice if they had a way for users to make their own themes. Also, they have video chat now.
  17. You should be able to do an upgrade installation by just inserting the DVD and running setup. You might also be able to find the installers on a restore disk which may have come with your computer. What brand of computer is it?
  18. Some monitors have a VESA mount, but that is often part of their normal stand assembly, and might have been removed with the stands. You can buy all sorts of VESA mounts, but those are usually designed more for wall mounting. What I've done before is used plastic zip-ties to attach the monitor to something, but that's only going to work where the monitor and whatever's behind the monitor have somewhere to be attached. Pretty much all monitors have their own proprietary stands though, so you might be out of luck with that.
  19. Another vote for Gmail! Some other nice features which have not been mentioned: Integrated chat client - you can talk to anyone else with a gmail account or even with a non-gmail XMPP account. They also introduced video chat recently Lots and lots of fancy labs features - custom keyboad shortcuts mouse gestures google calendar integration automatic responses (more customizable than traditional vacation responses) forgotten attachment detector vacation response date customization - only enable vacation response for a certain date period, rather than starting/ending it manually [*]Login tracking - view the last 5 IP's your account was logged in from, and log out all sessions other than the one you are in. This is so that if someone has obtained your password, you can see if a different IP is using your account, and log them off with the click of a button. Also handy for when you leave yourself logged on to, say, a school computer and don't remember until you get home - you can just click the log off other sessions button and it'll log off remotely. So yeah! Gmail is awesome!
  20. I know we're not supposed to discuss politics on the forums, so I'm just going to say that erm, I think it's a pretty pattern... :thumbup
  21. As it turns out, running WMP as administrator made it work. Apparently there's some restriction which prevents regular users from burning disks. I'd think it would give me a UAC prompt for that sort of thing, but apparently it just pretends there is no burner. At least I got it to work! Thanks for the suggestion though
  22. For some reason, Windows Media Player is not seeing my laptop's CD/DVD burner as a burner, meaning I can't burn media disks. I can reboot into XP to do this, but that's kind of a pain. Does anyone know of a solution for this?
  23. What kind of router do you have? Is it running the default firmware, or something more advanced like Tomato or DD-WRT? Both Tomato and DD-WRT have options for blocking any site with a certain keyword or a certain word in the URL, so you could for example disable all sites with "proxy" in the URL. Do keep in mind that this might inhibit legitimate usage sometimes, if someone is trying to learn about network infrastructure for example, or is innocently reading an article about one of the many other uses of the word. What environment are you using this in? Home? Workplace? School?
  24. I recently started using Windows Server 2008 Standard on my laptop, and I must say that while I didn't like Vista when I tried it, Server 2008 is very stable and relatively fast. So far I like it! The desktop background is a picture that I took at Mt. Rainier National Park. Note my OCDness about not having any desktop icons cluttering up the screen - just the recycling bin. I hate desktops coated in icons!

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