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  1. hi, i am new to overclocking and the last time i tried, a loud sound seems to come from my CPU - too hot i guess. so i read from Here (Hardwarezone)that Intel E2160 can be OCed very well..s it true? anyone tried? what are the things i can look out for? i article mentions so is it safe? and stable? is it ok to OC a new computer? don't want to waste $$
  2. what i mean is burn at lower speeds when u burn at fast speeds i guess more chance of errors
  3. i am using memorex & imation so shld be all right, the prob with DVDs are the time to burn, lower speeds are more relaible but the waiting time ...zzz also i am limited to 4GBs on regular DVDs i am using... i currently have lots of DVDs and its troublesome to find which DVD has what i want and keep changing DVDs. HDDs allow me to plug it in and access lots of files at once at faster speeds...
  4. after trying to backup all data some from HDD,CD,DVD to a external HDD, i get tons of errors here and there like for 1 of my DVD, it says after some googling, i found out i can use Extract feature of ISO Buster, worked but it produced many what i did was use tons of alcohol, to clean the disk & disk drive everytime the error came out and finally it worked. all data backed up. so whats the best media to backup data? i like HDDs for the size & speed to gives but it spoils more easily than DVDs? but DVD is too small ... and tape? not really for me isit? i am a 18 yr old home user
  5. thanks i just don't want to corrupt my data as i am transferring large amounts of data from 1 HDD to another for backup.
  6. will copying files here and there cause corruption? how can i ensure it doesn't?
  7. its this supposed to be right? i think many here use WAMP server as a PHP server? WAMP is Adware? must be false right?
  8. standard fonts like ttf, otf are easy to install but whats pfb & pfm? i need to put both files into the Windows Fonts directory to install? its easy to copy just everything but i'll like to make sure i know what are these, and not clog up my system. some scripts, .bat files are definitely not needed right? i am guessing they help to install the fonts? btw, when i just copy the pfm & pfb files, windows says they are damaged/invalid and at http://www.buyfonts.com/installatm.htm it says there is a afm file, am i missing something? oh now it works i need to do a "Install New Font" in Fonts directory
  9. the problem with deleting is PM dont allow me to... but i guess... a low level format will be good enuf, but i dont want to spoil my HDD. will it? i dont it before with my other computers without problems, but just worried, its still under warranty by HP i guess waiting for them maybe better, but i might try low level format - it will take very long? 250GB HDD. or maybe i'll try the /ipe method? which is supposed to force PM to read partitions
  10. whats free and has no ads, PHP & MySQL, ASP.NET, MSSQL?
  11. HELP!!! My HDD cant boot and in partition magic gives me "Partition Table Error #105". and do not allow me to touch the partitions! delete is grayed out, and format produced "Bad parameter 4". Acronis Disk Director didn't help either, it seems to hang and my mouse can move but can't click!!
  12. for my 5yr old compaq computer, with ATI Radeon 9600 AGP 8x (but MB only supports 4x) seems to not accept any newer drivers, always showing a low res 16 bit graphics screen after restart. anyone knows why? so i will always need to rollback to the good old driver.
  13. i feel that the site is abit dull... do not be offended! just a comment, ur desktops are great but the site abit dissapointing . talking abt web 2.0, u shld get some inspiration from CSS sites http://www.designshack.co.uk/: inspirational CSS sites http://www.freecsstemplates.org/: Great templates for free hope this helps ur site look better
  14. i do not have install.xml, but deployment.xml, and inside Payloads folder, i have Setup.xml not application. and having absolute paths will mean if the drive letter changes this won't work?? Setup.xml - <Setup version=""> <Driver folder="AdobeDreamweaver9en_US" /> - <Media> - <Volume> <Name>Adobe Dreamweaver CS3</Name> - <Payloads> <Payload folder="AdobeDreamweaver9en_US">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeALMAnchorServiceAll">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeAssetServices3All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeAUM5.1All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeBridge2All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeCameraRaw4.0All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeCMapsAll">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeDeviceCentralAll">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeDefaultLanguageCS3All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeExtendScriptToolKitAll">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeExtensionManager1.8All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeHelpViewerAll">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobePDFL8All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeTypeSupportAll">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="AdobeVersionCueClient3All">Adobe CS3</Payload> <Payload folder="BridgeStartMeeting">Adobe CS3</Payload> </Payloads> </Volume> </Media> </Setup> deployment.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> - <Deployment> - <Properties> <Property name="installLanguage">en_US</Property> </Properties> - <Payloads> - <!-- Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 --> - <Payload adobeCode="{00E5C764-9525-44C3-8404-712AD06AE12A}"> <Action>install</Action> </Payload> </Payloads> </Deployment>
  15. sry... i cant seem to get rapidshare workingg on my PCs... but maybe i can wait for COMODO 3
  16. ops missed out the integration in nLites hotfix section... so WMP11 works fine now. but IE7 still can't work... seems like it can't even install on my XP, something happened last time solved by re-downloading the setup, but this time, re-downloading doesn't work... and solution to this?
  17. i have done this b4 but maybe i done it wrong this time... i did dl the setups from MS for WMP, used WMP11 Slipstreamer to slipstream from IE7 used nLite but i get this
  18. i removed the printer drivers and its ok now... but i have another problem... after integrating IE7, and WMP11, i do not have both, lost both IE6 & WMP! guess something went wrong with the slipstream... i posted here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=102696
  19. erm, how does work? folders are not created and there are no errors when running ... my code call create_boot_folder.cmd C:\OS Deploy\DVD\SETUP\XPPROX2.1-DNP C:\OS Deploy\DVD PROX2.1DNP FOO 0
  20. i cant seem to get COMODO to install silently using any utility or internet... whats the switch for it?
  21. Where does drivers integrated with nLite goes to after install. is it deleted? am i right to say integrating many drivers from many PCs slow down install? cos its seems to be copied over during the "Copying files" part of the install can i make the drivers not behave like that? cos some drivers still dont seem to get installed like printers. and it wastes lots of time... it seems that for printer driver, .chm files are copied over too!
  22. i get a BSOD after the part of copying files - after the restart i am guessing will drivers from 3 computers integrated into 1 CD cause such problems? the ISO can be installed in a virtual machine in VMware maybe shld i re-burn? wasted 1 CD already will do it on a DVD RW next... or do i remove all drivers integrate? how do i do this? - can i remove the NLDRV folder in I386 [Main] Env = 1.4 beta - 2.0.50727.42.Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Target = Windows XP Professional SP:2 - 5.1.2600.2180 - English (United States) [Tasks] Remove Components Unattended Setup Integrate Drivers Tweaks Create a Bootable ISO Options [Components] ;# Applications # Accessibility Options Briefcase Charmap ClipBook Viewer Defragmenter Games Internet Games NT Backup Paint Pinball Screensavers Wordpad ;# Drivers # Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Cameras and Camcorders Display Adapters (old) IBM PS/2 TrackPoint IBM Thinkpad ISDN Logitech WingMan Microsoft SideWinder Modems MultiFunctional Portable Audio Printers Scanners SCSI/RAID Serial Pen Tablet Sony Jog Dial Sound Controllers Tape drives Toshiba DVD decoder card Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) ;# Hardware Support # Brother Devices Gravis Digital GamePort Iomega Zip drive Multi-port serial adapters Ramdisk Teletext codec Windows CE USB Host ;# Keyboards # Albanian keyboard Arabic (101) keyboard Arabic (102) AZERTY keyboard Arabic (102) keyboard Armenian Eastern keyboard Armenian Western keyboard Azeri Cyrillic keyboard Azeri Latin keyboard Belarusian keyboard Belgian (Comma) keyboard Belgian (Period) keyboard Belgian French keyboard Bengali (Inscript) keyboard Bengali keyboard Bosnian keyboard Bulgarian (Latin) keyboard Bulgarian keyboard Canadian French (Legacy) keyboard Canadian French keyboard Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - NeiMa keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - QuanPin keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - ShuangPin keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - US Keyboard keyboard Chinese (Simplified) - ZhengMa keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Alphanumeric keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Array keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Big5 Code keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - ChangJie keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - DaYi keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - New ChangJie keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - New Phonetic keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Phonetic keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Quick keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - Unicode keyboard Chinese (Traditional) - US Keyboard keyboard Croatian keyboard Czech (QWERTY) keyboard Czech keyboard Czech Programmers keyboard Danish keyboard Devanagari - INSCRIPT keyboard Divehi Phonetic keyboard Divehi Typewriter keyboard Dutch keyboard Estonian keyboard Faeroese keyboard Farsi keyboard Finnish keyboard Finnish with Sami keyboard French keyboard FYRO Macedonian keyboard Gaelic keyboard Georgian keyboard German (IBM) keyboard German keyboard Greek (220) keyboard Greek (220) Latin keyboard Greek (319) keyboard Greek (319) Latin keyboard Greek keyboard Greek Latin keyboard Greek Polytonic keyboard Gujarati keyboard Hebrew keyboard Hindi Traditional keyboard Hungarian 101-key keyboard Hungarian keyboard Icelandic keyboard Irish keyboard Italian (142) keyboard Italian keyboard Japanese Input System (MS-IME2002) keyboard Japanese keyboard Kannada keyboard Kazakh keyboard Korean Input System (IME 2000) keyboard Korean keyboard Kyrgyz Cyrillic keyboard Latin American keyboard Latvian (QWERTY) keyboard Latvian keyboard Lithuanian IBM keyboard Lithuanian keyboard Malayalam keyboard Maltese 47-key keyboard Maltese 48-key keyboard Maori keyboard Marathi keyboard Mongolian Cyrillic keyboard Norwegian keyboard Norwegian with Sami keyboard Polish (214) keyboard Polish (Programmers) keyboard Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT) keyboard Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2) keyboard Portuguese keyboard Punjabi keyboard Romanian keyboard Russian (Typewriter) keyboard Russian keyboard Sami Extended Finland-Sweden keyboard Sami Extended Norway keyboard Serbian (Cyrillic) keyboard Serbian (Latin) keyboard Slovak (QWERTY) keyboard Slovak keyboard Slovenian keyboard Spanish keyboard Spanish Variation keyboard Swedish keyboard Swedish with Sami keyboard Swiss French keyboard Swiss German keyboard Syriac keyboard Syriac Phonetic keyboard Tamil keyboard Tatar keyboard Telugu keyboard Thai Kedmanee (non-ShiftLock) keyboard Thai Kedmanee keyboard Thai Pattachote (non-ShiftLock) keyboard Thai Pattachote keyboard Turkish F keyboard Turkish Q keyboard Ukrainian keyboard United Kingdom Extended keyboard United Kingdom keyboard United States-Dvorak for left hand keyboard United States-Dvorak for right hand keyboard United States-Dvorak keyboard United States-International keyboard Urdu keyboard US English Table for IBM Arabic 238_L keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic keyboard Vietnamese keyboard ;# Languages # ;Arabic Arabic (Algeria) Arabic (Bahrain) Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Iraq) Arabic (Jordan) Arabic (Kuwait) Arabic (Lebanon) Arabic (Libya) Arabic (Morocco) Arabic (Oman) Arabic (Qatar) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Arabic (Syria) Arabic (Tunisia) Arabic (U.A.E.) Arabic (Yemen) Divehi (Maldives) Syriac (Syria) Urdu ;Armenian Armenian ;Baltic Estonian Latvian Lithuanian ;Central Europe Albanian Bosnian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Croatian Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Czech Hungarian Polish Romanian Serbian (Latin) Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Slovak Slovenian ;Cyrillic Azeri (Cyrillic) Belarusian Bulgarian FYRO Macedonian Kazakh Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan) Mongolian (Mongolia) Russian Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Tatar Ukrainian Uzbek (Cyrillic) ;Georgian Georgian ;Greek Greek ;Hebrew Hebrew ;Indic Bengali (India) Gujarati (India) Hindi Kannada (India) Konkani Malayalam (India) Marathi Punjabi (India) Sanskrit Tamil Telugu (India) ;Japanese Japanese ;Korean Korean ;Thai Farsi Thai ;Turkic Azeri (Latin) Turkish Uzbek (Latin) ;Vietnamese Vietnamese ;Western Europe and United States Afrikaans Basque Catalan Danish Dutch (Belgium) Dutch (Netherlands) English (Australia) English (Belize) English (Canada) English (Caribbean) English (Ireland) English (Jamaica) English (New Zealand) English (Philippines) English (South Africa) English (Trinidad) English (United Kingdom) English (Zimbabwe) Faeroese Finnish French (Belgium) French (Canada) French (France) French (Luxembourg) French (Monaco) French (Switzerland) Galician (Spain) German (Austria) German (Germany) German (Liechtenstein) German (Luxembourg) German (Switzerland) Icelandic Indonesian Italian (Italy) Italian (Switzerland) Malay (Brunei Darussalam) Malay (Malaysia) Maltese Maori Northern Sotho Norwegian (Bokmal) Norwegian (Nynorsk) Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Quechua (Bolivia) Quechua (Ecuador) Quechua (Peru) Sami, Inari (Finland) Sami, Lule (Norway) Sami, Lule (Sweden) Sami, Northern (Finland) Sami, Northern (Norway) Sami, Northern (Sweden) Sami, Skolt (Finland) Sami, Southern (Norway) Sami, Southern (Sweden) Spanish (Argentina) Spanish (Bolivia) Spanish (Chile) Spanish (Colombia) Spanish (Costa Rica) Spanish (Dominican Republic) Spanish (Ecuador) Spanish (El Salvador) Spanish (Guatemala) Spanish (Honduras) Spanish (International Sort) Spanish (Mexico) Spanish (Nicaragua) Spanish (Panama) Spanish (Paraguay) Spanish (Peru) Spanish (Puerto Rico) Spanish (Traditional Sort) Spanish (Uruguay) Spanish (Venezuela) Swahili Swedish Swedish (Finland) Tswana Welsh Xhosa Zulu ;# Multimedia # Images and Backgrounds Intel Indeo codecs Media Center Mouse Cursors Movie Maker Music Samples Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder Speech Support Tablet PC Windows Sounds ;# Network # Client for Netware Networks Communication tools Comtrol Test Terminal Program Connection Manager Internet Connection Wizard IP Conferencing MSN Explorer Netmeeting Network Monitor Driver and Tools NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol Peer-to-Peer Synchronization Manager Windows Messenger ;# Operating System Options # Administrative Templates Blaster/Nachi removal tool Color Schemes Desktop Cleanup Wizard Disk Cleanup Document Templates FAT to NTFS converter File and Settings Wizard Help and Support Manual Install and Upgrade Private Character Editor Search Assistant Tour User account pictures ;# Directories # DOCS SUPPORT VALUEADD ;# Compatibility # Compat01 Compat02 Compat06 Compat08 Compat09 Compat14 [KeepFiles] msconfig.exe [RemoveFiles] clock.avi yahoo.bmp swtchbrd.bmp [Options] ClassicSetup BlackSetupBack ProfilesDir = "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings" TargetPath = "WINDOWS" temp_dir = %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp [Patches] TcpIp = 30 DoUxTheme DoSFC [Services2] Alerter,4 ALG,3 AppMgmt,3 wuauserv,4 ClipSrv,4 ERSvc,4 FastUserSwitchingCompatibility,4 ImapiService,4 CiSvc,4 Messenger,4 NetLogon,4 NetDDE,4 NetDDEdsdm,4 RDSessMgr,4 RemoteRegistry,4 ScardSvr,4 srservice,4 LMHosts,4 TlntSvr,4 UPS,4 [Tweaks] Desktop-My Computer icon-Show Explorer-Associate additional file types with Notepad Explorer-Change Windows Explorer folder view-Tiles Explorer-Disable Prefix: Shortcut to Explorer-Launch folder windows in a seperate process Explorer-Show extensions of known file-types Explorer-Show hidden files and folders Internet Explorer-Keep IE URL-History for-5 Days Internet Explorer-Set Homepage-www.google.com Performance-Disable Info Tips on Files and Folders Performance-Disable Last accessed Timestamp on files Performance-Disable Optimize harddisk when idle Performance-Disable Tracking of Broken Shortcut Links Performance-Disable Warn on low disk space Performance-Disable WBEM logging Performance-Do not cache thumbnails Performance-Enable USB Idle Endpoint support Performance-Minimal Power Management Performance-Run 16-bit Windows applications in a separate process Privacy-Remove Alexa Start Menu-Add Administrative Tools menu Start Menu-Disable Highlight newly installed programs Start Menu-Disable popup on first boot Start Menu-Do not use Personalized Menus Start Menu-My Music-Don't display this item Start Menu-My Pictures-Don't display this item Start Menu-Network Connections-Display as Connect to menu Start Menu-Printers and Faxes-Don't display this item Start Menu-Reduce popup delay Start Menu-Remove Search For People from Search Start Menu-Remove Search the Internet from Search Start Menu-Remove Set Program Access and Defaults Start Menu-Remove Windows Catalog shortcut Start Menu-Remove Windows Update shortcut Taskbar-Lock the Taskbar-Yes Visual Effects-Active window tracking-Disable Visual Effects-Active window tracking speed-Slow Visual Effects-Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing-Disable Visual Effects-Combo box animation-Disable Visual Effects-Cursor shadow-Disable Visual Effects-Display mouse pointer trails-Disable Visual Effects-Fade out selection-Disable Visual Effects-Gradient captions in windows-Disable Visual Effects-Keyboard shortcut underline-Disable Visual Effects-Menu animation-Disable Visual Effects-Menu shadows-Disable Visual Effects-Menu style-Flat Visual Effects-Show translucent selection rectangle-Disable Visual Effects-Show window contents while dragging-Disable Visual Effects-Slide taskbar buttons-Disable Visual Effects-Smooth edges of screen fonts-ClearType Visual Effects-Smooth-scroll list boxes-Disable Visual Effects-Tooltip animation-Disable Visual Effects-Use a background image for each folder type-Disable Visual Effects-Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop-Disable Windows Media Player-Accept Privacy Statement Windows Media Player-Disable auto-add music to library Windows Media Player-Disable MRU Windows Media Player-Disable silent acqusition Windows Media Player-Disable starting with Media Guide Windows Media Player-Enhanced privacy settings Windows Media Player-No visualization Windows Media Player-Optimize fullscreen mode behavior [Unattended] UnattendMode = 1 ComputerType = Default DisableSRestore MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 12 RestorePointLife = 30 DesktopTheme = Royale|Royale Noir|Normal size IISInstall = 1 AutoUpdates = 4 AutoUDay = 5 AutoUHour = 15 ProgFilesPath = "\Program Files" [DesktopThemes] F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b5. Extras\Royale Noir\luna.msstyles [NetAdapter1] connname = "" macaddress = "" ipaddress = "" subnetmask = "" defaultgateway = "" dnsserver1 = "" dnsserver2 = "" winsserver = "" netbiossetting = "0" ipxnetworknumber = "00000000" ipxnetworkframetype = "0xFF" [GuiRunOnce] [Drivers] F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Compaq 6285AP\Display\oem7.inf\oem7.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Compaq 6285AP\MEDIA\oem0.inf\oem0.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Compaq 6285AP\Net\net1394.inf\net1394.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Compaq 6285AP\Net\oem4.inf\oem4.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\HP A6098D\Display\oem0.inf\oem0.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\HP A6098D\MEDIA\oem43.inf\oem43.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\HP A6098D\Net\net1394.inf\net1394.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\HP A6098D\Net\oem1.inf\oem1.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\HP A6098D\System\hdaudbus.inf\hdaudbus.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\HP A6098D\_DRIVERS\Realtek Sound For HP A6098D\WDM_R172\WDM\HDA.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Printers\EpsonC65\Printer Driver\E_DF18SE.INF,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Printers\Lexmark Driver\autorun.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Printers\Lexmark Driver\bce\lcs.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Printers\Lexmark Driver\Drivers\Scan\LXCCscxp.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Printers\Lexmark Driver\Drivers\Win_9X\LXCClcna.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Printers\Lexmark Driver\Drivers\Win_XP2K\LXCCpr5c.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\Display\oem9.inf\oem9.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\hdc\oem4.inf\oem4.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\MEDIA\oem1.inf\oem1.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\MTD\oem8.inf\oem8.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\Net\net1394.inf\net1394.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\Net\oem6.inf\oem6.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\Net\oem7.inf\oem7.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\System\oem0.inf\oem0.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\System\oem11.inf\oem11.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\System\oem2.inf\oem2.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\System\oem5.inf\oem5.inf,0 F:\Outcast Backup 2007 v1.2b6. Drivers\Toshiba M50\USB\oem3.inf\oem3.inf,0 [Hotfixes]
  23. iceangel89

    Last Session

    does the last_session.ini file contain "latest" changes? as in if i open nLite & do something, then finish the change some things again, Last_Session does not update right? a new last session is put to show only what i last did right? can i get nLite to "export" a nLite file of the latest changes? or i guess this is handy for the next update of nLite?
  24. can some1 tell me how to do this? or which post/page has the answer? reading through so many posts and cant seem to get anything done
  25. hi, i am thinking of doing a boot from HDD, but yes i think some may think its a bit impossible that since i do not have much experience doing such things... but hope some1 can give me a guide here? jaclaz, nice to see u helping me so much, but maybe its better to have "guides" instead of reading hundreds of posts... but still it helps, or try to tell me which post
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