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  1. anyone? i plugged the HDD now directly into Motherboard now already seem to work now but how can i make sure data is not corrupt, any way? check disk shows nothing wrong
  2. erm i got a cheapo adapter which worked well until i did not "Safely Removed" and offed the power and got "Windows - Delayed Write Failed". whats it, what causes it. i am thinking that it because i hibernated the comp and data is not writtened to the HDD - when i offed the HDD? it happened to me sometimes with a proper Seagate/Ovation USB HDD but no data seem to be lost. in my case now, folders are there, Partition properties says i used up 100+GB of space (as like no data lost) when Folder properties says 0bytes and also, this USB adapter thing seem to need a restart to be detected by windwos otherwise, a change of USB ports also worked
  3. for some webdesign competition training how is it?
  4. whats happening to my new comp? its DVD drive says "Invalid MS-DOS Function" i think means DVD Corrupt while in another comp's DVD drive it has no problems - btw, when it says "Invalid MS-DOS Function" cleaning the DVD may help. why is this so?
  5. How to change icons of many folders at once? and i think there is a software allowing me to color my folder labels? like "My Documents" is there? whats it because i am trying to sort out Important folders less important all that... and i was thinking of using different folder icons and if possible colored labels, or is there a better way?
  6. sry, abit off topic here but, how do u achieve the "Vista" look side bar there? and are those "Path System Files" buttons buttons with images on them? i am a software student and my code is ok for me but the looks' ... if they are not images, in Windows XP it will look different?
  7. something likdat and i think it maybe becos of this I posted something here were I linked to a tool. Try that one, it helped to fix for some one too... low level format worked actually, i still get "This is not a valid Win32 app" so i am trying that, but how do i use it? i do "Create" log file Select Drive Select "Intel" analyze right??? but i think i get to search for lost partitions which i am not needing...
  8. oh, i fixed the problem with a low level format with partitionmagic.exe /ipe fixed the problem but ill try it since i get "This is not a valid Win32 application" thanks
  9. i get: see bolded lines and /f doesn't seem to fix the problem, is there a report that can be generated somewhere? cos its the OS partition and i need to do a chkdsk on restart and once its done, the screen flashes and i can't see if the problem is fixed. i am having alot of something likdat and i think it maybe becos of this
  10. i have alot of photos and software and i am thinking of making a VB or HTML+XML+JS file to run(exe), catalog and view them i have done part of my idea which is to have a XML file acting as a DB of my software and use JS to run them. but the problem i have is difficulty filling it up... like for photos, its tons of them, and software, i can don't really want to browse for the file and run it... easier to run from a central GUI for photos ... kinda extra since there is other photo managing softwares out there i was also thinking of a VB/HTML app/page to help me do some of the XML creation? like add tags & attributes <Softwares> <SoftwareGroup name="Security"> <Software name="Software 1" path="..." ... /> <Software name="Software 2" path="..." ... /> <Software name="Software 3" path="..." ... /> </SoftwareGroup> <SoftwareGroup name="Tools"> <Software name="Software 1" path="..." ... /> <Software name="Software 2" path="..." ... /> <Software name="Software 3" path="..." ... /> </SoftwareGroup> Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.run(program.exe)
  11. i have the Schema & XML file. but i have difficulties adding records. when the files get too big, its difficult to find and edit what i what... any help? i know javascript, HTML, VB ...
  12. No warrantee, its more than 3 yrs... Buy? it is a bit of a waste is it? unless of course i have unlimited $$ yes, powers on but nothing on screen, no BIOS sounds either. HSF & LEDs blinking HDD feels like vibrating when i touch, so its running. OS is supposed to be XP. but i removed the HDD for now, i shld at least see the BIOS right? i using the HDD for some backup temporary. oh and sound? like nope when the HDD is still in. just spinning ...
  13. hi, how do u guys troubleshoot spoilt PCs - esp when OS can't load/BIOS dont show at all? like the steps? my comp is spoilt the LCD says "no video input", but inside the case, the comp is "on" the HSF are running. i tried removing everything, like what Gigabyte support asked me to but failed still... yes, some of u may know i suspect is a BIOS contact problem but i cant confirm that can i? i need to know whats spoilt so i can get a replacement. and a new full comp costs $$. anyway, so i can't go get 1 full rig, even if i built 1 myself, i need to know troubleshooting 1st. i know roughly how to fix comps, but if the BIOS dont show at all that no choice le ...
  14. thats y i dont like RAID, and to me it feels like wasting HDDs... i rather get a faster HDD like a Westren Digital Raptor i think there is the 15000K RPM 1 now. but vey ex i think
  15. i know RAID is good, but i need 2 HDDs which cost abit more than say i get a Raptor? will spinning faster cause the HDD to spoil faster? by the way, i read i think in Maximum PC, that 3 HDDs RAID is best.
  16. If you're talking about "GENERAL" things then "GENERALLY" speaking, overclocking that CPU to 3GHz is not safe!!! How can you go telling someone new that they can go from 1.8GHz to 3GHz without any problems?!?! From what we all can gather in this thread (if you had bothered to read it) is that the OP has little to no experience with overclocking. Then there's the question of wether or not his CPU can actually hit 3.33GHz. As we all know with overclocking, YMMV. ok... so true, erm if i get that, the E2160 w/ intel G33/P35 motherboard with 2GB DDR2 667 RAM will be good enough for say Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Maya, Photoshop & illustrator all that? Maya from what i learnt, uses CPU for Software/Mental Ray render and GPU for on screen FPS & hardware render. so i can safe abit on GPU 1st - http://www.digitaltutors.com/chit_chat/showthread.php?t=5256
  17. i don't think so, or is it? i read from somewhere that the software renderer of Maya uses CPU, the Hardware renderer uses GPU - OpenGL all that. so it means that if i do a software render, like Mental Ray i dont need a good GPU but a good CPU. and for physics, get a PhysX card, but not for me for now. good also, so don't OC safer also. erm then good RAM also then
  18. ooo... so i know that memory will be OCed (autually if i get a DDR2 800 1 it wont) but GPU also? actually the article said something about the voltage will automatically be increased, so its not so safe then... and what coolers do u recconmend? Cooler Master ones looks good? and which 1 maybe for school work, i do programming - Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, SQL Server, design, photoshop, illustrator, maya(abit) is it good enuf? and if i dont OC? or would it be better if i just get the Motherboard 1st, then try using the P4 530 from the old computer
  19. ya definitely its cheap... then i can OC when i need so good deal i guess. and i guess i wont use the computer for 10 years! thats alot and by then it will be antique! cant do s*** i guess i guess abt 6 yrs will be wonderfull already, my 5 yr old PC still going strong but slow like mad.
  20. did get another battery didn't help, i think it means the contact is bad? thats what my father said
  21. thanks. i guess i don't OC 1st, until i need to or the warranty ends. but whats the performance of the E2160? anyone knows or maybe i save more to get a better CPU instead. i dont want to get something whose performance is bad... i do have a P4 530 but that comp is spoilt can't boot now i posted http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=103415
  22. i have a computer that won't boot ... it does boot sometimes but the last time it did, it says something about BIOS Corrupt. i read that might be due to CMOS battery flat. but my father said it was probably the CMOS contact bad after using a multiliser something likdat. what can i do to fix this? its not a bad PC... old now of course Intel P4 530 3.0GHz Intel 925X Chipset ... thanks
  23. True, the problem with this is, today i buy something, few weeks later its outdated btw, the G series & P series, G has graphics P does not other than that P OC better?
  24. i may be buying a new motherboard & CPU, so which is good? chipset with P35/G33/G35(don't see any motherboards sold yet)/P965. i am thinking the X3x (P35/G33) series wins the x9xx (P965/P975) series? also if i want to save on a Graphics card and buy the Motherboard & CPU 1st then go for a G33/G35 series good idea? since i don't play much these days
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