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  1. anyways, if its too expensive, i think if i get a T7000 series, that will be dirt cheap
  2. mmm, u know if the price will be like super high? or abt the same as now?
  3. wow... END OF THE YEAR? u sure? means it does not make sense to wait then? but the processor is on the Intel site, so shouldn't it be used by OEMs soon?
  4. i just saw on intel the new range of processors they have http://www.intel.com/products/processor/co...re2duo+tab_spec but, i dont see it on any laptops so far, any one have any ideas when it will be out? just when i wanted to ask my father if i can get a laptop, this came out so i guess i will wait for it. but how do u think it will be? price and performance. i see that the T8000 series have only 3MB of L2 vs 4MB the T7000 now has, but the performance should be still better right? in Singapore here, a computer fair will be on march so i hope it will be out by then! --- UPDATE --- oh ya, and ATI has X3000 series already. it has DX10.1! and for NVIDIA nothing yet, but i seem to like NVIDIA for now, so hopefully i can get a resonabily priced Laptop with Intel T8000 processors and NVIDIA 9000 series! wow...
  5. hi, for drupal, i saw a template here thats looks very good. too bad it isn't for joomla which i am using
  6. thanks both of you guys. @Glenn9999, actually i have already been searching afew sites about Open Source like Wikipedia, Open Source Initiative, Red Hat, MySQL and joomla. etc but i just have some confusion stated in the 1st post...
  7. i am wondering what actually is open source? for my school work this is... The Question am i right to say its about giving away your source code to your customers (if u sell your open source product, like red hat/suse)? so u have to give away your source code, and someone with that code can give it out free? that wont quite make sense? and also Red Hat is paid right? means i have to pay to get the source code? but of course open source mainly make money from the services that a open source company provides. and what else? Dual Licensing is used by MySQL, correct? and it means that they have a Free Open Source version and a paid (is this open source/closed) version (enterprise). for "paid" open source projects (Red Hat for example) do i pay per server? like in Windows? or do i just pay for the support/one time? is there a licensing in the first place? it isn't clear in the web site
  8. so it means its useless to activate b4 i do sysprep right?
  9. actually i heard HL2 and some other games can crash PCs, maybe check ur graphics driver? but if it can crash a computer, then i think not really safe getting it, arrggg, but a GeForce or Radeon is much more ex actually... hope X3500 come out faster... i think i heard that is a better 1,... on wikipedia anyone knows when it will be released? for laptops or a later series like X4000 or X5000(i read they are skipping X4000)
  10. ya i thought so too, that X3100 has quite ok performance... i think geforce 8400 is not that worth, if i want that i think 8600 will be much better. and X3100 is much cheaper... mmm, but is X3500 coming out soon? i read its much better and has DX10...
  11. and 1 more thing, is the battery life ok? for those graphics cards 1? and which will u people get?
  12. from windows performance index thingy. from a computer shop i am not too sure if its a GS or GT tho... the specs didn't show that so i guess its the lower one... tho the websites should show that oh ya and i am talking laptops too, dont see any higher than 8600 in singapore
  13. i tried that, it seem to create only Tar, zip, 7z only for multiple files and + bz & gz with single files how do i make tar bz with many files?
  14. i want to create a tar ball that i can upcompress on server to speed things up, so prefably tar bz. bz2 seems to be not supported by direct admin
  15. Hi, i am also in the same situation, wondering if GMA X3100 is better than GeForce Go 8400/8600 and ATI too. but its for my own future laptop. Dell or Acer for now. acer is getting dirt cheap i know that X3100 has DX10 (but isit true?) but for performance isit ok at least? from the display sets i see, X3100, NVIDIA & ATI has not much of a difference ATI HD series has DX10 but not the X series true? so which is better? by the way, i saw the Vista Performance Index many X3100 has index of abt 3.5 NVIDIA 8400 index of 3.7 NVIDIA 8600 index of 4.7 < this is a huge jump so which is better now? i know that Vista Performance index does not really mean anything tho...
  16. ops... thats for enterprise licences only its says looks like i am out of ideas?
  17. any nice sites to share? providing free web 2.0 templates? some nice things i like about some of these are mootools and suckerfish javascript libraries
  18. i am doing a unattended XP so i am installing all my programs in VMware then going to sysprep it, so how do i backup my Adobe CS3 activation/registration? or can i? if i can't how do i shift my registration? i am sure there is a way? i want to do this, so i dont have to reactivate everytime in deploy my backup image of my XP
  19. ok, as long as the amount is not negitive its ok what do u mean? by CC
  20. 1 question, about the paypay donate button, the PayPal Site says: it means when people donate i need to pay? if thats the case, is it in percentage or what? don't really want to pay more than they donate!
  21. hey guys, i think i want to just share a Free File Hosting site that my web host is providing, since i see a few topics here about that, and also help him(my web host) publicize his site abit too. the link: http://www.updownloading.com/ its like RapidShare/MegaUpload but does not have any time waiting check out his webhosting site http://www.nicheserver.com/ he help me host my site, so i thought i help him out too -------- Fusion Planet hosted by NicheServer
  22. i am reading up a bit about sysprep & drivers and have some questions: From http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314479 do i need to do "OemPnPDriversPath = Drivers\NIC;Drivers\Modem;Drivers\Video" can i just do "OemPnPDriversPath = Drivers"? because even with "Drivers\NIC", NIC folder can have a lot of drivers right? like NIC1, NIC2 etc so if "OemPnPDriversPath = Drivers" can do the job it will be good and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/256204 so do u normally use -pnp? or no need? Thanks, and sorry for the long post
  23. is it a good idea to integrate all mass storage drivers with nLite? or at the sysprep stage only... still looking for a good driver pack i can use... by the way, intel mass storage drivers are under chipsets>Chipset software>Intel Matrix software? http://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.as...r_nav2_download how do u know which are "standard windows ones"?
  24. i want to nLite a XP & try sysprep then maybe WIM. so i need drivers apart from those i have for my computer now, where do u get them? i tried those from driverpacks.net but when i try sysprep, i get errors... i posted that somewhere here... so where do u ppl get drivers? --- edit: i am testing SP3 RC1, does it contain updated Mass Storage drivers (most impt i think, in the install process) or any other drivers so i dont need to integrate them?
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