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  1. i not too sure about giving bank account stuff over the net actually so thought maybe i dont need to be verified if i can just spend the money i have in paypal
  2. i am thinking of joining MSFN Affiliate program, so i need a paypal account. but after i get my paypal up, i see and unverified means i need a credit card? if i don't then how? can i just use the $$ i generate to buy things? so i dont need to have a credit card? cos i am just 18 and have no credit card and by the way, PayPal.com account will mean my name? or paypal login? Name: Lim Jiew Meng Login: iceangel89@gmail.com
  3. ooo... icic ... i'll try that tmr then post my results
  4. but i get an error... maybe i removed something wrong? but XP SP2 works i used my working nLited XP SP2 and slipstream XP SP3 RC1 in i get as attached. how can i fix this?
  5. i am downloading XP SP3 after reading it here http://www.msfn.org/board/Windows-XP-SP3-R...011#entry719011 can nLite integrate SP3 RC1?
  6. so is everything all right then? maybe computer is lagging? by the way, i noticed that sometimes when i try to hibernate, i get Windows System Error Insufficient system resources exists to complete the API
  7. i have tried PHP & Flash a RSA Encryption calculator but i noticed that if there are scientific notations, the calculations seem screwed up. how can i fix this? like ...e+5 i think the e+ part creates problems?
  8. yes i am running IIS for ASP projects in school & Apache for PHP/MySQL. but IIS is disabled, the site is not running, so only Apache is supposed to. Zone Alarm is 7.0.408
  9. ok done one attached hijack this log. and i also noticed after i changed to AVG Anti-Virus + Zone Alarm Pro, the AVG detects 2 viruses TrojanHorse Proxy.PNQ, npgmup.des in Rakion's (Game, my brother plays) GameGuard folder hijackthis.txt
  10. i noticed that when i hibernate my PC. when i start it, it boots normally as if its been shut down. and when it goes to the desktop, it will be blank for a long time. when i see task manager, i get as in the attachment (thats after quite awhile - some processes start to have usernames). alot of processes under "Username" is blank at first. i also noticed that this is after i switched from COMODO Firewall 3 + COMODO Anti-Virus 2 to ZoneAlarm Pro + AVG Anti-Virus Free
  11. ok anyway, some one provided me the web hosting - the admin was so kind to give me a free account when his site does not provide 1. he said it be good to help a student, me. i dont even know him, not even in the same country, that was very kind of him. he said there will not be 24hr support for me but he sent me my account the same day i requested for it! and replied to emails within a day! i really appreciate that, i must say. its good enough for me, i got what i requested for 200MB space (i dont use much, no big pics/videos) 5GB Bandwidth, PHP MySQL(2DB) FTP no file type/size restrictions. good enough? for a personal blog and computer resource site. he also offered me to ask him when i need any more, but i know i shouldn't ask too much. Under Construction: http://fusion-planet.updownloading.com/
  12. i am new to chmod and would like to know what are value like 644/755/777 etc are. i searched google and most gave me info on linux ones like -wx etc. how do i convert whose to numeric ones PHP uses?
  13. i know of that, but that do not provide free web hosting? but if it does/intend to i will definitely use it! but 1 think maybe a problem, like many free hosts i tried, the ping is high at >200 but its ok i guess. as long as i can upload Joomla/PHPBB ok
  14. You would do very well to just set up your own web server on your computer, lock down any access to it from outside IPs (i.e. not local IPs *), and do your practice, web design, and programming on it, especially since I'm pretty sure you won't find anything free like you describe. That's what I did when I was playing around with those things. *Hint: You access an internet service on your local computer by checking address but i also intend to like host it... like a blog or something
  15. anyone knows of a good free web host in Singapore/Asia?? i need the following: * PHP/MySQL * FTP * 5GB Bandwidth (i dont expect more than 1GB traffic actually) * 100MB Space (For joomla, PHPBB & maybe some other stuff, PHP scripts i create etc) * No File Type/Size Restrictions so i can upload things like Joomla/PHPBB with ease just a student so i just intend to use it for practice, web design & programming
  16. Drupal? not yet maybe i go now... mmm just browsed through some screenshots at http://drupal.org/image/tid/41 , mmm but i think Joomla or Mambo is still better
  17. its from http://www.freecsstemplates.org/ recommendations for CMS i was thinking of Joomla! PHP Nuke PHP Fusion Mambo
  18. I did, and the problems are solved, nLite doesn't screw up sysprep functionality anymore buyt does this mean i use a nLited install with Mass Storage drivers integrated means i do now have to use "sysprep -bmsd"? that could solve my problems
  19. zzz... i mean, will installing VMware tools on a virtual machine that i am about to image cause waste in file space/problems when i image it to a real PC?
  20. nono i meant VMware Tools not VMware, so that i can transfer files easily
  21. i am wanting to create a web site but is not to good at web design so was thinking of "cheating" so i plan to get a CMS to help me out. i took a look at PHP Nuke, PHP Fusion, etc but seem not to b able to install them... dduo ifits beccause of permissions that i need to use chmod, how d i use it actually? i am looking for a free CMS that can help me out a bit my current site, under construction version 1: http://iceangel89.110mb.com/ version 2: http://iceangel89.110mb.com/v2/ the site is mainly for practice, and something like a portfolio site, and maybe to earn some from ads how is the site also, most of the links not working though
  22. in Art of OEM guide, it says install VMware in the process, but will it affect the image when i port it to a real PC? will it waste space etc?
  23. can i just integrate the drivers with nLite and not do this? can't right?
  24. i am following Art of OEM and using BDD207 to organize my drivers, and noticed some drivers that are for x86, x64 and ia64 (2 or more from these 3) does it matter? i am testing if removing such drivers make a difference, FYI some are under System, SCSIAdapter others Net, etc.
  25. i have so far only tried on sysprep, maybe i try not adding them to see how. by the way the problem is caused by Mass Storage drivers only? or any other drivers can also cause the problem?
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