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  1. Yeah, I see that sometimes when it is a cumulative update and when it is partially integrated, the it will still show up, albeit smaller in size. In this case, I don't think that is the case since one of the updates was Flash. I am retrying again with smaller ISOs, i.e., for x64 only instead of the AIO update.
  2. New user to NTLite (3400 Stable). I download using Microsoft Creation Tool an AIO ISO with both x86 and x64 Home and Professional editions. This is the latest 10586 version before they pull it off their server. I assume to integrate the updates, I have to load each individual editions, i.e., x86 Home, x86 Professional, x64 Home and finally x64 Professional in NTLite and integrate the updates. I start off with all the x64 editions and the final edition was x86 Home. The integrated updates on x86 Home was fine and Windows Update do not show any pending updates after installation. However, with x64 Professional, all the same 3 updates appear after installation, i.e., KB 3103688, KB 3116278 and KB 3120677, and rechecking on NTLite show that the updates are already integrated into the ISO. Any clues or is this a bug?
  3. Pagemaker 7 use Installshield. Basically, you need to first run the setup in record mode, i.e., from the commandline "setup.exe -R". After installatiion is completed, you will find the setup.iss response file in Windows folder. Copy this file to your Pagemaker installation folder and use it for silent install.
  4. Ok, if you decide to redistribute it, are you ready to help hundrends of users, answer their questions and develop the script to solve their problems??? And also if you change the license and permit the use to corporate enviroment are you ready to face the lawsuits from large companies in case something goes wrong? Thanks for the info. I can certainly sympathize with regards to some of the more petulant if not downright rude emails demanding support for HFSlip. It never cease to amaze me how demanding some people get even though they are getting the software free. Nonetheless, I really do not see the point of deleting all the links. Just a simple message that HFSlip has ended and no longer supported will suffice will it not? Afterall, there is still demand for this utility. When I search the web for a copy of the latest beta, I even found Japanese websites for HFSlip! Still, it is the authors' decision whether they want to leave the links, or delete it, but I hope and the end of the day, TommyP will reverse his decision and leave the software on the site. For all the prats that are rude demanding support, there are still good people here that support each other.
  5. With the two Tommies giving up on this project, our only hope is FDV is willing to take on this project. HFSlip looks deceptively simple, the keyword being deceptive. Anyone can open up the CMD files and looks at the codes, but not everybody can make head or tails out of it. I am willing but unfortunately not capable. Moreover, with XP being phased out by Microsoft, its only a matter of time this project is killed anyway. What I don't understand is why all the links to download are removed. nLite support ended long ago, but users can still download the program, which leads one to wonder why HFSlip was removed so completely, with not one single link remaining, and I should know, as I search for the latest Beta on this site and the web in general. Heck, even the link to the stable release 1.7.9 was removed. I would not mind providing some storage space to host these files, but I cannot even find the files. Moreover, I am wondering if there is any legal reasons why the links removed it the first place.
  6. kenlau

    Beta J Download

    I am really sad that HFSlip finally came to an end. I use HFSlip and prefer it over NLite anyday, but it is certainly understandable to end it if nobody is willing to donate for its upkeep. Moreover, with XP now finally facing end-of-support from Microsoft, and adoption of Windows 7, it is certainly logical that nobody wants to waste anymore time on supporting this utility. I myself has more or less change over to Window 7 with the exception of a couple of old machines that I needed to run legacy hardware and software. I only have Beta G and would like to have the Beta J if at all possible since all the download links has disappeared from the forum. I wonder if somebody can post a link to where I can download Beta J, the latest iteration of HFSlip before it was cancelled?
  7. Thanks for all the help. I re-check all the hashes, and it all tally with what is posted on the guide. I think the problem is that I used HFSlip to slipstream, rather than nLite. The latest HFSlip x64 is able to slipstream IE8, WMP11 and all the hotfixes in one shot, which is why I prefer using it. I only use nLite after HFSlip to update the drivers. I will probably resort to multi-stage .Net installation using runonceex.
  8. kenlau, please attach your batch file (please purge any private information) and we will take a look. Please also take a look at the first page of the thread. In his batch code Kurt_Aust shows both .NET 2.0 and 3.5. I only include the 3.5 installer, so maybe you should not include both. If that is what you are doing, that may be the problem. Enjoy, John. Hi John, Actually my batch file has only dotnet entries, as shown below. rem dotNet 2.0/3.5 + PowerShell %Source%RunOnce\NetFx20SP2_x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\dotnetfx35.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB958481-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB974417-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB976569-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\NDP30SP2-KB958483-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\NDP30SP2-KB976570-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB958484-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB963707-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB961118-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart %Source%RunOnce\WindowsServer2003-KB968930-x64-ENG.exe /Passive /NoRestart As you can see, I copied it unchanged. I also noticed Kurt has both Net 2.0 and 3.5. I tried it with and without Net 2.0 entry, without any success.
  9. Hi, I have a problem when installing the dotnet 3.5 following the instructions on this guide. Dotnet installs OK, i.e., but when it reach KB958481 update, it always restart the PC, even though there is a /norestart switch. When the PC restarts, the rest of the entries on the batch file does not get executed. Am I the only person having this problem, as reading the whole posting does not offer any clue on how to solve this problem.
  10. As for the "broken" task scheduler, the icon do appear in the control panel, but without any text title. The description however, is there. Clicking on it do absolutely nothing. As for having a user password, I am aware of that, but with or without password the task scheduler still will not work. OK. Thanks. Re-slipstreaming and will see how it goes. Will report back the progress later in the day. Update: Nope, still does not work. The task scheduler in the control panel is still without a title, and does not work. Attach is the latest log file. I will now retest with IE7 to isolate the problem is with my source or with IE8. Update: The task scheduler also did not work with IE7, so I tried my installing source and the task scheduler was still broken. It would seems that my source files was corrupted. Dig out my old CDs and put in the new source, and voila, everything works, IE8 and all. My source on the hard disk seems to get corrupted about once a year! HFSLIP.7z
  11. Does anybody have a problem where Windows Task Scheduler become "broken" after slipstreaming IE8? This happen regardless of whether I am using 1.7.9 Beta K or L HFSlip. I was hoping the the current L-Beta fixed this problem but after testing it, it seems the problem is still there. I was also having problems where several dll, i.e., WMP.dll, qmgr.dll and inetcomm.dll was not registered, but I solved those by registering them at cmdlines.txt. However, registering the task scheduler does not seem to fix the problem. If I replace IE8 with IE7, or installed IE8 as opposed to slipstreaming it, all these problems goes away. So far I am stumped. I attached here my log file, if anybody is interested to help. HFSLIP.7z
  12. kenlau

    IE8 support?

    Sorry if I gave you the impression it is working. My post is more of a working log. and maybe the author can use it to fine tune and make it work.
  13. kenlau

    IE8 support?

    I inserted rhadamants's code into hfslip-1.7.9_beta_d.cmd, and try slipstreaming IE8. So far, at T13 there has been some errors, as well as at first startup. The install has not yet completed, so I make a full report later, but it does not look promising. Edit 1: " Windows cannot start. The comment "Window cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." Edit 2: Oops! I include IE8 in the HF folder as well as OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_v1.0.1_AddOn_ENU.7z in the HFAAO folder. Will retry again tonight with only IE8 in the HF folder. Edit 3: Attach modified cmd file. Edit 4: Attach slipstream log. Edit 5: The modified cmd file does NOT work. Going to try the HFAOO method. hfslip_1.7.9_beta_e.7z HFSLIP.7z
  14. Nope. I am having the same problem so thanks for the tip.

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