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  1. Hi there, i have a laptop of a friend here, who had a crash in vista with "something of MS Office 2007" involved. Since that crash, the laptop only starts in safe mode (while booting normally without F8). Even when i choose Normal Mode in the F8-Menu, it boots into safe mode without warning. There are no older system backups to restore from. There are no Save/Safe-Points to restore from. I wanted to install MS Office 2007 Updates and Vista Updates, maybe some damaged file would be exchanged so, but both update-packs dont work in safe mode. Then i tried to start Repair Mode from F8-Menu to fix Vista, but when asked for the ADMINISTRATOR password, it says, that this user is disabled. When back in Vista, i only found an Admin-User-Account with the name mf207 (the users name) and guest. When i try to create a new Admin-Account ADMINISTRATOR, the system tells me, that this user is already there. Last try i am doing now is to let CHKDSK /f /r scan the harddisk. I dont realy think this will help. I also had deinstalled the vga and audio drivers, so they would reinstall after reboot, before. Anyone has a tip, hoe to come back in NORMAL MODE? Thanks, Bjoern EDIT: I could make the system boot normal, by changing MSCONFIG Startup value to Normal Boot. The system by its own or by user-interaction had set the boot up to safe/user defined boot. Hope this will help others...
  2. Hi there, i wanna secure my house with 3-5 USB-webcams placed in the windows. For security reasons i also want the possibilty to connect to a videostream over the internet. So what i need is a kind of surveillance system for multible webcams with own http based server software included. Connection would run over No-IP.com DynDNS-Service. I prefer a video stream over picture streaming. Recording is not planned for the beginning. Does anyone know such a software? Hardware which i wann use (Ex-ThinClient): Via 800 MHz CPU 512 MB SD-RAM System i wanna use: I want to place the OS on a CF card, so i prefer a) kinda XP lite with XPe features on CF card other OSs could be (when no problem with CF card) B) Win2K Pro c) Win98SE Internet Connection (via Router): DSL Upload 640 KBit (real 580 KBit), but i wanna be able to use internet for normal usage too, when at home. Would be so great, if someone already has some experience with such a project and could give me a tip which software to test. Thanks , Bjoern
  3. Hi folks, i wanna use my old Laptop (Mitac 5026) as a musicbox with MPXPLAY. Therefore i need a DOS-Driver for the build in Soundcard: ESS ES1878 Plug and Play AudioDrive Only things i can find are WinXX & OS/2-Drivers... Anyone has a tip for me? By the way: the manual mentions "Audio Subsystem Supports 16-bit stereo 3D surround sound, compatible with MS Sound System and Sound Blaster Pro, occupies IRQ5, DMA channel 1, and address bank 220H" Could Soundblaster-Drivers help? Thanks for help, my memories about DOS are not so good these days, Bjoern
  4. UUUUUPPPPSSSS Found that problem under "similar topics" but didnt looked at the date. Sorry, but maybe some one is looking just for that problem Bye, Bjoern
  5. Hi, i three times had that problems while installing XP too. But the solution wasnt IRQ conflict. Once the FSB was set to 133 MHz, but installed was a 700 Mhz Athlon 100 Mhz FSB. After changing the board to 100 MHz it worked perfect. -> Overclocked ur system? Once the condensers (hope the translation is correct) on the mainboard were defect (leaking or breaking on top). Once the PSU was not strong enough for the new grapics card. After installing 550W PSU it worked. -> Not here: Your card isnt that power hungry i suppose. Maybe is the wrong fsb setting. I see best chances here. just try a lower setting. Hope u can solve ur problem, Bjoern
  6. Hi folks, i have a problem with the XP of one of my friends. XP Professional 32 Bit german The Desktop Icons are "nailed" to the Desktop. I cant move them, even not with left mouse pressed. You can change the order by sorting for name, type and so on. She also had the problem, that her network connections werent displayed, even they were working. That problem i solved with a new registration of the net*.* files with regsvr32. Anyone has a idea, what to do with that icon problem? Thanks, Bjoern UPDATE: After I did a repair install with a Slipstreamed SP2-XP-Prof Version and installing my PostSP2-UpdatePack, all worked correct again, even the network display problems were complete ok now. No real solution, but a way getting it working back without a new install with lost of all progs.
  7. Hi folks, i got a bad working laptop from my brother. I twont work under WinXP SP2, but i got it working under Win2k pretty stable so far. Alle I need now is a temperature display in the taskbar for CPU, VGA and HDD. Microstar Notebook MD41112 (by Medion) seems to be a FIC 2140 Intel P4 3.06 GHz HT (HT is disabled for stability) ATI Mobility 9700 64 MB RAM HITACHI 60 GB HDD Any tips for a good (small) tool, which will work under Win2k? Thanks, Bjoern
  8. Hi folks, i am not sure if my WD SATA HDD is ok anymore. Strange noises and several system crashes in the last time. Could be Mainboard or HDD. So i wanted to test the WD HDD, but their own Tool didnt recognize the drive. Any help? Is there an other WD Tool for SATA Drives or do u know a good general tool for HDDs to test which dont erase the data (more like SMART Analysis or so)? Thanks, Bjoern
  9. Hi, i started to work with WinFLP last week, as i have to decide, if our traveling sales men must get new laptops or we just could install WinFLP on them. I now see some problems, as e.g. WinFLP seems not to support StandBy or Hibarnate. Does anyone know a WinFLP specialized user group? Thanks, B.Poller P.S.: If anybody knows, how to implement hibarnation into WinFLP, plz post the link or tip here !
  10. Hi, only to be sure: I have a client with an english WinXP and a corporate MUI installation of german speech. The updates which have to be installed, should be still english, right? Or are now german updates possible too (e.g. SecurityFixes)? Thanks, B.Poller
  11. Hi, i am building a Win95C PC. Also, this Windows already know USB, i am searching for a "standard"-USB-Driver like the NUSB-Driver for Win98. I would like to plugin my USB-Sticks or USB-HDDs without searching for a special driver every time. Hope, some of u can help. Greetings, B.Poller
  12. Hi, last weekend i got crazy about the low speed while Bittorrent downloading the ISO of supergamer2, a special Linux-Distro optimized for games (www.supergamer.org). Now i am planning a stand-alone download-PC. Should be low-tec. I have seen, that utorrent is able to be used with Win95. Anyone tried that already? Or better to use Win98SE? I would use hardware, which has drivers for Win95. Thanks, B.Poller
  13. Hi Flo, perfect. Thats the tool i looked for, and btw. a nice site u gave me. Tools and more stuff i could use. Thanks, B.Poller P.S.: In german: "Danke, das war genau das was ich gesucht hatte, schöne Grüsse nach Berlin"
  14. Hi, TO RENDRAG: Perfect, thanks so much, now i can really compare my system (when finished ) TO ZXIAN: I will try 3 different systems, but 2 of them are based on embedded Hardware or modified ThinClients. One has no ISA/PCI-Slot and the other only 1x, but i will use a USB 2.0 Card for Stick or HDD there. Maybe on that System i could use a USB 2.0-Gigabit-Connector, but first USB is limited to 480 MBit, and second, the thruput will decrease, if i will save on a USB-Device i suppose. On my third system i could try a gigabit card, but that system would also be limited by CPU, because all togehter i wanna a powersaving system for 24/7 usage. But great thank you guys, B.Poller

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