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  1. Right... but I don't want the left side to be its own element. If the left side (the Copyright notice, for example) it off the bottom of the screen, I want the whole page to be able to scroll down.
  2. First off, here's the site: http://www.sidinginc.com The problem is that if your screen resolution is too low, you can't see the entire page. Normally, you could scroll down... but that option doesn't seem to be available. I've checked and rechecked my code and can't figure out what's causing this.
  3. Ok, so many people hated Frames that I switched to Flash: looking for input on this. Also, I'm still requesting input on the game design itself so post your opinions: Would the game work? Would it be WORTH playing? http://www.nightlord.com
  4. Figured it out... it was the CPU. My wife and I have the same system setup (It's how I convinced her to let me have mine). I went ahead and switched our CPUs and her system started having the issues. Thanks anyhow... I need to RMA this Intel CPU.
  5. I'm Blue Screening with Stop Code 124. Here's what I've done: 1. CLEAN installs of XP and Vista. 2. Turned off "extras" in the BIOS like cache. 3. Replaced the motherboard (Through BFG's RMA) 4. Replaced memory (with wife's) 5. Replaced video card (with wife's) 6. Replaced power supply Would a bad CPU cause this issue? All temps and voltages are dead on in the BIOS and with Everest. This is driving me nuts.
  6. Will Nlite eventually create the unattended.xml for us with presets we choose within the program, instead of having to do it seperately?
  7. I have an ActionPack subscription which comes with Vista Business (Upgrade version). I'm wondering if it's possible to upgrade this to the Full version.
  8. I would open up your winnt.sif file and SLOWLY go over the key you typed into it. The ONLY reason I can see Windows asking for your key is that it's wrong/invalid in your winnt.sif file. Thus, if you're positive you have a legitimate key then it must be typed incorrectly in the winnt.sif file.
  9. Yea, I've got that. I keep hearing it's got problems though.
  10. Is there a program for creating the Autounattend.xml file? I'd like to see all available options and be able to select what to include and what not to. Sort of like the way Blackviper would let us create a services registry file.
  11. The first thing that comes to me is that you're trying to use Vlite on XP. Vlite is for Vista. If you're trying to downsize your XP installation you need Nlite.
  12. Yes, you can. Microsoft left a loophole in the Upgrade version of their product which works like this: 1. Boot to your DvD. 2. When asked for your Product Key do NOT enter it. It will ask you to verify that you're not inputting your Key. Again, tell it no. 3. Choose Custom Install. 4. Now do a clean install of Vista. 5. Once the clean install is complete and you're at your desktop for the first time run the install AGAIN from within Vista. This time, input your Product Key and choose the Upgrade install option. This takes a while, but it works great.

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