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  1. i have tried with extreme, .net framework is here, but still cant install .net framework 1.1, please help
  2. i will try it, thx the advise btw, so u mean i should can still install .net framework 1.1 without winsxs?
  3. any method i can install .net framework 1.1 with trim out winsxs folder? i have a vista sp1 without winsxs, when i install .net framework 1.1, it can't install, please help
  4. actually i am installing .net framework 1.1, i have the .net framework instllation file, but its .exe, how to extract and get those file as u said? and integrated as hotfix at vlite?
  5. after i install the vista, i cant install the .net framework, when the installation near complete, it will roll back and say unsuccessful install, what component need to keep for install .net framework?
  6. i don't have the recovery disc on hand, i do my recovery with my recovery hard drive normally, because i can't burn a recovery disc, what can i do if i want vlite it?
  7. i bought a HP notebook which bundle with vista home prem, while it is a OEM version, if i use vlite to trim a vista home prem to install to my notebook, how can i activate it?

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