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  1. Using a vlited Vista I also get this problem, the update installs (via windows update) with no visible errors, but then 2 minutes later reappears in the priority update list. Presumably it's due to a component that's been removed. I'll probably just hide it from the update list for now, since Vista already thinks it's installed 7 times.
  2. I just found the exact same problem, not sure what component we shouldn't have removed (perhaps IPSec Policy Agent, explaining your missing description), but the file causing the problem is Windows\System32\en-US\polstore.dll.mui I just restored that file from my original install.wim and now the Base Filtering Engine and Firewall are running as they should.
  3. Your ini states you're using "vLite v1.1.6 beta 2". The most recent version is 1.2RC. Incidentally, you also appear to be trying to operatate onto an already vLited source.
  4. It is my understanding, that 1.1.6 includes the specific WAIK files that allow vLite to operate on WIM files. These WAIK files were removed from later versions as the MS agreement precludes redistribution in whole or part. WAIK is the size of a DVD and 1.1.6 is a few megs. So grab 1.1.6 while you still can, install that first, immediately install the latest vLite straight over the top, and you're good to go. That said, if you don't already have the necessary WAIK files, I don't see how you could have got as far as task selection in vLite, let alone saving changes.
  5. Yeah, same. For reference it's two files, located at %SystemRoot%\system32\msoert2.dll and %SystemRoot%\system32\en-US\msoert2.dll.mui, presumably the latter changes depending on the language(s) installed.
  6. With the most recent updates to WLMessenger and WLMail (from Microsoft Update), error messages frequently popup notifying you that MSOERT2.dll is missing. As far as I am aware both programs still function as expected, but the messages can be more than a little irritating. I would guess this file is removed as part of Windows Mail (having previously been part of Outlook Express), but I HAVE NOT confirmed this. Might be worth putting in the exceptions list if you plan to use either.
  7. I use a Vista 32 SP1 disc from MS as a base. I use vlite to add a couple of drivers, remove some components, tweak the services, but NOT to integrate any other hotfixes or service packs. The result installs perfectly as you'd expect. However, when I start Windows Update to grab the latest hotfixes, it installs them, reboots, and gets stuck in the same loop so many people seem to be experiencing. Incidentally I did have Windows Update checked as a protected feature. I had this problem on 1.16 and 1.2b, and now still on 1.2RC.
  8. Even when not integrating service packs or hotfixes during the slipstream process, trying to use windows update after a sucessful install still triggers the loop.
  9. I get this error, even when using v1.2 beta. I'm using a vLited Vista x32 with SP1 (pre-integrated from Microsoft) disk, and as described the problem only occurs after having run windows update for the first time.
  10. After installation nLite refused to lauch, trying to open the exe resulted in an hourglass for about half a second then nothing. The process wasn't in the list either. So I installed the R3 runtimes. Now I get this when I try to launch: Is this a bug or something I've done incorrectly? Ta.
  11. IIRC, this is caused by a post SP2 update and it's never disabled themes for me ...

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