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  1. It *totally* depends on what it is. Again, it comes down to the actual requirements list. It could be way too much, or way too little. If it's a ghetto VB6 front end to a open source command line encoder, without support, without bugfixes, without documentation, without a fancy interface, without (...) and writen by a out-of-school n00b that also happens to be in a country with dirt cheap labor... Then it's WAY too much. If they have to write their own codecs in assembly for just about every possible format from scratch, pay the licensing fees for every technology used, have to deliver full documentation, free bugfixes within 24h for the next decade included, including the subcontracting for usability studies and graphics artists, professionally localized in different languages (including the help and installer), and the code written by a team of guys with a PhD's from a top-ranking uni in the USA and all that, then you're at the very least missing 2 or 3 zeros. Then for the website (including payment processing, the back end for the updates, bug tracking, keeping track of issued licenses, etc) you can very easily blow another 10K. And another 10K would disappear VERY quickly with adwords or such e.g. just for "audio converter" you're looking at $0.42/click (fraudulent or not), and out of the estimated 1M searches for those exact terms alone, even if only 1% click it that's $4200/month (still only for a single keyword combo)... And that's assuming everything goes perfectly, but if you were more familiar with the software development world, you'd know that projects are hardly ever on time and on budget (and with every feature you wanted) -- it happens like 20% of the time perhaps. And most likely, there was a difference between whatever you wanted and what you asked for (99% likely) and you will have to revise your requirements (which will increase price, or they can spend the time on that instead of some other feature you wanted). Scenarios were people spent two or three times as much as originally planned before canning the whole project aren't exactly unheard of (sometimes costing hundreds of millions!) I've seen it first hand more than once. Project management is hard. Also, the next update/version won't be free either. This is only the very beginning. And even if everything goes right development-wise which is quite unlikely, it doesn't exactly mean it'll be a commercial success either. How did you know that one click cost 0.42 for audio converter? And how much buyers I ll get if 1000 people will visit my website?
  2. I just asked programmers for the price for this work and they told me about 10 000 dollars, is that not way too expensive?
  3. Thanks a lot. I hope that my converter will be one of the best!
  4. Sounds like I really got some time to do this homework But I got the money and can order someone and pay for this job. Why do I have to learn sow much if I got the money?
  5. Yeaap, the first thought, I want to hire someone to write program similiar to that one, is that possible and how much it may cost?
  6. Who can create audio converter like this one http://www.myformatfactory.com/ ? And how much it can cost? I want to start online business and that why I am execually asking.
  7. Well, if there is no more need answers, I ll pick up www.site2you.com and ll let you know got good or bad they are doing website in a short time.
  8. Maybe, but also I think that you got much more experiences in question like this and anywa y can not make that much mistake that I ll do That why I am also looking for some builders.
  9. I never liked the idea of buying a website design or layout, or paying a company to make a website for you. Some exceptions exist, such as if you are a large company that can afford that kind of expense. Usually, that way is a lot more expensive than doing it yourself. And lastly, in my experience, once you make a website, you're never really done with it. There are always things to add, or fix if something breaks. But what if I will do it buy myself with a tones mistakes? I ll lose lots of time
  10. Yes, but what go to do those guys who had never heard about HTML and other stuff? Dont you think that is much more eathier just to buy alreade done web product?
  11. What about other builder that I had suggest? The main point why I like them, cause the lovely customer service 24 hours in a day. I had asked 100 question and they give answer carefull for all my questions. Any ideas guys?
  12. What about other builder that I had suggest? The main point why I like them, cause the lovely customer service 24 hours in a day. I had asked 100 question and they give answer carefull for all my questions.
  13. Thanks for the help, I thoght before that all builders got the same CMS and that they are all for free That why I asked a question. Cause after visiting Site2you.com I figure out that they are not for free
  14. Which one website builder is better - the Site2you.com or Dreamweaver.com ? Thanks for the answers.
  15. Nokia better to learn how to make a good phones first )))

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