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  1. I think this is it { var pp = ReplacePath(picf[i]); pp = pp.replace(wpipath, "..").replace(/\\/gi,"/").replace(/\"/gi,''); boxTxt += '<img src="'+pp+'" border="0" width="32" height="32">'; }Line 391 and line 841 And this, when don`t add custom logo. See picture from up { boxTxt += '<img src="../Graphics/Logos/InstallPackage.png" border="0" width="52" height="52">'; }File is boxes.js
  2. Try this prog[pn]=['7Zip 9.20 x86-x64'];uid[pn]=['7ZIP920'];ordr[pn]=[20];dflt[pn]=['yes'];forc[pn]=['no'];cat[pn]=['Applications'];cmds[pn]=['{x86} "%wpipath%\\Install\\Software\\7zip\\7zip920x86.exe" /S','{x64} "%wpipath%\\Install\\Software\\7zip\\7zip920x64.msi" /qb','{SLEEP} 5'];desc[pn]=['7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.'];picf[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Graphics\\Logos\\7z.png"'];picw[pn]=['80'];pich[pn]=['80'];textl[pn]=['Right'];pn++; Work fine on Windows 8.1 x64
  3. Windows 7 SP1 x86 Ultimate EN Windows 7 SP1 X64 Ultimate EN Stil work.
  4. Bios not load internal card reader, maybe you have a flash drive or a usb card reader.
  5. Try Fernando moded drivers http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/107504-integration-of-intels-sata-ahci-and-raid-drivers/page-60
  6. Tks for this release. Can you tell me a good addon for framework 1-4 with latest updates?
  7. If one of my friend has a free SATA drive I will install XP on it and test drivers on HD 4600
  8. @erkange, read here OK.. I have solved all the problems!Here's what I did.I uninstalled the two drivers.Rebooted ... windows started trying to install the drivers and installed the Intel HD Graphics 4000 with an exclamation point.not installed the High Definition Audio.manually installed the audio with the link you sent me selecting the file IntcDAud in folder ibxHDMI and installed Audio Monitor Intel.After that manually installed the drivers i told to you, by selecting the file igxp32 in the folder Graphics ... rebooted and ... all OK!!!Thank yousorry bad english.I hope you solve too.
  9. I don`t hijack this forum. When you can`t find drivers you have no more choice. I can contrbute only with help, in Romania a salary/month is 250 euro, I don`t have enough money for donation to help this forum. @erkange As @j7n say, you can use a videocard with xp drivers.
  10. Puppy has some stability issues with some applications Make you time and test Debian+slim+ XFCE or MATE http://imgur.com/OXzztxV or Archlinux, I have it on Toshiba netbook NB250 and run more fast as Ubuntu. Here is a good tutorial http://archive.is/SXNV9
  11. When will be release next version for march updates? Tks
  12. I think you have Haswell CPU Read supported OS. http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-034343.htm Also you can test this driver http://news.softpedia.com/news/Intel-Outs-HD-Graphics-Driver-Build-5441-for-Windows-XP-360898.shtml
  13. 1. Yes, you can use DVD if image is over 700MB, or flash drive. 2. I think UDC updates work on frenh xp (not tested yet) 3. You can integrate more drivers with DriversPack Base, and for WMP11 recently I have tested and work WMP11 integrator 1.1 And for framework you can try addons, me use this Addon_Microsoft.Net_AIO_ROE_20131008.7z old but maybe will appear un update
  14. No, just Faenza theme No, he stay there permanently. You can see if you mimize ale opened window. That panel is a conky
  15. You can change settings from config.xml 2010 For 2007 I make it changes in config then in WPI run setup.exe /config config.xmlconfig exemple, and must be in the same folder with setup.exe <Configuration Product="Enterprise"> <Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="none" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" /> --> <!-- <Logging Type="standard" Path="%temp%" Template="Microsoft Office Enterprise Setup(*).txt" /> --> <PIDKEY Value="YOUSERIALNUMBER" /> <!-- <USERNAME Value="Customer" /> --> <!-- <COMPANYNAME Value="MyCompany" /> --> <!-- <INSTALLLOCATION Value="%programfiles%\Microsoft Office" /> --> <!-- <LIS CACHEACTION="CacheOnly" /> --> <!-- <SOURCELIST Value="\\server1\share\Office12;\\server2\share\Office12" /> --> <!-- <DistributionPoint Location="\\server\share\Office12" /> --> <!-- <OptionState Id="OptionID" State="absent" Children="force" /> --><OptionState Id="AcceslFiles" State="local" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="ExcelFiles" State="local" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="GrooveFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="XDOCSFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="OneNoteFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="OUTLOOKFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="PowerPointFiles" State="local" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="PublisherFiles" State="local" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="VisioFiles" State="absent" Children="force" /><OptionState Id="Word" State="local" Children="force" /> <!-- <Setting Id="Reboot" Value="IfNeeded" /> --> <!-- <Command Path="msiexec.exe" Args="/i \\server\share\my.msi" QuietArg="/q" ChainPosition="after" Execute="install" /> --> </Configuration>I use config.xml because on sillent install I don`t want groove, outlook, onenote etc..
  16. Cinnamon has some bugs.... You can try Debian with XFCE,LXDE or Mate. On Athlon X2 4200+, 2GB RAM,video onboard and 80GB ide HDD I use Arch Linux with XFCE4. I have triple boot, but I show only my Arch Start Menu http://imgur.com/0bSqDz8 Home http://imgur.com/eqU6VcS Desktop http://imgur.com/NUdlyQj
  17. Try this aTube_Catcher.exe /S LE. Not pass language select....sorry
  18. You can open ODT files with LibreOffice, then use Save As for .doc/docx extension
  19. Hello Know someone what don`t remove to install LIP language? Because on try to install give error similar CA25 or CA8r Tks

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