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  1. OK THANX Soo Much For Your Help also I‘m An Arabian Boy...So Its NormLLY that I wont Write Well Thanx Agian
  2. HI every one...I hope U all Fine And Well. I Have A question "That Almost Made Me Mad...Hhhh" Which Is، How Can I Make A Batch (bat) File Has The Follwoing COmpress A Specifc Folder Of File On The O.System With Winrar To Create .RAR File Of That Folder Fore Example: I Have I Folder Named "Tools" ON My Desktop...And I want To Compress It Using Winrar To Creat A "TOOLS.RAR" File By A Bat File That Has Such An Commands To Do That I have Tried Every Way ‘N Trick I Know But I Couldnt Make It Right. SOO PLEEZ If Any One KNOw A Trusted Way TO Do iT I WISH U Tell Me And I‘LL Be Soooo Thankfull To You
  3. OMG U R A Truly Genius Thank U: SOOOOOO Much U R The Best It Works Perfectly Now
  4. i did exactly what You Said .....But still Not Silent First i Modified every Conigue.xml In The Folder...Like This then i copied The File In The Setup Folder Then I Made A New .Bat File And Added The Following setup.exe /config config.xml Though It Doesn't Becomes Silent
  5. THank U So Much..Here‘s The Arabic Language Pack For Office 2013 http://www.gulfup.com/?4ZnJkA OR X32 http://www.gulfup.com/?M0ETEK Thank U Again
  6. I Know How To Do That...But I Just Wanna Have I Silent Install For The Language Pack Only I Really Need Help In That..
  7. Hello Every One,, I Just Wondering If There A Way To Make A silent Installation For MS Office 2013 Language Pack For Example`,, I want A Make Silent Install For The French Language Pack I Have tried lot Of Way To Achieve That But I Never Success In That.. First, I Extracted The Lang..Pack Files,,, Then I Modified The Config.xml File By Adding This <Display Level=”NONE” CompletionNotice=”NO” SuppressModal=”YES” AcceptEula=”YES” /> Then I put The Config.xml In The Setup Folder And Finally I made A .bat File With The Following Setup.exe /config config.xml But When I Start The bat File It Does Not Becomes Silent,, The Intro Window Keeps Shows Up So Pleaz Can any Body Help To Make A Silent Install For The Language Pack
  8. Hello Every One...May God Bless U All I‘m Just Wondering How Can I Maximize OR Change The Size Of The Logo In The WPI Program List The Bottom Line Is,,, I Just Wanna Make The Logos More Bigger... I Searched All Over The JS HTML Files ‘N I Couldn't Find A Clue Here‘s What I Mean....

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