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  1. When this key first came out it was legit - MS was activating the pc's. Obviously MS approved the vendor (or whatever process is involved). Then it became banned by ms. So for those who aren't reading the whole thread..it's a known banned key. I had no idea until my pc crashed and I needed to build another and the slipstreamed ver w/SP3 wouldn't take the key. to "XIII" if I had counterfitted the label for posting it wouldn't have a white background....however this sticker does. Your point is well made - THX Like I said, at first this was a legit key from a legit company out of NY (that's wher
  2. PONCH...chill dude I was laughing because the key code that came with my legit copy is FCKGW ***. I had no idea it's a banned key code it's been working for about 4 years. It's the full prism tape label etc. It's a legit copy that obviously sometime later became an abused VLM version. Not my doing. If it wasn't for the fact that I've had it for about 4 years I'd really be p***ed that MS killed my fully paid for product. I had no Idea until you mentioned it and included a fact that integrated within the SP's are a complete list of those banned keys. Thus my response - "BINGO" this is my proble
  3. New PC? Is it a SATA based PC? If so then your issue is there. it is SATA. I use the F6 and load the drivers during install....the original OS doesn't see the correct disk sizes but the merged (slipstreamed) version w/SP2 or SP3 does! (don't respond till you read the next answer) As for the blacklisted code thing, you are wrong starting with sp1 MS built in hundreds of blacklisted codes that where released on the net or found to be pirated. If you don't believe me try a key that starts with FCKGW-****-*****-*****-*****. .....................................ok.....................I'm laughing
  4. Kelsenellenelvian (THX for your response) #1 The original key # has most likely been blacklisted... (Means that the SP will deny it as an illegal key) A: not likely. This is a brand new legal MS CD(just no SP's). even a blacklisted code will be accepted until the OS goes online. This OS works, just can't see the drives and allow the drivers to load. It needs an SP upgrade integrated in the load process - not after. I'll be dealing with MS after I get it running to reflect the new PC. #2 Try JUST slipstreaming SP3 and making an install with only that modification. If I'm reading you right, all
  5. PONCH (thx for the response) the unattend.txt file is an example of an "unattended" install (creating sysprep.inf, which BTW I don't have). The key code listed in this generic file is rarely if ever the real XP key code. I think both of us can think of examples of when it is...but not the case here. I've always owned this one and it still works even on this new pc if I'm willing to accept hard drives at 130Gb or so, and no audio or video drivers ..... as I said earlier.. this should be easier I believe nlite's the solution but something wierd is happening in the service pack merging with the
  6. Thank YOU - I appreciate your resonse. I need some help.... this is a new install on a completely empty pc. Each time I have loaded the XP OS I have formatted the HD's then loaded, thinking that would be a pretty clean install... Last.Session.ini couldn't be found. I search the whole pc. To answer though, each session in NLite was an original. I never loaded a previous session. New directories, new OS from CD read, etc. I also believe the previous install wouldn't yet apply because pc hasn't loaded to start it's count down. For the record (if there is one) this is a new pc replacing one that
  7. I have an old XPpro original cd with original key code (no sp). I built a new pc but this OS version doesn't see the large hard drives. I created a slipstream ISO including SP3. The installation went well until I had to enter the "key code". I used the one I've always used and it won't work. I tried creating a new slipstream using the SP2. I get to the same point and appears the key code has been changed somehow. I can load the original OS version and the key code takes...only the discs aren't being used and it's clearly an improper install. Anyone ever have this problem using nlite...what can
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