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  1. Supposedly, Blackcomb was going to have some sort of wheel instead of a taskbar. It was also supposed to have massive amounts of 3d involved, but then, things change. Personally I can't see MS releasing Vienna in it's "radical departure from xp" form as a primary os as it would scare off too many people. It'll either be less experimental or will be a limited release and not a sequal to Vista.
  2. If you'd have asked me this when I was using 98 my response might have been a little more aggressive, but xp never crashes for me. Explorer might restart now and again. As for my pc, I made it. So I suppose it's a sylvianorth-a-tron.
  3. Winamp for playing Mediamonkey for organizing/tagging Jet Audio for anything that wont play in winamp.... WMP makes me rainy on the inside as does iTunes
  4. Just a quick question. I've heard of a program that acts like task manager but allows you to configure it so that every time a program or process wants to run it has to ask for permision. I was just wondering if anyone knew of such a program as I want complete control over what's allowed to run.
  5. My sister would have buried me if I did that to her!
  6. I think my XP cd would have gone in long ago. If you've run hijack this, then run a few decent spyware and anti-virus apps in safe mode and things are still playing up, it's definitley time for a clean start. When a hd is infected really bad like this, can you ever be sure you've got everything?
  7. I know that if Norton dies, it's Ghost wil haunt me....
  8. The way things are going you'll be lucky to see it at all. I have no doubt that the release of SP3 will be the last bit of support for xp.
  9. sylvianorth


    I find the lack of "basic" features in this long-awaited browser a bit annoying. It's not like they didn't have enough time to include a download manager. Or maybe Bill has so many people working on Vista it was left to the work experience kid to program IE7
  10. Used to use Zone Alarm, but then I realised that I didn't need any firewall... Turned it off a year ago and still no problems.
  11. Totally agree with you crahak. It's those idiots who fill my inbox with junk. Spam filters aren't the answer, eduction is. Brutal education
  12. Up until very recently I've never downloaded any "fixes". But I've buckled after reading so much about the various "holes" that exist. In my experience, I've never had a virus, got very little spyware and see no need to update all the time. Afterall, the only way I can see anyone taking control of my machine is if I'm stupid enough to let them. I doubt it matters much if you do update or not, it just takes up some of your time... Sylvianorth
  13. Parvez - Very beautiful dekstop there. Made better by the fact that you were playing Shaggy when you took the pic
  14. I was kind of thinking along the lines of Bloat-be-gone or even nLite - I only want 10% of that OS edition Either way, keep up the good work, cos I'm only going to install Vista once it's be nLitened.
  15. As was said before..... SECURITY!!!! Ho ho ho
  16. I use Photoshop CS and I've found nothing even comes close. Maybe because I've used it for so long, but I did give The GIMP and Paint Shop Pro a go, I really did... But the results are no where near as good. I've also found that there are so many exclellent tutorials for photoshop, that even a complete novice can have awesome work coming together in a short time.
  17. WIth an old/useless pc, the best thing to do is install ME and then you'll appreciate everytime you boot up Xp/Vista on your other rig.
  18. After XP Pro 1. Firefox 2. Daemon Tools 3. Winamp 4. MediaMonkey 5. Hijack This 6. Office XP 7. NOD 32 8. Trillian 9. Adobe Photoshop CS2 10. Fruityloops but there are so many more like Reason, Traktor and some stuff to play/rip dvd's etc
  19. Putting Norton on your Pc is like strapping an elephant to your car, only not as funny. It is the cancer of the PC world, the only thing I can think of that's worse is ME.
  20. Are you networked with anyone else? If so, someone might be playing tricks on you!
  21. My girlfriends pc used to freeze everyday, then I did her pc a massive favour and deleted Norton from it. Needless to say, no more freezing..... As mentioned above, delete Norton, Symantec and anything else that has taken over your PC.
  22. That's the beauty of Micro$oft....... making you buy new hardware to support Vista. I have a feeling that many people will be in the same boat.
  23. Absolutely love the animations for recycle bin and moving files etc. Approx how long did it take to make your masterpiece?

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