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  1. jaclaz and ponch...useful links so thanks for those. I shall have a look at them immediately
  2. Anyone here know of a version similar ease of use to uBuntu but that will fit on a 512mb USB stick.....I've tried UNetbootin and am really liking what it offers except all the linux versions I've found have been too large?<br /><br />Many thanks
  3. In case you are thinking of installing XP TO a 512MB USB drive, then you have a lot of problems coming your way. Cheers Thanks, I've already installed windows xp to my netbook from usb which went fine but now I need to use my old usb memory card for booting into if I have problems with my hdd install. I guess it would be a win xp live.
  4. Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to slim down Windows XP to fit and run from a 512mb USB memory stick. If so could anyone post an .ini for nlite so that I could slim mine down using your template and does anyone have any links to a useful guide to get windows XP running from the USB stick? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi all, I would like to know how to establish which service is connecting to an IP address address. I can see in Comodo that svchost.exe has established a connection but cannot find out exactly which service it is that's connecting. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your help Zenskas
  7. Can anyone tell me what the latest XP Pro build is? Do Microsoft sell it with SP3 already slipstreamed?
  8. .....and kids. Don't do drugs. (MSFN. Your Moral Fiber Provider)
  9. Any idea whether this will work on an nLited unattended Windows? If so should it be done before or after using nLite? Thanks for your time
  10. I have seen various articles scattered around the net with people having issues about integrating the Promise RAID drivers. None of them seem to resolve this problem. I am trying to create a striped disk array and have tried various methods A ) to use a driver scanner on a completed, working install ie using the attended + floppy disk method, then saving these and then integrating and B ) to integrate directly from the MSI supplied driver pack. On both occasions the hard disks have not been seen. Why would this be? It's driving me nuts. I haven't yet used Bashrats driver packs with his installer so shall be trying that in a minute but my preferred method is nLite all the way. I am doing this unattended but can't see why this would be a problem. I would be well chuffed if anyone has a simple solution to this. I'm trying to squeeze more use out of a four year old mobo.
  11. ah you're a good chap..... It's the BricoPack Longhorn Inspirat 1.1 I'm after. Thanks a load...now I can go and relieve myself
  12. I can wait two hours no problem.....but two days!? Now that's another question. I tried downloading these two days ago and the same message was there so I thought I'd wait but I'm still here waiting.....and now I need to go to the toilet but I can't cos I'm still waiting.......aaaaargh!!
  13. Questions: Do these start up at first log on if so wished? Anyone able to host these as I have been trying to get them but the website they are on is down. Thanks.
  14. What is the best desktop search utility? By this I mean the smallest footprint on the computers resources. This fastest seek time and the most types of files supported. Secondary to these prerequisites are the appearance and the lack of junk it installs to the registry. Preferably (for me anyway) open source but can be free or for a fee. Answers on a post card please.
  15. Hi there. Thanks for creating this program. It's really useful for me. It does seem to work with Firefox 2 Ok and the latest Thunderbird but didn't seem to install all my extensions. However, conflict or not it's no real problem since Mozbackup takes care of that task for me. What I would appreciate though is if it helped compile a silent install of Filezilla Server. Would this be possible at all?
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