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  1. Seems this 1.7.x branch activation is broken. I emailed the official support address and got no response. So I have had it installed for several years now on windows 8.1 v1.7.5. It somehow has deactivated so I guess activation is not honoured forever unless it can somehow reauthenticate, and when i try to manually reactivate, nothing really happens, also it says signature check failed.
  2. OP why have you redirected the wp.me to a scam site?
  3. can you please add an option to allow "this pc" to start expanded, when auto expand in windows settings is disabled? (like windows 7 behaviour).
  4. I have what looks like a bug. Windows 8.1 Pro, all Hotfixes (not just win updates) installed. Start is back+ 1.7.5. I have noticed when right clicking to remove programs from the frequently used menu, they reappear some days later, this does not happen natively in windows 7.
  5. mine also sticks, it sits at a completely black screen for at least 2 minutes before the login screen shows up, except I get no hdd activity.
  6. 1.3 will likely contain no new major features but important fixes. In 1.3RC0 start menu refresh logic was improved and involves much less I/O which should fix performance problems and icon missing situations. I suggest adding either a reboot prompt or warning box. When I updated from previous pre release RC to 1.2.1 so I could activate, all my pinned items were gone and "pin to start menu" was gone in menus, I assumed I just needed a reboot and I was right, all ok again after the reboot, but the app upgrade installer didn't tell me that.
  7. I have brought 5 licenses now, I just hope is no issues me reinstalling VM's chewing up my activations.
  8. Started this based on a post I seen in the start is back thread, someone stated they feel windows 8 has enhancements over windows 7 leaner faster etc. very vague terms which I cannot back up based on my experience on both VM's and physical machines. However if we take performance out of the equation. Metro out of the equation. What features does win8 have that win7 doesnt have, new technologies etc. am very curious thanks. I am already aware of 30+ functions removed in windows 8, so I am curious if new ones make up the difference.
  9. In the purpose of keeping this thread-hijacking to a minimum I'm gonna ignore all of the rest and focus only on this. Because like I told you in the post directly above yours, Windows 8 introduces a pretty big number of improvements "under the hood". To put it as simply as possible, Windows 8 is faster than 7, more stable than 7 and supports technologies that, in the last 3 years have become the new standards in computing, out of the box. To set up Windows 7 on my PC I needed an hour for the installation of Windows and drivers alone, then another hour or two for the necessary tweaking. For Windows 8 I LITERALLY went for a drink of water and when I got back my PC was already in the log-on screen waiting to create a new user account, after which everything *just worked*. It indeed is your prerogative to think that the only choices are between an older and slower OS versus an OS that looks like it was designed by a 3-year old, however the rest of us here actually do know better. So, as it is clear that we can only agree to disagree, I would respectfully ask you to stop spamming a thread that is supposed to be about a specific piece of software whose sole purpose is to restore functionality that you appear to have no use for. Thank you. To be fair and to balance this out, windows 7 is the same for me all devices work out of the box. However the difference is for me windows 7 needs minimal work to get the GUI to my liking, windows 8 needs a 3rd party app such as start is back as well as other tweaks to get it to run as well as windows 7, and even then there is a lack of aero, lost functions which i think cant be patched back in and bits of metro in desktop windows, eg. try loading a file extension that has no app, you get what looks like a beta metro window. Over 30 functions have been removed from windows 7 to windows 8, the start menu is just the most publicised one. I am also curious what new SSD features windows 8 has over windows 7, leaner faster? very generic terms. On all physical machiones and VM's I have tested on windows 7 is faster. except in certian optimised situations win8 can boot very fast other then that it looks weaker to me no performance. I certianly have not found anything thats made me drop windows 7 to upgrade. hyper-v stuff looks 'interesting' but thats about it. If windows 8 is ready to use out of the box, why are you on this thread? if you using this app then windows 8 isnt ready for you to use out of the box.
  10. Your MSFN messenger is blocked.. Contact a mod about it,

  11. didnt mean to offend sorry. I am sorry you feel that to feel satisfied you have to be making decent profits, and I am sorry I havent donated to you, I do utilise some of your addons made for windows XP and windows 7 so if you pm me your paypal addy I have no issue donating to you as well, in terms of the topic at hand I have said now I feel his pricing is very reasonable its just the activation for me is the sticky point, hopefully he will have a new solution in hand. I would probably pay 20usd for this app for unlimited activations. Which makes him more money because I will only ever have it active on 3-4 machines at the absolute most (3 physical and 1 vm). The issue I will probably be reinstalling the OS frequently hence my concerns. So yes my initial post did come on a bit strong I apologise for that.
  12. That would only be true if you did not DEactivate the old hardware. If you deactivate the old piece of hardware (update the activation to the current specs thus pushing out the old) then you could not activate an unlimited number of machines. Instead a user could guarantee that THEY are always activated. It's call a round robin activation scheme. User first installs software License Key 1 - Activated to MB A and HDD A User changes MB License Key 1 - Activated to MB B and HDD A (MB A is no longer in the picture and HDD A was valid) User Changes HDD License Key 1 - Activated to MB B and HDD B (MB B was valid thus HDD was updated) User Changes entire computer License Key 1 - Activation Invalid (requires new key) which reminds me. alcohol 120% have a good activation system. You can register on a new pc. But it will refuse to activate until you login to their website and enter hardware key, then it will activate on the new machine, but the old activation is deactivated. This I feel is a good compromise. The alternative I feel is simply have to trust your customers and dont have activation. I am not a fan of over restrictive hardware ties on software and not keen on the prospect of paying 1usd everytime I reinstall the OS or install a VM. So the price is fine, the activation hardware tie is not.
  13. I'll make a wild guess and say you aren't one. Because it's the *complete* opposite as far as I'm concerned. To me, Win8 is the beginning of the end. By itself, it's a good enough reason to abandon C# and the .NET framework for something that can also run on other OS'es which are still usable on a desktop (keeping support for Win7 obviously), and if mobile is attractive at all, even port easily to devices that actually sell i.e. Android or iOS based. With MS making the desktop a 2nd class citizen, and making WinRT incompatible with 100% of what we're using (all desktop and x86 apps) and making that laughable "replacement" model (Metro garbage, or whatever it's called this week) only work on Win8, it's a good reason to never bother with it. Doubly so when MS deprecates and abandons its newer development technologies so fast. I see zero interest in all other devs I know to make Metro apps either (in part because none of them want to be stuck using it on their desktop). And with MS making Win8 such a terrible OS on a desktop, I don't those sales exactly increasing either, which is just yet another reason to consider developing for iOS and Android instead. TL;DR: Win8 is a developer's nightmare. I hope you are right and I agree that they abandoning newer technologies ridicously fast as well. Unfortenatly windows 8 is having decent sales figures at the moment and sites like this I see various tech heads running windows 8 already on their desktops. Already also dev's making apps for windows 8 and going to profit from it as well, stardock with their start menu app and start is back.
  14. aero is more than transparency, whats your comment on gradient colours and glowing buttons?
  15. you're too paranoid yes devs will make apps for win8, win7 won't be abandoned for a long time the worst that can happen is that devs start massive making metro apps, which are actually very much crippled comparing to desktop/win32 which in other words again backfires to how win8 sucks and even if SP2 for win7 don't come out, hotfixes will hell win7 is proven to be next best OS after XP so why would they shoot themself in legg over tablet OS pfff hotfixes are not a great substitute it takes effort to find them all as well as installing them plus install media gets very big when integrating them. Dont get too confident on the 3rd party apps either. Asides from windows 8 been newer the other changes this time are also an app store and this will tie in with mobile devices, look at the huge developer support android has compared to windows. Windows 8 is a developers dream I think. Because they will sell much more software on it.

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