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    Did you try an anti-clockwise cartwell on four fingers at precisely a quarter past nine in the evening?
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    Well, no. Meaning that the RLoew's is a generic driver, whilst the manufacturer's one is specific. In theory the manufacturer's driver should have the best possible performance on the specific hardware (though in practice it could be slower) but if you are looking for max performance you need to at least try it. jaclaz
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    Awesome! I was spinning my wheels reading all the different posts, it gets a little confusing going back into all the old threads--I now realize that while it was good I was taking notes as reading all the old threads, my mistake was not including dates in my notes.
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    OK, thank you for that answer! Now that I have RLoew's SATA patch working I can forget about it and move forward with the project.
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    Phew... After over an hour, I have finally checked every single link on the list to make sure everything still worked, and fixed quite a few broken ones. I hadn't done this since around 2017, so hopefully all the links should be working now for a while
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    That really doesn't seem his style. It's the same thing every time an update breaks aeroglass. Crickets, lots of waiting, People in the forums keep freaking out, asking about an update, demanding bigmuscle address their concerns. He ignores them all. Then a month or two later an update drops. Then a few months later Microsoft breaks it again. Rinse/Repeat. Sure it'd be nice to get faster updates, but I think I'm only in this for $10 at this point. I think I bought $5 license one, used it on 2 pc's. Then I bought a new one and didn't want to wait for 30 days to reuse a deleted key, so paid another $5. I don't feel like he owes me a lot for $10. Especially when i've been using it for years. I tried the only other competition I'm aware of (Windowsblinds) but I didn't like it.
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    Some time ago Tihiy hacked Win3x SVGA drivers for Win9x safe mode use (see thread). The main job with Win9x was to add settings to SYSTEM.CB file used in safe mode instead of normal SYSTEM.INI. Anyone want to hack SYSTEM.CB to use with > 1GiB RAM? Just merge with your SYSTEM.CB settings quoted below: [386Enh] EMMExclude=C000-CFFF MaxPhysPage=20000 [vcache] MinFileCache=2048 MaxFileCache=65536 Some settings added to SYSTEM.CB seem to be ignored and I have no Win9x computer working with > 1 GiB RAM, so I don't know if the change will work. You must try the hack by yourself - reboot your system to safe mode and see if it works.
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