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    Thank you so much for this! It worked perfectly on Windows 10 1909!
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    Well it does seem to be a bit of a mish-mash of posts about the "viewtube" extension and viewing YouTube videos online in WMP! How about - "Viewing YouTube videos with the "ViewTube" browser extension and XP Windows Media Player"
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    Hey, please, could Y'all stop arguing about your approach to security and browsers, and stick to the topic - Roytam's builds in this case? This megathread is full of OT anyways, and we ain't in need of flamewar in here. Will this OT continue,, I'll wearing sellout cap and will use "Report Post" button as often as applicable with no regard if I agree with POV you stated or not - OT is OT.
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    I want to thank UCyborg for your helpfulness and useful information. I downloaded and installed the Microsoft SDK debugging tools and ran the VB script and it worked like a charm! You guys are good!
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    You got some wrong information if you're wondering where to get/put the symbol file. You run a script that does it for you. Some people have posted them on this forum in the past. I wrote a new one recently, you can find it here. Use the Download ZIP button, you'll find it in the downloaded ZIP file in the only folder that's in there. This particular script requires that Debugging Tools for Windows are installed, it's a part of Windows SDK. You can find the SDK download links here. Pick the installer option and when it asks which components to install, deselect everything Except Debugging Tools for Windows. Now you can run the script and the required symbols should be downloaded. Should fix your issue with incompatibility error and clear transparency (have to log off or terminate Desktop Window Manager with Task Manager for changes to take effect). Because nobody else has the skills/interest. Aero Glass is as reliable as it comes, just needs occasional manual intervention with symbols unless you donate. The thing with symbols is explained here. There's no point running as admin if you're going to choose Current user. Anyway, it won't solve OP's issue since it's not a configuration issue in this case.
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    I modded 8.7.2, because when I test to install some apps using 8.7.3 (on Win7) I waited too much, so I return to 8.7.2 On 8.7.3 are only 3 files to do changes: configwizard.js (line 779), core.js (line 582), wmi.js (line 72) Download 8.7.3
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