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    security software= Antivirus compatibility update=Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows XP (KB2598845)
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    The current version is 3.0.8, and it looks like there will be a 3.0.9: https://www.videolan.org/developers/vlc-branch/NEWS. But as you posted February 10, the upcoming VLC 4.x will not support Vista.
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    You're most welcome. I'm glad the UOC Patch has helped making your web browsing experience on your computer better.
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    Since I've got my HP Compaq NX6110 laptop New Moon was suffering, but after applying the UOC patch it got A LOT better, sure Discord and YouTube aren't 100% usable, but there are workarounds too. This patch worked brilliantly for me, thank you!(BTW I'm posting this message from the laptop :)
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    You are right, I was *somehow* parsing the same range twice , but the record size is correct, 50 bytes. What throws off manually viewing the file is that some entries have 00's, i.e not all entries are "populated". Attached the corrected Address.MPS, replace the old one with this (no more the "whatever" field ) Now, in "Address" Entry # should be the Team #, whilst in "Batters" and "Pitchers" the "Prefix" should be the Team #. I.e. in Batters, Batter #589 Roy White should belong to Team #42 (value of "Prefix"). And in Address, in Entry # 42 there is (last filled entry in Batters) #589. As well, in Pitchers, Pitcher #387 Mike Torres should belong to team #42 (value of "Prefix"). And in Address in Entry #42 there is (last filled entry in Pitchers) #387. jaclaz ADDRESS.mps
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    JFX, Hello! Thank you very much for the new version and additional features, it is very convenient 👍 I updated and slightly corrected the Russian translation MD5 389671383CBD771F4E39B647024F5234 When one of the drivers is not installed in the program, an incomprehensible inscription appears. Or maybe it's just me so displayed Have a good day! 1049.dll
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    The duplication of next batters does not appear in the raw data. There is no repeating of data that I can see. Easier to see differences using the Address2016 file rather than the default one.
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    I recomend you to create a folder next to dxupac.exe wit name: english, italian or russian and use it like output folder. try to use 8:3 names in folder and patch c:\dxupax\english c:\dxupax\enu no blank spaces or simbols. Disable active security software and internet Create addon separates: IE8 addon files alone, xp hotfixes alone. dont create/mix a big addon with all. dont mix hotfixes languages For IE8 you only need 3 files: setup, compatibility list and cumulative update if you want to add certificates (roots) download the 2 files from ryanvm forum and just copy then next to the hotfixes, dxupack add the files automatically I always choose true-addon. is the most clean-safe way. the new files replace the olders in cd.
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