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  1. I spent a capture on the same computer. Intel Core i7 8700K Samsung SSD 960 EVO SSD drive to another. Size busy 51GB system wimlib: 2.46 min, file size 31.2GB wimgapi: 3.02 min, file size 31.5GB Compression: xpress
  2. Wimlib at the same time has one drawback compared to wimgapi It can't add to the wim image another edition under the same name. wimgapi does it automatically. wimlib_add_image OxB: Tried to add an image with a name that is already in use
  3. JFX, [Options] UseWimLIB=2 Will it work if you use a command line to capture?
  4. Hi! I have Bootice Version: I do not know where it came from. Download
  5. JFX, Hi! This is a full backup and recovery program. I have already tested WinNTSetup Pro . Automatically connect a network drive, create a backup, disconnect a network drive. Thank you very much! I applied compression -compress xpress -silent Less load on the processor, it creates much faster, but the archive is a bit more, but this is not important.
  6. JFX, Thank! Exist command line options to capture a disk in a wim file?
  7. JFX, Hello! When you make a second backup with changes to the same wim file, the program suggests replacing it. Which at first confused me a little. I already wanted to make a different image. But in fact, she did everything right, added another edition. Maybe change replace to add? For clarity, I am attaching screenshots. This would be very convenient for automatic backup planning so that it does not ask but automatically adds changes to the existing wim file. This is only of course my wishes. Thank!
  8. JFX, thank! I didn't pay any attention to it at all
  9. JFX, Hello! Windows version now being read from another place? Maybe it used to be more convenient? Thank !
  10. JFX, good evening! I conducted several tests, integrated 50 different drivers. Now everything is working fine. Thank you very much! 👍
  11. JFX, Hello! Thank you very much for the new version and additional features, it is very convenient 👍 I updated and slightly corrected the Russian translation MD5 389671383CBD771F4E39B647024F5234 When one of the drivers is not installed in the program, an incomprehensible inscription appears. Or maybe it's just me so displayed Have a good day! 1049.dll
  12. JFX Hello! Tell me please, where does the program read the name of the version of Windows?

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