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    I wanna tell you something that happened to me. I have a network populated by Windows XP machines, all patched and with Avast and they are all connected to internet and they use it on a daily basis for any sort of stuff. There are other machines in the network that are running other OS like Fedora Linux with Nod32 antivirus and Android with Avast as well. Last but not least, there are virtual machines with Win10, Win98 and other versions of Windows for testing purposes, but they are not accessible from the outside world. Recently we decided to setup a test bench in bare metal, running Windows Server 2019 and connect it to internet and the outside world. We've got an email from the ISP stating that one of our machines has probably been compromised as it has been used in an attack. Later on, we found out that the attacker managed to get access to the machine by using a vulnerability in the RDP protocol of Windows Server 2019. The machine had all the latest updates installed, but no antivirus or firewall other than the default Microsoft ones (it was a test bench after all). It's funny how someone who attacked a network full of Windows XP machines just ignored them, went straight to the one running Windows Server 2019 and managed to compromise it... It surely makes you think...
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    I have always thought that having the latest is never the best. The latest operating system (or now version of Windows 10) is the worst thing you can have for security. Computers must be updated but not to the latest version. For example, it is better to have Windows 1803 updated than 1809 updated. Microshit uses our computers as a test bench and the correct updates are passed on to companies after 4 months or more. The proof of this is in the Windows 10 itself, update options and selection of the download semi-annual channel.
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    Someone may have mentioned this before, but Windows Vista seems to run fine with Haswell if it is installed on another computer and then the hard drive is moved to a Haswell system. I tried this with Windows Vista 32-bit (but it should work with any version) and had no problems arise. I didn't install drivers or do any extensive testing but it seemed to be fine. This was with a Q87 motherboard and an i7-4790 CPU. I do plan on setting up the OS properly in the future, so I'll see if anything changes.
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    Personally I use DuckDuckGo, it's a nice experience imo
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    You cannot replace critical system dll's on XP x64 with 7 x64 ones!
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    The extended core contains the "Windows 2000 RAM Patch" and because full PAE support exists in the kernel (unlike XP SP2/3) it is very stable. The only known issue is it will make a machine running ZoneAlarm 6.5 firewall blue screen on boot. When trying to install it with the extended core already present a blue screen also occurs. You can use Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5 which is more granular and lightweight.
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    Are you using a recent version of 7zip (v16 or above, though I think v9.xx+ is good enough)? You can also try using @i430VX's installer: http://i430vx.strangled.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe
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    @Nojus2001, you're definitely not alone. A weather forum I used to visit that closed sometime late last year or early this year was revealed to be running on Server 2003 until the bitter end. I'm sure that it's found itself mired into tonnes of big corporate networks too. It makes a wonderful workstation OS as well. And this is my 15-hour-old XP x64 install: :
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    Well i must be the last human being on this planet to run Windows Server 2003 as main server OS to host anything i need to. I've appilied a lot of tweaks, removed unneeded stuff to get MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE!
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    Sorry I fixed localized problem on v3.0b.
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