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    just have a deeper look into PM's webRTC code, its module is not updated to fx52 level and javascript module fails when loading https://test.webrtc.org/ demo. so I decided to disable it again. EDIT: pm28 builds updated
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    Tangy, use the latest one without the behaviour shield, it's gonna be fine anyway.
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    Behaviour Shield is a purely heuristic module, isn't it? If so, the best one can do is to turn it off / remove it forever. AVG, at least (and I've used it for many years, always was overly paranoid in its heuristics)... in fact, giving it a name which initials are BS is very appropriate. To believe in heuristics, one need at least 20 different opinions, since the engines suck so much. Leave it to Virus Total on-demand. Do not use it as an always-on scanner, because that's just a PITA, nothing more. My 2¢ only, of course! Feel free to ignore. But I'd feel very dishonest with y'all, hadn't I told y'all what my experience with antivirus heuristics is.
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    With all due respect... I am afraid you fail to see the bigger issue; the problem here isn't about me (or two Polish NM28 users or a French guy, etc.) wanting to see the WebRTC button translated into my (their) native language; it can, of course, be in English, I couldn't care less if it was in Korean for all I know, as I wouldn't be using it myself... The problem is that already available PM28 official language packs (look here, it's 39 of them) cannot be used any more with your NM28 fork; for the browser to simply start in a localised GUI, the two lines (be it in English, I don't mind) cited in my previous post have to be inserted manually in every one of them, in order to become again functional when installed in NM28; who is going to provide those NM28 (half-)compatible language packs? Mind you, that process should be repeated every once the packs get updated upstream... If a language pack is missing the aboutWebrtc.properties file, then it's not fatal as the missing lines in browser.dtd (NM28 will launch localised), but when such a LP user navigates to "about:webrtc", he/she will be met by a blank page; as said, I don't use WebRTC, but from a quick look at that page I see it contains useful configuration/functionality... I have no inclination (nor legitimate right, someone would argue) to contact their l10n team; for starters, I (and other XP/Vista users here) am not using the official product, i.e. Pale Moon 28, for which uniquely the language packs are intended to work with, but a fork (which we know how much they frown upon); let alone a fork which has just implemented a feature unsupported by design in the original product... "translate that button"?... what button, may I ask? They will never implement WebRTC in Pale Moon, their default en-US locale code simply has no strings related to webrtc, nothing for them to translate; or are you (or anyone else for that matter) under the impression that somehow we could beg and convince @JustOff (head of l10n team) to compile WebRTC enabled PM28 test builds (against Moonchild's wishes) and generate applicable language packs, just for the sake of international NM28 users, here in the MSFN forums (and continue to do so with every upstream string change)? With respect, this expectation is absurd, a folly even... As I see it, it is indeed a bonus that we are (were) able to use official PM28 LPs in NM28; after all, official LPs contain the official branding , I bet both Moonchild and Matt A. Tobin will go ballistic if they become aware... So NO, I see no reason to contact any of the Moonchild Productions persons with regards to this; it will only make matters worse for us... To conclude, it's not about me; I know my way around LPs and have produced a private, working, Greek Language Pack, that mitigates the WebRTC inflicted changes; I even transplanted to it a fully translated (in Greek) copy of file aboutWebrtc.properties that I extracted from the Greek LP for FirefoxESR 52.9.0; I think I can move forward merrily, no matter what the decision taken about the future direction of NM28... Still, nothing is foolproof: my installed modded Greek LP informs me that an update to (official) version 28.3.0 is available ; now, I shall have to be very cautious not to install it inadvertently, because - guess what? - if I do, my default Vista browser will revert to its en-US GUI... Frankly, I don't have anything additional to contribute to this discussion; what I had to say is best summed up in my previous relevant post; it would be prudent, though, that some additional views/opinions of users here be voiced before the fate of the webrtc-in-NM28 feature is finally cast... As ever, best regards and many thanks to the maintainer...
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    I tested in Firefox 52.9 on Athlon 64x2, GF6100 and GTX260: multiprocess + APZ + hardware accelerstion = bug multiprocess + hardware accelerstion = sliding scrolling (the best for me) multiprocess + APZ (+10% CPU loading, only without error) = multiprocess + APZ + hardware accelerstion multiprocess (smooth scrolling, without +10% CPU loading) = multiprocess + APZ
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    It took over three years, but I've done it! It works on Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit (created a quick VM to test it) I've copied Windows 98SE files and made registry keys and folders as shown in the screenshot. (the .htm file was made while making the screenshot. Just like on real 98 system, it disappears shortly after launching the Easter Egg) The window will glitch out at first, but just move mouse around inside of it and then move it out of the sight and back again to redraw everything and voila! All the buttons run their expected programs, except the Connect to the Internet button which does nothing. The weldata Easter Egg works as well! The tickbox for running at every startup does work correctly. No compatibility settings required. On my main PC running Windows 10 Pro 1803 the app closes after the window glitches. Bummer The weldata Easter Egg still works there. Main thing is that WELCOME.EXE has a hardcoded path to Applications Data folder, so it will not look anywhere else. And it will differ in WELCOME.EXE from other locales.
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