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    someguy25 - suggest the following: From here in this forum thread, go backwards until you find Bersaglio's list of links of manual downloads of this month's updates. Manually download and install only the link for the update to Internet Explorer 8. Reboot and then see if you're OK. If still not OK, manually download and install only the link(s) for update(s) to Office 2007 Compatibility Pack. Reboot again. Then wait for yellow shield, which should update you nicely without your CPU running at 50% or 100% (or you could manually install ALL of Bersaglio's links).
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    Title says it all. Thx @bigmuscle - now many of us can now install and test v1809. Starting this new thread for feedback and bug reports...
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    ... There was a recent identical thread over at the Vista subforum: Read my detailed reply here... or TL;DR: 1. Use Basilisk52[Serpent 52.9.0] with a SSUAO for Discord to pretend you're using FirefoxESR 60 on Win7+, or 2. Use FirefoxESR 52.9.0 and change its default UAO for Discord, with the aid of extensions, to the one of FxESR 60 (on Win7+). New Moon (27 or 28) won't work at all, because of no support for WebRTC (used by Discord's voice chat feature).
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    The Linux and OS X builds are compiled with gcc, so I'd think the vast majority of the code except for the Windows-specific platform code should be compatible with it. The major roadblock is getting the build system to work with it. I'm currently trying to build Pale Moon with MinGW.
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    IIRC roytam1's Basilisk fork (I dunno how's the case with PM28) allows you to use the Discord voicechat feature.
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    Actually the API exists in psapi. K32 series is pretty much became a excuse for many devlopers to drop XP /Vista support.
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    Happy Holidays indeed. Enjoy this graphic from a Windows XP Winter FunPack:
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