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    Title says it all. Thx @bigmuscle - now many of us can now install and test v1809. Starting this new thread for feedback and bug reports...
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    And you want to call this something that is positive....?!! Microsoft couldn't resolve a p***** in a brewery....so us sending them information via telemetry isn't going to improve the situation....God I have seen some crap in my time since this Windows 10 crap came out but the telemetry is just for spying on us and if it resolved issues why are there so many problems.....3rd party software....? a lot of the problems we have now is because Microsoft in its so called wisdom wants you to let them look after drivers for hardware etc....and then the computer just dies....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sure , I know, hence I explicitly specified "whatever remains of it on an internet connected machine". Now, who is soundings like a conspiracy theorist? Please don't forget a Velostat cap: http://reboot.pro/topic/13177-an-improved-electromagnetical-shielding-device/ you never know ... jaclaz
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    SwMSM sometimes is not visible in the Add/Remove Programs panel. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/uninstall_view.html www softuninstall:
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    It'll be utterly irrelevant. It already is utterly irrelevant. It'll remain there, since it's unremovable, but will be used less and less.
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