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  2. .NET Framework 3.5 (Silent Installer)

    Thank you for your work! this is the best installer in the world!
  3. WHICH files and WHICH link? The one in the first post ?, aka: http://win98livecd.winbuilder.net/index.php?dir=compressed%2F It is a bit complex, the actual directory page is on the Wayback Machine just fine: https://web.archive.org/web/20110918021727/http://win98livecd.winbuilder.net/index.php?dir=compressed%2F from that it is clear that the "wanted" file is (was) called Win98LiveCD.zip. From the link we know that the file would be in a "/compressed/" folder, i.e.: hxxp://win98livecd.winbuilder.net/index.php?dir=compressed%2F&download=Win98LiveCD.zip which should translates to a "plain" (with a non-working PHP runtime) to: hxxp://win98livecd.winbuilder.net/compressed/Win98LiveCD.zip actually to: hxxp://winbuilder.net/win98livecd/compressed/Win98LiveCD.zip Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, it is not available anymore. Maybe it is also somewhere on the Wayback Machine, but right now it is having some issues. BUT, the index is still here: http://winbuilder.net/win98livecd/index.html and links in it seemingly work just fine, so it should be just a matter of recreating the directory structures and download the single files. jaclaz
  4. I've just retry with last 3.8.9 version, and it says "not enough space" , even it can fit. I've attached screenshots (I've successfully because I clone a 128GB VHD to a 8GB VHD) ,perhaps it check space for VHD ? Thanks for the reminder for NoBootMount option, in fact, I often use WinNTSetup on hdd already partitionned, attached as slave disk. It mount all boot partitions, nice, but I need to double check if I have selected the correct boot partition instead of my current system boot partition, it would be nice to exclude mount by volume, serial number of volume or guid for example ...if anyone has an interest too.
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  6. WinXp 32bit Geforce 730 - hdmi audio is not working

    You can take screenshots of ADIDA64 information AIDA64 > DirectX > DirectX Video AIDA64 > DirectX > DirectX Sound
  7. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Softmaker FreeOffice 2018 is no longer compatible with Vista and XP: http://www.freeoffice.com/en/
  8. Windows 98 Live Cd Project (Update)

    The download link does not work (any more)
  9. WinME's Himem.sys (what did it change)

    how me know (from my own tries run winme on dos71 core), winme's himem is not just integrated in io.sys, but also contains some "registry cache"... if u interesting "fast work" only - try run dos71 himem with /MACHINE:AT switch.
  10. WinME's Himem.sys (what did it change)

    I had pretty much no interest in DOS8 until it booted motherboards from HP/Compaq and various exotic workstation boards that freeze with all other DOS versions I tested. Is there a list of the known fixes/ improvements ( like better compatibility) of MSDOS8 IO.SYS v DOS7.1 IO.SYS. Searching on the internet I have read cryptic posts on China Dos Union Forum and a Russian Dos Forum about extracting XMSXXXX0S in RAM when DOS8 is running but not had success. It also involves keeping himem in DOS8 IO.SYS just disabling it from automatically loading and then loading the external one in config.sys. Being forced to use DOS8 on these boards, compared to DOS7.1, no compatibility issues at all. it works with all old programs and ancient games right up to new database/cad and modern games. The only stumbling block is anything that specifically requires emm386. It is marginally faster than DOS7.1 on older hardware in various benchmarks, also MS have excluded certain parts such as the ability to load anywhere, always DOS=HIGH.
  11. Check your cache settings. I use Compare the page... Once per session.
  12. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Awe, guys...
  13. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    @greenhillmaniac I second that ! Thank you
  14. if someone can help - give me debug versions 98 se rnr20.dll & mswsock.dll and/or its pdb/dbg files. or give links, where i can load debug version this and other dlls & pdb/dbg, which i cant find in sdks...
  15. WinME's Himem.sys (what did it change)

    only to hopefully clarify matters, from what I remember, the point is that WinME/DOS8 has ALSO an "external" 3.95 Himem.sys (identical to the one in Win98/DOS7.1 exception made for the error messages) BUT that is not normally used because the one used is the 3.99 version which is embedded into IO.SYS. http://reboot.pro/topic/5497-ms-dos-71/ The tool by RLOEW (the io8dcomp.exe) can uncompress the WinME/DOS8 IO.SYS (and reportedly the decompressed IO,SYS works fine) but extracting from it a "standalone" himem.sys is not easy a per above post by the Author himself. jaclaz
  16. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I wish I did a backup of it. ;/ Drag and drop worked very well with this version. ;/ Can't see the reason to not re-upload it.
  17. the problem of crashes on kex is kex-specified, most of them doesn't happen in win2000. and the bigger problem is that, when it crash in kex, I am unable to gather proper stack trace with function names, which makes debugging much more header.
  18. KernelEx for Win2000

    @GrandAdmiralThrawn Can you explain me how can I use stunnel to map all ports ? So all application stays secure to connect newer websites. Is their universal secure certificate file to use with stunnel?
  19. sorry, but... "Mozilla/Netscape plugins" usually mean NPAPI DLLs, so as Flash Player, Sun Java... are u sure, that its need u? or u told about "Firefox addons" like AdBlock Plus on addons.mozilla.org? if so - Kmeleon is NOT Firefox, Goanna is NOT Gecko... and even on FF, addons need put in extensions folder, not in plugins...
  20. KernelEx for Win2000

    I'm actually running his New Moon / Palemoon on XP x64 now. I thought he also released a K-Meleon/Goanna Build for Windows 2000 somewhere in his thread? Or maybe another user did, not sure anymore. I think it was roytam1 though. The current Basilisk should be based on UXP (a XUL fork) and on FF52. The former one was based on FF 55 and called "Moebius" I think. Anyhow, I don't think I'll ever get a KernelEx version that works on my German Windows 2000 boxes. In hindsight, I should've installed them with an English version, but I didn't think about the current scenario back then. I'm not too fond of "total system conversions" like this one anyway. I would find it more elegant to use application-specific DLL hacks, that redirect unsupported library calls to stub DLLs and the rest to the systems' DLLs. Something like what Oleg Ovcharenko did with his hack for the Stellaris / Europa Universalis games on XP. Or ScavengerSpb / KawaiiSara for the newer X-COM games. Reason being that such hacks don't affect the system as a whole, and thus cannot have any influence on other applications.. But there is no "universal" one anywhere to be seen, especially not for Win2000.
  21. They cause the settings to reload (a new debug window also opens), yet apart from that Modern apps, including Settings, work just fine.
  22. WinME's Himem.sys (what did it change)

    The HIMEM.SYS Code in DOS8 is not contiguous and is hard coded to start at 70:450. There is no simple way to extract it.
  23. i read somewhere about the reg hack which you speak of and i think this hack was patched in SP1 or SP2 thus it doesnt work.
  24. Backporting Newer Browsers to Windows 9x

    Has anybody tried using Mozilla/Netscape plugins for roytam1's 9x port? I'm asking because it's critical to get a decent adblock like U-Block working on ancient systems otherwise the ads would probably eat up all the ram alone. Can't use virtual machine atm. If anybody with success can put this Firefox xpi into the plugins folder, that would be perfect!
  25. modernize ie 6?

    Google Chrome Frame is a browser plugin that is used to embed Google Chrome, without its UI, into an Internet Explorer window. It does have limitations (such as no print preview). I would recommend Chromium Frame over Google Chrome Frame. If I remember correctly, Chromium Fame is installed using the Chromium installer. Chromium Frame code was being removed sound around versions 27 to 33 of Chromium. I have not seen a User Agent Switcher software compatible with Internet Explorer 6, except for IE7Pro. If there is one, I would like to know about it. IE7Pro 2.5.1 was an excellent add-on for Internet Explorer 6. The software was supposed to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and Windows Internet Explorer 7. I was able to install and use the software on Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 and Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1, but on Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 with Internet Explorer 6, the software would not work. I have not tried installing it on Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3. The project has disappeared, but was archived by Archive.org: https://web.archive.org/web/20130823235506/http://www.ie7pro.com/download.php?language=en
  26. Xbox360 Controller Driver for Win98

    Can someone give me a working link?
  27. Generic driver for multi-card reader USB

    Is this topic still relevant? Has NUSB not fixed this issue?
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