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  2. I don't have such a thing. this is the site I was refering to https://notre-siecle.com/tests-de-capsules-compatibles-pour-les-machines-a-cafe-nespresso/ when you try to leave a comment at the bottom it shows up this message ''ERROR: You have selected an incorrect reCAPTCHA value'' as far as the other forum the captcha is working well now.....
  3. Oh, ok. We'll be waiting. Hope you find it soon. Thanks.
  4. VLC 3.0.4 says (in the codec tab) the video resolution is 2304 x 1296, buffer dimensions 2304 x 1312, Planar 4:2:0 YUV, Mpeg-H Part2/HEVC (H.265). The file is 5 mb (5.156 mb) and 25 seconds. The video is black and white (was taken at night in IR mode). VLC will "play" the video (time cursor will move along the bottom) but only the first frame will show on the screen. This is on Latitude e6420 laptop (core i7) windows 7 (32-bit). This same video file will play fine on a dumb win-7 (64-bit) desktop PC with some socket-775 CPU and onboard graphics (intel I think) with same version of VLC. I was just wondering if it would play on a win-98 system because I think it needs VLC 3 minimum.
  5. alacran

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    Yes, it is. I have IE 11 on my own Win7 SP1 uptated upto December 2017 install.esd, but only used IE 11 once, to download FireFox.
  6. Messerschmitt

    Windows no longer boots, secondary HDD is unaccessible

    Hello all. So I have got my basic computer going. Fresh OS install on my SSD and put in 2 older 3TB reds in Raid, as you probably know reading my other few threads. Somehow I think my SSD failed to boot because either somehow some files were written on my failed HDD when I first installed the OS, or because I used the SSD Tweak forum and things such as Enable Write Caching on SSD and checking Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device have corrupted the SSD when my HDD failed and it improperly shut down windows. I don't know. There wasn't really a power loss. Anyway, back to my main quest, trying to get my pictures back. I am using DataRescue DD. Seems like the only option is to create a image? I saved it as the default "image[%Range%].dd and did the whole drive. Now, it seems this will take a LONG time. The timer at the bottom stays at 00:00:00 remaining and the progress bar hasn't moved. But before I let it run over night, I am hoping you can tell me what "Read error at 22bxxxxx: Data error (cyclic redundancy check) means. The address keeps changing as I am guessing those are bad sectors, but I am getting a LOT of them. Like 10-30 every minute. Does this mean I am SOL and it won't work? These errors started popping up from the very beginning and they haven't stopped since I started writing this (just over 10 minutes). Lastly, is it possible that the HDD physically failed? Like mentioned it crashed as I was coping the thousands pictures, it didn't really suffered a physical blow (like drive failing off). Can it have brought down everything? While DataRescue DD is going, I can't hear the HDD keep crunching at the same tempo every few seconds. And it took a while until DataRescue DD loaded up the drives. Also, if the .dd file makes it in the end, what are my options to explore the .dd file and hope I can retrieve my pictures?
  7. CamTron

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    Completely uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software added the registry keys, but I am STILL unable to choose 1440x900 as my screen resolution. I don't know what determines the list of resolutions that shows up in the display properties. Going to try hacking an .inf file and try to force it into 1440x900.
  8. pathwayus69

    Windows 98 Hard drive Cloning

    So I picked up a Compaq Presario 1200 laptop. It has the original os install on it, but the hard drive sounds like its on it's last leg so want to make a clone of it. I picked up a pata to usb adapter so far I have tired Easeus partition master 13.0 and Gparted in linux. Copy partitions over to the new drive then install it into the Presario and all i get is "no operation system found. The drive show up in the bios and if use the boot disk form windows 98 boot disk and run dir for both partitions it show all the files. I have also tried "Fdisk/ MBR" to replace the Master boot record but still no luck.
  9. pathwayus69


    Thanks for the info I will try that out
  10. FranceBB

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    I think he was thinking about Windows XP Embedded, for which the support ended on January 12, 2016.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I've used the instructions in the start of this thread, and it worked for me, but now I have problems with some videos (like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUJiGnjGIoI) again, and https://www.youtube.com/html5 shows both H.264 and MSE & H.264 unsupported. I've rechecked the settings, the content of GMP-EME-ADOBE\17 in my profile, and my add-ons show Primetime CDM and Open264 Videocodec are always activated. SOLVED! It was media.mp4.enabled set to false
  13. Yes, flash is excellent in Firefox. I still use Flash for Youtube. But I'm referring to canvas acceleration. That benchmark I posted used to get 60+ FPS on old Firefox versions... They disabled DirectX9 support on some version. Would be great if it could be re-enabled in XP. Surprising no one has brought this up.
  14. Tamris

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    I thought they did so in 2014, which is a bit more than two years ago?

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    You should maybe PM blackwingcat, he's really good at fixing things like this. A lot of programmers are jumping on that (Kill Support for Older OS) Microsoft bandwagon. It really is only a handful of experienced programmers on MSFN as of now, use to be a whole lot more of them years ago.
  16. Team Viewer just dropped support for Windows XP, which makes me incredibly angry 'cause it's not like the whole programme it's not compatible, but it's just a single flipping call in SHELL32.dll (SHCreateItemFromParsingName). JeanKinzler from support stated So I opened my own ticket (If Team Viewer was open source, I would have coded an alternative to that call myself.): https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/TeamViewer-General/Missing-function-call-in-TeamViewer-14-0-13880-Windows-XP/m-p/50142 "TeamViewer.exe" looks for "SHCreateItemFromParsingName" in "SHELL32.dll", but that function doesn't exist in Windows XP as it has been introduced in Windows Vista. SHSTDAPI SHCreateItemFromParsingName( PCWSTR pszPath, IBindCtx *pbc, REFIID riid, void **ppv ) SHCreateItemFromParsingName is a function that creates and initializes a Shell item object from a parsing name. Its parameters are "pszPath", which is a pointer to a display name, "pbc" which is optional and it's a pointer to a bind context used to pass parameters as inputs and outputs to the parsing function, and "riid" which is a reference to the IID of the interface to retrieve through "ppv" which contains the interface pointer requested. If you use Team Viewer, please reply to my ticket in order to raise attention.
  17. Messerschmitt

    RAID under Win 7, Disk Manager or Intel Rapid Storage?

    Regarding the software (windows) vs hardware RAID, I've read a few articles saying I should really do software if I plan sticking to the same OS (in this case Win 7). If the motherboard fails, I lose my array and my data since only that motherboard has access to the array. With windows, I can read my array in any computer or if I change any component in my computer. So from this perspective I've decided to go with windows RAID. I've done RAID 1 and I have no concern on speed. It's purely to store movies, photos, etc. No application will run from these HDD's as I install those on my SSD where my OS is. So now I was wondering if I did the right thing by using Disk Management in windows to create the array, vs using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Seems like the 2 don't communicate between them because now the IRST sees the 2 HDD's individually like there is no array. And when I used IRST before breaking the array and using Disk management, Disk Management saw the 2 HDD's individually as well with no signs that it knew it was part of array.
  18. A semi-random thought, but maybe one could try actually disable the volume in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices\Offline and then mount the volume "indirectly" (and with another drive letter) via IMDISK, that does have a "direct extent access" feature: http://reboot.pro/topic/20450-mounting-split-image/?p=192170 It has to be seen if volsnap.sys actually hooks also this IMDISK volume (that appears not in disk manager, etc. as it is basically a "superfloppy"). jaclaz
  19. helpdesk98

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    is IE still supported under W7? It has been so long since I last used it & my system has not been updated since just before the Windows update experience (i think that is what it was called lol)
  20. I agree there should be a fix for volsnap.sys to ignore shadow copies from later versions. But I guess there's not. Since you do want to write to the USB drive from XP, but don't use system restore on XP, it sounds to me like the best solution @w2k4eva had was this: On W7, it appears you'd use the command "vssadmin resize shadowstorage /On = C: (assuming C: is your W7 system drive) /For = D: (assuming D: is your USB drive) /maxsize = 3GB (or whatever)". Which, if I understood the article correctly, would place the shadow copies of D: on your C: drive. Then there's nothing left on D: for XP to mess up.
  21. Everything seems good for the most part -- just some window border issues that seem to get slightly worse every Windows update (especially with Chrome/Firefox titlebar borders).
  22. You probably cannot do anything about it. I've studied shell32.dll code and there seems to be a bug in AutoColorization feature, so I must create some workaround.
  23. Hi w2k4eva, thanks for your answer. I want to read and write the drive from XP and 7. I don't use system restore on XP, I use it on 7. I disabled system restore and VSS service on XP but it is the XP driver volsnap.sys that removes restore points and previous versions from Vista and later, and it cannot be disabled. So the only "solution" is never use a drive with Vista or later shadow copies on Windows XP. I think the only trivial fix they could have done was to modify volsnap.sys to recognyze Vista shadow copies an NEVER, EVER touch them. Cause is inadmissible that an O.S. removes anything from an external drive. I wonder how many times back in 2006, somebody plugged a Vista user USB drive into Windows XP and removed all previous versions in the drive. Or somebody took a Vista system drive with a virus and plugged into an XP machine to remove it, and every restore point vanished...
  24. Tamris

    KernelEx for Win2000

    @blackwingcat Is there any chance you could make a version of KEx that would work with a polish version of W2000? I tried the english one but it didn't want to install.
  25. In XP flash has excellent hardware acceleration in firefox with these legacy radeon drivers, even in the 52.0 version but you had to go full screen for youtube and other videos. Guess I was one of the rare ones who didn't mind flash since the quality was perfectly fine but unfortunately few sites use it anymore. Mozilla messed it up in firefox even before its natural demise since after version 42 they forced the buggy plugin-container.exe by removing the option to disable OOPP. The result was choppy videos. It's the same reason primetime videos have reduced quality as well.
  26. @caliber Do you have the dom.messageChannel.enabled preference in about:config set to true?
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