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What Is Everyone Playing?


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I just recently took time away from work to relax a little and got into America's Army: Operations RECON. I love this game but wanted to find out who's playing what and if anyone is hopping on some servers for a party?

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Desert Combat (as always)

Re going over Max Payne II on harder setting

playing Chrome now and again.

Anyone up for a DC meet up? we could go hyjack some server for a few hours and tear it up :)

Handy Buddy, you gotta download Desert Combat mod for 1942 if you havent already... its awesome!


Id like to hook up with some guys and tear some servers up. Im grabbing DC now.

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I'm playing EASports NHL 2004, I think it's the best game in this series so far.

I also started Age of Mythology - The Titans, and I like it a lot...

But, I just can't wait for Worms 3D to be released in Europe on October 31st (still don't know when it'll reach us in NA).

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Half-Life Counter-Strike 1.6  :)  and abit of halo even thow its glitchy :rolleyes:  dam those ATI cards all there good for is halflife 2  :D

Halo for PC sucks even if u have a high end PC.... its jus glitchy... i knew something like this was gonna happen so obvious since its microsoft

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