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vLite 1.0 beta - OMG


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Umm what is the purpose of this thread then? initial reporting of new version or praise nuhi hail nuhi and praise vlite hail vlite?

relax buddy im not reporting anymore bugs and what about the challenge of whoever reports most bugs gets a choice feature in the next version ? :)

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pallavsuri, it is for the new version note and a brief report from a general perspective, not to post 6 posts in 5 hours from one user. Make a new thread or this one won't be readable. If you knew me you would know I don't mind bug reports but I do mind your attitude, don't ask me to explain it, use PM.

Alex, yes of course it is.

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The Longhorn server part...I think it has something to do with the services removal, though I am not sure. I have tested it some time ago and it messed the installation. However, I will give it a test some time soon, if possible.

Also, this one is a little weird, especially when installing from Windows, like I do. I have used the unattended feature, but didn't quite work. I think there is something wrong with it when installing from Windows.

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pallavsuri, thank you for the report.


Windows Home Server is not Vista family thus unsupported by vLite. People told you this so many times but you simply ignore it.

Check it here: http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/whs_preview.asp

Compressed ISO size can't be predicted, it shows how much will be saved on HDD after install.

Protect your PC is more than just Automatic Updates.

Heh, suddenly it can't be predicted..??

..ofcourse it can, I know it..and you know it.

Better simply say that you prefer to use the 'bigger' numbers from installed size rather than on DVD/CD.. :sneaky:

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I know I will go on your nerves nuhi.

When I remove Firewall, I am no longer able to create network shares. Has someone else got such a problem?

But excluding this small "bug" (I think it can't be done, cause Vista's network shares are connected with firewall) vLite 1.0 just rocks! :thumbup

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