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  1. Sorry to ask, but any news about Server 2008 and vLite?
  2. I want to add components. I want to add the the NAT role and this is why I'm asking.
  3. Any news regarding Windows Server 2008? Will there be any problems?
  4. No, but SP2 isn't officially supported by nLite.
  5. You're not going to get better frame rates by removing components. You can only do that by freeing RAM.
  6. Get a girl pallavsuri. Second, it is a great release. A general idea (for the iso size) is to have some sort of list with how much you might think a component takes on the image and bla bla bla...useless. Why would you care? A DVD is so cheap...for me it's the used HDD space that matters.
  7. Why? Because it's not that important. First, there should be the option to remove whatever you want, then to tweak. I see you're in a demanding mood...not the time pal .
  8. The Longhorn server part...I think it has something to do with the services removal, though I am not sure. I have tested it some time ago and it messed the installation. However, I will give it a test some time soon, if possible. Also, this one is a little weird, especially when installing from Windows, like I do. I have used the unattended feature, but didn't quite work. I think there is something wrong with it when installing from Windows.
  9. http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/04/09/w...-event-id-4226/
  10. But isn't it recommended to have this limit to 50 - 100 when using P2P programs?
  11. Is there any way to check whether you are right or not? I don't want it to sound like you did something wrong, but I would like to see a way to show us the exact number of concurrent connections.

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