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Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack


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note that MS released an updated version of the MS Office 2007 compatibility pack on April 20. If you downloaded and installed the Office 2007 compatibility pack before april 20, uninstall the old one and download & install the new version.

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Thanks for the info erpdude8.

On latest version, saving still fails. I'll try on XP to see if it does the same.

Despite this, it reads *.docx fine so that's not too bad... Can't get it to work actually.

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I tried to add .the DOCX support to Office 2000 on Windows 98. But, I failed. Both Office 200 and Windows 98 are Polish language versions.

Without KernelEx installed, an attempt to open a .DOCX file gives a binary data in the document. I think there is something wrong with decompressing routine.

With KernelEx patch, all I'm getting is an error message. (Error in the file, or something like that (Translation from Polish))

I tried Your procedure on multiple compatibility package versions. The result is always the same. It istalls on Windows 98, but it works on Windows 2000, only.

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The file is a proper one. It opens properly on Windows 2000.

The exact message is: "Wystąpił błąd podczas otwierania pliku".

Also. Without a KernelEx update, there is no error message, at all. The file is opened, but the data is damaged (looks like binary).

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The fact Microsoft put a line in disabling Win9x support is pathetic!!!

They didn't diable it. They put an artificial limitation in place. Some people go and upgrade their OS to support programs/games/utilities that work just fine on the prior OS. MS have been sued for things like this in the past and you'd think they'd learn their lesson by now. There are even some XP only programs that will install and run on 98/ME just fine.

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Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft Office - tested?

System Requirements:

Enhance your Microsoft Office with the ODF Plug In.

Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 (Service Pack 2 or higher), XP or Vista,

Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, or the equivalent standalone version of Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint


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I've installed the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack on Windows 98SE with Office XP.

Two problems:

Excel gives a startup error:

Run-Time error '49':

Bad DLL calling convention

It seems to work okay after pressing the 'End' button.

Outlook and the Outlook Control Panel applet crashes.

I don't use Outlook so I'm not sure if this was caused by the Pack or whether it's been like this for a while...

Other than that, it seems to work okay so far.

Oh, and I also installed the Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft Office although I have not really tested it yet...

Update 29 October:

It appears that the Outlook crash is related to Tihiy's Revolutions Pack 7. Tihiy is looking into it.

See this post.

Update 30 October:

Tihiy has fixed the Outlook crash problem in Revolutions Pack 7. :)

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:no: I give up. I've uninstalled this pack now since I could not actually get it to load or save any Office 2007 files...

It uses MS XML 5 which I believe is incompatible with Windows 98SE...

Some say it works for loading Office 2007 files... I just could not get it to work...

BTW, it is interesting to note that Office 2007 Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files are actually PKZIP containers with a different file ending.

If they are renamed to a .zip ending then you can extract the .xml files inside - Cool aye?

Even after deinstalling I still have my Excel startup error...

All the Pack files are gone, so it must have modified some registry setting...

If anyone else has actually got this pack working, at least to load Office 2007 files, then please post how you did it! :unsure:

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Greetings folk.

I think this topic is VERY important, so I'm "bumping" it to the top!

I am a devoted user of Win98se. I also have MS Office 2000 on my PC.

As more and more individuals and businesses start to use Office 2007, there is

going to be a real problem for those of us with Win98 (and ME) opening those


SO ....

Please - to those tech-experts out there - PLEASE do experiment until you can

give us some solid advice on how to make this work.

As an example -

For Office 2003 users, Microsoft says that they must FIRST install the Excel, Word and Power Point 2003 readers AND THEN install the Office Compatibility Pack.

It would therefore appear that us users of Win98 (and I guess ME) should also be

thinking along the lines of installing those three "readers" first. However, as with the

full Compatibility Pack, the Microsoft site says that none of them support Win98.

So perhaps the .msi files need to be changed on those three readers, get them installed, and

then install the full Compatibility pack - again with the .msi file "doctored"

I eagerly await all your expert advice. As I said, I really believe this is going to be

a very important - in fact critical - thing to get sorted out.

Thanks as always and best wishes ...

Dr. Mac

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It seems I had smoked something last time I tested.

Now I confirm what other say : the modded compatibility pack installs, but I can't open/write .docx files. It ends with an "error while opening file".

I Installed latest version (11/19/07) but I get the same results.

Here's a ".docx" sample for testing purpose.

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