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  1. You could just type am i right?
  2. Look. First, make a nLite CD with drivers you want added, and the components you don't want removed. DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE. Then, install it in Virtual PC or any other PC virtualization tool. After the installation is complete, install any software you want and/or make any other changes. Then, clean it, sysprep it and put the stuff from the image of the virtual Windows XP to a WIM. At this stage, to go further (and help you more) i need a Windows PE installer that will allow you to select/format a drive, will unpack the WIM to the drive, and will put the selected bootsector on it. If you don't understand something, tell me. I'm just 10 and from Poland.
  3. Tell me the error in polish. is it "Blad pliku"? if it's rather "Blad w pliku" it's maybe the .DOCX that fails.
  4. Use CDex. About imapi one, rather find some burning tool.
  5. I don't know if it works, but: Copy SHELL32.DLL 4.72 as SHELL32.SOL to C:\Windows\system. Use a hex-editor on Spider Solitare EXE and replace all SHELL32.DLL to SHELL32.SOL. If it wouldn't work (AND ONLY IF IT WOULDN'T), do that: Copy EXPLORER.EXE from any shell update as EXPLORER.SOL to C:\Windows. Use a hex-editor on EXPLORER.SOL and replace any SHELL32.DLL to SHELL32.SOL. Use a hex-editor on SHELL32.SOL and replace any EXPLORER.EXE to EXPLORER.SOL. It can make your 98/ME 1-2 MB bigger BUT you have the game. I want to credit Nathan Lineback (or how it was) for the idea.
  6. Oh, that one... I don't know how to do it "the other way". I.E. Modifying unattended.txt to JUST execute cmdlines.txt. It's the main actual bug.
  7. TM0d had re-patched it, since the link didn't work.
  8. AN IMPORTANT HOTFIX! Hotfix #1 for SP 6.5. Even if I promised i wouldn't do one. It fixes: - Qchain bug. - Floppy driver bug. - RTF lib bug. It adds: - Some of PowerToys stuff - 3D Control support - MSI support. - New TTF files. Maybe i missed something. Download link (will work really soon), 7.01 MB Warning! Every newer hotfix (if any) will require the older one installed or it may not work. It's because of size concerns. Stuff added to this hotfix is planned to be a part of NT 4.01, the project that is in progress, which bases on that SP 6.5. BTW: Could anybody help me port some stuff to NT4? I see some people port stuff to 98SE, but not NT4 .
  9. awergh: It's based on a hidden Microsoft document availble only for OEM builders. Somebody on some forum posted the direct link. It also shows how to do autologon and set up IE5 on first boot. I will upload it now though. Also, it should work for Server, but i tested it only on Workstation CD with SP1 integrated. I also used information over the net to make it. winNT_sp6pre.doc
  10. Here's a easy howto. Step 1) Make a directory. 2) Extract/copy all files from your NT CD/ISO to the directory. 3) Download 3 files: http://asiekierka.boot-land.net/sp65int.part1.rar, http://asiekierka.boot-land.net/sp65int.part2.rar, http://asiekierka.boot-land.net/sp65int.part3.rar and unpack them to the same directory you have unpacked/copied NT CD/iso. 4) Move everything from I386 to the root dir. 5) If you have SP6 or SP6a integrated on your NT cd, go to step 5a. Otherwise, go to step 5b. 5a) Delete a line from cmdlines.txt file that's in $OEM$ dir. The line is: "C:\TEMP_SP\sp6i386.exe /n /u /o /z" 5b) Download sp6i386.exe (SP6 installer) and put it to $OEM$\C\TEMP_SP. 6) Put all of that EXPECT bootimg.img into an iso. 7) Use bootimg.img as a bootfile. 8) Make an ISO and burn. INFORMATION: I tested it on virtual PC and i need to integrate SmartDrive probably. Well, i wouldn't do that. And there is a bug that auto-selects that you have a network. Anybody willing to fix it? And i also forgot to add XP NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM. Well, i will fix it in NT 4.01 (SP 6.5 was just a step to it). Well, i don't know if it installs SRP. Anybody that can check? Install how-to. 1) Insert the CD and set in BIOS to boot from it. 2) Wait for it to copy all files onto the hard disk. 3) After it's done, eject the CD and set in BIOS to boot from hard disk. 4) Now installer installs the main OS for a gui. Then reboots. 5) NOW installer boots the GUI. You go as normal. 6) VOILA! You have your NT 4 SP6.5 installed. Well, on first login you must setup the display. -- credits.txt goes here -- Credits to: marxo (known also as TM0d) - NT 4 Explorer patch. MDGx - for that unofficial patches awergh - Windows 2000 theme! Microsoft - NT 4 Unknown - giving direct link to a how-to for preinstalling NT 4 with SP6a! Thanks to everybody. EDIT: Anybody can "derivate" from this SP6.5 to do his own NT mod. i don't care. But credit me and everybody I credited. SP65.exe installs all MOST of unofficial patches, NT 4 explorer patch and windows 2000 theme, so if you don't use this file, i don't think you must credit marxo (no his patch) and awergh (no his theme.) While credit MDGx for his unofficial MS Paint patch. EDIT 2: OH. it also leaves 50mb of old install files. Just delete the TEMP_SP directory.
  11. Easy. A) Install Vista. or B) Wait for Longhorn Server. And you said how to add x64 driver to an x86 OS. It ISN'T possible. You can install x64 on x64 or x86 on x86.
  12. Patched most of NUSB 3.1 files to Polish. Files included: QFECHECK.EXE (from network) QFECHECK.HLP (from network) HOTPLUG.DLL (from network) SYSTRAY.EXE (from network) USER.EXE (did myself) USBSTOR.INF (did myself) HARDWARE.HLP (from network) OLD_IOS.VXD (to use as a reference to patch IOS.VXD, which I cannot.) Please do IOS.VXD. Link: http://asiekierka.boot-land.net/nusbfix.zip
  13. Best to use one at finishing the installation. Like: If processor is one found in Win98SE UPDATE.SYS - leave it. If processor is one found in WinME updated UPDATE.SYS - replace it with WinME one. If processor is one found in another WinME updated UPDATE.SYS (i mean ones with the dual/quad-core stuff and newest processor) - replace it with that one. I think yes, then we could add all the stuff in one UPDATE.SYS
  14. You can load MOST (if not all) DOS drivers, and Windows 3.11 will boot and will use them That's my $0,01
  15. Hi, i'm asiekierka. 10-year old kid from Poland, that manages to do some good stuff... But i'm not telling what, because you wouldn't believe me. If somebody will believe me, please tell. And, i'm NOT playing many games, mainly doing games. I'm also interesed in doing small Windows 98 with open-sourced stuff already availble and many updates. I am a member in some other nice forums, like or ... (Really, i mind using spoiler in that case.)

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