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Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack

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Excel gives a startup error:

Run-Time error '49':

Bad DLL calling convention

It seems to work okay after pressing the 'End' button.


Oh, and I also installed the Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft Office although I have not really tested it yet...



Even after deinstalling I still have my Excel startup error...

All the Pack files are gone, so it must have modified some registry setting...


Okay, I have located the source of my Excel startup error...

It is an Excel add-in called Odfaddin...

So... Looks like the Sun ODF Plugin 1.1 for Microsoft Office at least has a problem with Excel...

No other issues to report with the ODF Plugin although I have not actually tested saving/opening odf files... Stay tuned... B)

I had tested the Office 2007 pack opening (saved from Office 2007) and saving .???x formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with no joy.

Access 2007 and Publisher 2007 do not appear to use XML formats.

I have not tried the latest Office 2007 Comp Pack... Will try it out... <_<

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Greetings folk

I'm "bumping" this up because opening (or trying) to open Office 2007 files is becoming a real pain.

Has anybody yet worked out a solution that really WORKS for those of us using Win 98se and Office 2000?

PLEASE share your solutions.


Dr. Mac

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Whoops I've been using Novel's edition. I assumed the main Open Office would have supported it too. Looks like the stock OpenOffice has it planned in a near release.

I have managed to get the Compatability pack to open .docx files in Word 2000. Then I just save them as .doc files

I took the Compatability patch and orca to my WinXp machine.

I installed orca

I extracted the compatibility .exe into a folder.

I opened the .msi file with orca

went to "Launch Control" in the Tables column

and deleted the sole line in its condition.

Saved and then closed Orca

Took the folder back to my Win98 machine, double clicked on the .msi and it installed

Now Word 2000 on Windows 98 can open Office 2007 open XML files

Also try http://docx-converter.com/

If your super desperate you can always use a (paid) online converters like http://www.docx2doc.com/ for Word documents.

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It appears that there is partial success with the Office 2007 Comp. Pack running with Office 2000, at least to load Office 2007 files.

Office XP, however, looks like a no go zone...

I don't really see why there should be a difference since it's just a filter...

Surely the actual Office files would not interfere with the filter?

Sadly it appears so... :}

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Whait a minute! What kind of shareware is this?

It is just an online converter, isn't it. It requires an E-Mail adderss to be supplied. I see a danger of being spammed after using this converter.

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I try this: docXConverter 2.0 for Windows (shareware) and :thumbup > DOCX convert this software corectly to RTF (compatible with word2000).

(Sorry, i correct link...)

According to the license agreement this is a commercial application. It is forbidden to make copies of this application except of the archival purposes. So, it is not a shareware, for sure.

The trial version excludes the commercial and public usage. So, it is ment for the private use, only.

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I've had an error logged in the Windows bootlog.txt file for some months.

It stated that the file CAMBRIA.TTC failed to load.

At first I thought this was an incorrectly named TTF file...

So, I renamed the file and registry entries to CAMBRIA.TTF...

No change.

So then I copied the font file and deinstalled the font... Problem gone.

I attempted to reinstall CAMBRIA.TTC into Windows Fonts but it would not install...

After a little digging, I determined that TTC files are TrueType Collection files that contain multiple TTF fonts.

Then after some more digging, I discovered that CAMBRIA.TTC is installed with Office 2007...

So... Even though I deinstalled the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack, it left fonts behind.

I also found out that Microsoft created a utility called BREAKTTC that separates the TTC file into individual TTF font files.

BREAKTTC was part of the Microsoft TrueType SDK...

Problem is that the Microsoft TrueType SDK has been removed from the developer area of the Microsoft FTP Site...

Anyway, I located a copy of the SDK (ttsdk.zip) and used BREAKTTC.EXE to create the two TTF files that I called CAMBRIA.TTF and CAMBRIAM.TTF(Cambria and Cambria Maths).

These two TTF files install and work with no problem in Windows 98SE.

The odd thing is that the BREAKTTC utility is from 1994 and the SDK itself is from 1996.

The only Windows around in 1994 was Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Windows NT 3.5...

It's a mystery why the TTC file would not work in Windows 98SE...

So, if anyone has been playing around with the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack and has noticed a font loading error with CAMBRIA.TTC, then here is the fix! :P

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I have followed the instruction and install compatibility pack on win98 with office xp, but when i open docx file then word ask me to choose the encoding format and none of them give me a results that i can read.

Can anyone help me?

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Originally, I tried to resolve this problem using KernelEx to install the FileFormatConverters

package, only to get the following error :


Now with this thread, new hope. I downloaded and installed Orca 2.0.3790.0, extracted the FileFormatConverters.exe contents with 7-Zip, deleted the "LaunchCondition" entry in the MSI file, double-clicked the modified MSI and installed without any apparent errors. So far, so good. (I even rebooted just in case.)

However, all that happens when I try to open a 'docx' file in Word 2000 is the error "There was an error opening the file", followed by a blank document. Opening an 'xlsx' file in Excel 2000 gives an error message to the effect "Sorry, this file is corrupted, would you like to salvage some text from it?". (The files open OK with the 2007 MS Office applications on an XP machine.)

Any ideas? I believe I've followed the above recipe exactly, yet no joy.

The FileFormatConverters.exe file is 28 868 320 bytes in size and was downloaded on 2008/04/23. I tried a new download today and the current file is identical. Has anyone had success with this current release of FileFormatConverters.exe?


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