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  1. I'm looking into getting a 98SE setup going again and am trying to find the latest Avira update. According to this link support ended 31 Dec 07, but then 'maintenance' removed the 9x/NT update files only a few months later in early May. I've been looking and the latest I've found (http://dl.antivir.de/down/vdf/ivdf_fusebundle_9x_en.zip via WayBack Machine) seems to be Mar 21 2007. I have also found another database which is supposedly Jun 19 2008 (also listed as 30 Jun 08), although I don't trust this because apart from the fact the files are dated after their cutoff date, the filesize is about 50% larger than the previously mentioned one. So did anyone happen to grab a later copy before it went down?
  2. So I guess what I'm asking is how do I create the largest partition possible that stays within the 4M limit, using FDISK or another easily available application.
  3. - I've just bought a 320GB Samsung IDE drive. - I've got Windows 98SE installed. - VIA chipset, according to Device Manager. - The BIOS, FDISK and Windows seem to detect correctly. I may have already installed the LBA48 patch, but I still want it to work on any (FAT32) OS I throw at it.
  4. Thats not exact enough. It depends on the amount of sectors, and even 1 over would end up causing problems.
  5. The problem is I don't know what number to put to make it as large as possible without going over the 9x limitation or 28LBA limit.
  6. Does anyone have a guide on creating the maximum possible 28-bit LBA (~137GB) partition for use in older Operating Systems? I tried using FDisk but it just partitioned the entire drive. EDIT: According to this post, the maximum available is ~127GB due to OS limitations. So the question now is, how do I make the largest possible FAT32 partition usable under all FAT32 capable OSs?
  7. Does the newer version fix the saving problem?
  8. I get the same error as dtamonis Could not load Alchemy:alchemy\ogl\libIGSg I've tried removing msvcrt.dll, but that does nothing. I followed the text file, with the exception of putting the appdata contents into my respective profile appdata directory instead of the default win\appdata directory. This shouldn't make a difference, it seems to be a problem with GoogleEarth\alchemy\ogl\libIGSg.dll, which I have no experience in fixing. Any other suggestions?
  9. Sorry if this has already been covered, I tried searching this thread for information but its just too long. I noticed its been mentioned that programs such as FDISK, SCANDISK and DEFRAG won't work on 48-bit LBA drives. Does anyone know any replacement apps for these that will? If possible I'd like to keep functionality such as 98SE starting the (new) SCANDISK when it needs do before booting Windows, and being able to access SCANDISK/DEFRAG through the drive's Tools tab in its Explorer properties, but these aren't really necessary as long as it works properly. What I'm really looking for are DOS replacements for FDISK and SCANDISK and Windows replacements for SCANDISK and DEFRAG that all support LBA48.
  10. OK, tried that one and it worked. Must have been my version.
  11. Not as far as I know. I've patched one PC with 98SE, but don't think its this one. I downloaded my copy from free-codecs.com. Might be the problem. Where did you get yours from?
  12. I recently downloaded FFdshow 20060716 rev 2546, and when I went to install it it gave me a NT-only message. Any idea what the latest version to run on Windows 98SE is? Thanks in advance.
  13. I've been using a copy of 98SE for years now, and only recently added it to a second machine. On my first machine, I have a sleek looking login menu which displays the usernames in a list box, but the second machine I just did only has the bland Win95 login prompt with username/password textboxes. How do I change it to the better looking one?
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