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  1. I would have used a hand drawn crayon depiction of the start menu before I'd ever give "FarClock" any of my money. @Tihiy Speaking of money, is there anywhere/way I can donate to you without having to purchase more keys? And thank you for a great program! Mine always shows there's mail when there is none.
  2. +1 I'm not going to say that all 32bit software works in 64bit, but I've never ran across any that didn't except for apps that required drivers to work. All drivers have to be 64bit. You also get the added benefit of the 16bit subsystem being totally removed, which also gets rid of the bugs and compatability issues that were present in it.
  3. I don't use ANY hardware decoders/encoder. The programs I use for encoding and decoding video does not rely on any hardware other than the CPU to do the job. Right this very minute I'm watching a Blu-Ray movie and encoding 2 other movies downto DVD5 format. My CPU usage is around 3 percent. Get rid of Norton. Period. As has been suggested, clean out the junk that HP installed by default, especially Norton, and get a better antivirus product. I've seen relatively fast OEM systems run like crap because of the junk that the OEM installs by default. Yeah, good luck with that.
  4. Is it an OEM computer? If it is, clean out the junk that the manufacturer installed by default. H/W related or some driver(s) are not installed properly. You haven’t posted your computer specs for anyone to see and to be able to give solid advise on. It could be video driver issues. It could be that something got messed up during an update. Sometimes updating drivers without first removing the older version first can cause problems. It could be a severely fragmented harddrive. It could be that the pagefile is not large enough. Me also doesn't have the added code complexity that Vista does.
  5. LMAO! Until you run into software that WILL NOT install because it's a server OS. The DRM system in Vista is ONLY activated IF AND ONLY IF protected content is opened. In the headers of protected content exists a flag that tells whether it's protected or not. If it's not, the DRM never kicks in. This behavior can be seen by running a kernel level debugger and attaching to Media Player and then opening protected content. I don't know how to write an OS, nor would I want to, but I know how debug and trace code and your claims are false. I thought that at one point as well. Me and crahak had a
  6. Yes, vLite can remove the DRM from the media player component; I'm not sure if it just removes that or other things with it. Please note that if you remove it, you will no longer be able to play protected content. Normal, as is non-protected content will still play as usual.
  7. http://www.thefreecountry.com/compilers/basic.shtml More specifically, you'd want to check out http://www.freebasic.net/
  8. For you perhaps. I first installed Vista x86 after SP1 came out, and I've never, ever had any of those issues. In fact, on many file operations, it's noticeably faster. Maybe you know, maybe you dont.....If you turn off Differential File Compression, it gets even faster.
  9. Those files were removed because it was not NuHi's right to distribute them. You can still find the older version of vLite that has those files. Install the older version and then install the newer version over top of it.
  10. The thing is, IMO anyway, he shouldn't have to stop in and say anything. I for one wouldn't make a program like this so I could read all the incessant nagging and whining about when new versions are coming out or how soon this or that can be fixed or implimented. Yes, bug fixes and new features are always nices things to get, but people NEED to remember that Nuhi has a life and doesn't owe anyone of us any explination or reason as to what he is or isn't doing with his time. I would think that "On Vacation" would give people a hint that he's busy. This is NOT directed at you or at any one perso
  11. The part in bold is false. And saying that using x64 for desktop/workstations is useless today, is also false. The OP may not need full x64 support, but to claim that it's useless is spreading useless opinions.
  12. You might take a look at Acronis True Image.
  13. I'd definitely go with VirtualBox over VirtualPC anyday. Not only is it faster, none of the services or networking components gets loaded until the program is executed and they go away when the program ends.
  14. Reged32.exe (which runs regedit.exe) is provided for compatability with some older or self made installers that directly call it.
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