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Best Motherboard



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  1. 1. Which Board U think is best

    • ASUS
    • Intel
    • MSI
    • Other
    • GigaByte
    • DFI

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my cousin have an intel celeron board its too old maybe 5 year but its awesome on these things

1)error resistance

2)fast speed (even 32mb rocks)

3)till now its running as rocking as it was when it was bought

what i have noticed that usually after a year or two display goes .i mean u turn on the power button but nothing happens CPU is running its power light is on but monitor shows nothing & this problem usually can't be solved & company changes ur board

so such mess didn't happened on his pc & that is too good :thumbup

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wheres no option for there is no answer. many people like a certain brand, so that is who they will vote for.

and certain mobos are better than others. mine was top of the line a couple years ago but now there are tons better than it.

and overclocking doesnt matter?

so dont pick mobo manufacturers, pick actual mobos. if you are interested in buying a mobo then ask in the hardware forum.

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The ABITs I had in the past were great for tweaking but really picky about what components you put in them. I have had three different ASUS baords and although they are limited in some areas such as voltage settings they are rock solid.

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Had to vote other. No Abit on ballot. I have had several models of Abit from KA7-100, K7, KT, NF, AN, and now my first 64bit KN9 series of Mobos. None of them have given me problems (Motherboard Only).

IMO Abit makes for one of the MOST stable rock solid boards for just using as stock or overclocked.


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Have an Asus K8V SE Deluxe which i dislike much. Never owned a Gigabyte board but voted for them since they are using solid capacitors. I've only been buying Shuttle though because they integrate so well with the case; synergy.

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